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6 Best Electric Fence Sprayers

Electric fence sprayers make light work of a tedious job. If you were to paint the fence (or stain the fence) by hand with a roller or paintbrush it would take an age and be extremely dull indeed. An electric garden sprayers is completely the opposite, it rips along a fence and you can have a panel sorted in no time at all, even garden sprayers are way quicker than the old fashioned paint rollers and paint brush. Electric fence sprayers should apply stain or paint evenly, be easy to clean and operate as well as manoeuvrable given the speed you can move along a fence panel. I have reviewed a list of the best electric fence sprayers based on these important factors.

Warning: please please before buying an electric fence sprayer ensure that you have a good mask and read the spraying safety instructions carefully. Your lungs will not thank you for breathing in fence stains, paint and wood preservatives. These electric fence sprayers will allow a fine mist so be careful.

Comparison table: Make light work with the best electric fence sprayer updated for summer 2021

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

Wagner Fence & Decking Paint Sprayer

  • Suitable for all Standard solvent or water based fence paint
  • Extra-fine atomisation for uniform paint coverage with a single coat
  • Detachable gun to quickly and easily change attachment
  • 3 paint jet settings for horizontal
  • Fully adjustable paint flow for precision painting

4.9/5 from 876 reviews

Tacklife Paint Sprayer SGP15AC Spray Gun

  • 🔨3 SPRAY MODES-You can choose three spray patterns: horizontal / vertical / circular; Three sizes of plastic nozzle: 2.0mm...
  • 🔨HIGH POWER- This spray gun works with a 400 W motor...
  • 🔨ADJUSTABLE PULVERIZATION FLOW AND WIDTH- Allows you to select different spray speeds by turning the flow control knob; You...
  • 🔨CONVENIENT DESIGN- All parts of this machine are removable...
  • 🔨PACKAGE AND SERVICE- 1x Tacklife SGP15AC Paint Spray Gun...

4.3/5 from 12 reviews

VonHaus 400W Paint Sprayer

  • Achieve a flawless finish in less time and with less effort than a paintbrush...
  • Simple flow adjustment nozzle to choose a concentrated or gentler paint flow...
  • Pick from three spray patterns to disperse the paint in the desired manner: horizontal...
  • Easy to disassemble to thoroughly clean parts
  • Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty Included

4.1/5 from 48 reviews

Meterk Electric Spray Gun 400W

  • ▲WITH 3 SPRAY PATTEMS & 3 NOZZLE SIZES: can be adjusted to 3 different spraying patterns(horizontal...
  • ▲ADJUSTABLE VALVE KNOB & REPLACEABLE AIR FILTER: with adjustable valve knob to adjust the flow rate for coating speed...
  • ▲PORTABLE AND WIDE: handheld electric spray gun is perfect for home & work use...
  • ▲EASY CLEANING & DETACHABLE DESIGN: all parts of the machine are detachable...
  • ▲HIGH VOLUME LOW PRESSURE & HIGH CAPACITY & EASY FILLING: HVLP for excellent spraying efficiency and non-pollution...

4.1/5 from 151 reviews

Terratek Paint Sprayer, 550W

  • TIME SAVING: The Terratek paint sprayer paints a wall 8 times faster than a brush...
  • 3 SPRAY PATTERNS: Lightweight yet powerful
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Jump right in with easy setup
  • PRO FINISH: The Fence Sprayer features a commercial grade industrial strength motor...
  • 2 YEAR GUARANTEE: For your peace of mind we offer a 24 month guarantee on our Fence Paint Sprayer...

4/5 from 537 reviews

Maintenance is a boring job let’s be honest. An electric fence sprayer, or conventional fence sprayer makes light work of a dull job. It doesn’t have to be a fence either, I use a garden sprayer on my shed, or when fitting garden gates. I’m judging my electric fence sprayers based on application, how much waste, the ability to change from mist to spurts, ease of cleaning, price, and build quality. A nice coat of paint can completely transform a fence or shed. And with all these easy tools there’s not a lot of excuses now :). And besides, the last thing we want (aside from a dull fence) is a rotten fence!

Wagner Fence & Decking Paint Sprayer is a far far better bit of kit than the cheapest sprayers which is why it’s my choice for the best electric fence sprayer. OK you pay a few quid more, but this thing genuinely covers a fence panel in 3 minutes. Now I don’t know about you. But even if you pay someone for a couple of days on a long fence, this thing saves the wages you paid day 1 and the tool is free forever more. It’ll fire out paint as well as treatment. So it can handle a heavier workload than your Cuprinol 5 Star or Creocote. Many use it for painting garden furniture too with excellent results.

I like the pot size at 1.4 litres – it is plenty enough for anyone and will easily get around both sides of a panel without refills. It’s easy to hold too. The strap to hold the motor is a nice touch and makes this thing easy to use. Well, easy to use within the bounds of a power cable. A nice touch was the ability to set the sprayer both horizontally and vertically. This is particularly helpful as I sometimes (depending on the power cord reach) changed my angles up so having the sprayer change for me made holding it comfortably all the easier. The extra-fine atomisation provides you with pretty good coverage not that you’re worried about that on a fence!

If you want a cordless solution then you’ll need to drop 5-6 times the money and buy batteries too though. This is double the price of the cheapest but in my mind easily five times better so that makes it a bargain and there are very few failures and returns on this particular model.

This sprayer can be used to paint decking, fences, windows, and garden furniture. You can use it with water based wood or solvent and metal paints including wood preservatives, satin, gloss, stain, varnish, undercoat, fence stain and decking stain.

No tool is without it’s flaws though, on testing we found the nozzle (age old problem with all sprayers) needed cleaning or it began to spurt. This was with paint, not with a fence treatment though. If you try to be cheap and buy the Wagner Wood&Metal W 100 or the Terratek then be warned. I told you so. This is THE KIT for electrically spraying fence panels at fair money with no hassle and to summarise:

– Not the cheapest but definitely the best electric fence sprayer on a budget
– Can paint a fence panels in a few minutes VERIFIED
– Big pot – holds loads of treatment or shed stain
– Very few failures
– Wagner has excellent customer service if you do need help

Like the Wagner the Meterk is a HLVP. If you’re unsure what that means, it’s basically an air compressor that feeds the paint or in our case fence paint or treatment. It’s a minified version of full on spraying that you will see for cars and joinery.

Minified shouldn’t scare you though, the Meterk is a 400 watt sprayer and easily capable of dealing with the fence panels and shed. It’s very similar in setup to my favourite the Wagner, but you could probably say it’s a smaller version of it. It has the vertical and horizontal spray, a smaller motor for the compressor, a smaller pot at 0.8 litre and the parts detach easily for cleaning. They advertise this on the basis of praying paint. That I think is our advantage, fence paint and treatment is much thinner and passes much more easily so this is a bargain in it’s own right for fence spraying.

Don’t take the smaller than Wagner the wrong way either. It’s easy to setup and well designed. This is probably a benefit to someone looking for as lightweight electric fence sprayer as possible but with a decent price point and performance. This thing will still sort out a long fence in a couple of hours and weighs less making it my second choice for best electric fence sprayer.

As with all sprayers from DIY to spraying cars; keeping the nozzle clean is a must and Meterk have done well to make the spray nozzle easy to remove. If you go through online reviews for sprayers, 9 times out of ten a decent sprayer will have negative reviews ‘not working after the first use’. Well there you go – clean your nozzles if you want a tool to last more than the first use so put that five minutes in at the end for your own sanity!

  • Lightweight and plenty of power
  • Fast for spraying fence panels
  • Well built
  • Detachable nozzle for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Must be cleaned after use

Vonhaus started making pretty good garden tools over the last few years. So I thought I’d include them. My opinion is the Mertek is better than this at the price point but don’t write it off if you like a two year warranty. They advertise it as a paint sprayer but in truth, it’s much better as a fence sprayer. It has the usual vertical and horizontal spray that you’re probably becoming familiar with as you read the entirety of the review.

It’s easy to setup and use like the other sprayers and handles well enough. Filling and pot attachment is all pretty straight forward too. This particular model has a lot of bad feedback and it is absolutely aimed at paint spraying, not fence spraying. As a fence sprayer this is a good bit of kit and well priced.

My feeling is Vonhaus are trying to do too much for £40 quid. My compressor and sprayer setup is £5000 and I still have blockages and grief in the workshop when spraying. If I were them I would rethink the target of this product because as a fence sprayer it’s almost faultless. It’ll coat just as fast as the Mertek, cleans just as easily and in general pushing this as a paint sprayer is damaging what would otherwise be a decent reputation for this kit. The pot holds the same amount of treatment too.

All in all a good buy but I prefer the Mertek:

  • Cheap electric sprayer
  • Good feedback online as a fence sprayer
  • Easy to clean nozzle

The TACKLIFE Paint Sprayer feels like a very similar spec to the Vonhaus, and as I get feedback from my customers it always feels the same. If you buy this to spray thin treatments and fence paints then it’s five star. Then you have the crowd that think they are going to fire Dulux super thick, super matt for 50 quid. Total Lala land but actually I don’t blame them, much is to do with the companies making these tools to manage expectations. Perhaps they think budget tool buyer means budget watery thin emulsion buyer. Kind of stands to reason I guess but no, the TACKLIFE Paint Sprayer will not shoot out Dulux trade super matt in an efficient and satisfactory manor in my opinion. If they are reading this review and want to challenge my opinion I am open to it. However, after testing I know it does not…but I will say it’s better than the Vonhaus for paint in my mind you just need to watch your viscosity.

What it does do however, is a great job of fences and as an electric fence sprayer its a pretty good bit of kit. I would probably go with the Vonhaus as it’s a tenner cheaper as I write this in Feb 2021. With two years warranty, and the 400W motor I do think it’s a buy, or it would not have made the review! I also like the extra paint fill screw cap on top. If you have a funnel then it saves the normal mess you make from entirely unscrewing the pot.

  • Easy to fill paint pot
  • Sprays fences nicely and fast
  • Relatively cheap

For me the NoCry Electric Paint Sprayer is a better buy than most in the £50 range as it has a 600 Watt motor and bigger paint pot. Most notably they believe in their product with a full 4 year guarantee. This is a longer guarantee than most top known brands so props to them on that. This isn’t a company around for 5 minutes dumping warranties either. They have made literally tens of thousands of sales and have the same number of reviews online.

Specifically for this sprayer it’s great on fences. The reviews for fences almost always come out five star. As for painting, it’s pretty good too as long as you are using the right viscosity of paint.

  • It comes with a 600w motor.
  • 1000ml paint container.
  • Well prices
  • It has a detachable design for easy clean like other models

The Terratek Paint Sprayer, 550W DIY Electric Spray Gun with 3 Spray Patterns claims to be 8 times faster than conventional brushing. What I found from testing is that is actually an understatement. I have no idea who they had painting to keep up but a fence panel takes me a good hour or so unless I slop creocote about like its water. And that it most certainly is not. It’s nasty stuff. So time wise this thing does the job miles faster. I’d say I rip through a panel in a good ten minutes or less.

From a price perspective it’s cheap. Don’t be buying this thinking you’re going to lay on Farrow and Ball in your hallway. This thing is a cheap jobber tool for slapping up the fence. That’s after all why you are reading this review. It’s a bit splashy and splurgy. But for a fence it makes sense. It’s got a bit of a chequered history if you look online with some poor reviews. Some faulty models, some even mentioning safety issues. From my perspective it’s a good tool at the right price and getting a refund is possible if not up to what you expect from a thirty quid fence sprayer. It seems to have been significantly improved in the last year or so.

As for getting this thing working from the box, it’s a doddle. You need to clip on the trigger, screw on the pot (fill it with your fence stain first) and then plug and go. A word of caution wear a mask and do not set this thing to a very fine mist. The particles of creocote are seriously not good for your health if inhaled!

It’s a pretty sensible electric fence sprayer for the money and if I was to bullet point out a summary:

  • Very cheap
  • Not the best for paint but great for spraying the fence or shed fast
  • Chequered history but proven reasonable customer service
  • Quick to setup