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As the weather’s getting warmer, all you want to do is lay out in the sunshine and pretend you’re at the beach and not in the UK waiting for Boris to keep lifting restrictions from his roadmap. You’ve probably considered a sun lounger or zero gravity chair but my guess is you’re looking for something a bit comfier if you’ve been searching for the best garden day beds.

Best garden daybeds

The best garden day beds offer the same level of comfort as a sofa literally. I am not kidding, they are genuinely that comfortable, but come with the cutting edge look and design that will add to the ambience and stylish setting you’re trying to create.

Best garden day beds

It’s the time to treat yourself to a big, comfy day bed. Perfect for reading, lounging and trying to catch the sun so you can build up that natural tan the best you can, the garden day beds are such a nice luxury to have in your garden this summer.

We’ve got a great range here with something for everyone – whether you’re looking for a sun lounger or a garden day bed sofa set that could fit up to 6 people (if this sounds like something you’d like, take a look at the last item – the Garden Haven Rattan Garden Day Bed).

And, you’ll be pleased to read, we’ve got a lot of rattan seating options for those who are also loving the rattan trend – I’m sure you can start to see a theme in our products here.

Some of these require putting together yourself so it’s worth saying that amazon offer their products to come ready-assembled for an extra £45 for many of their products and there’s more useful hints and tricks to buying in the buyer’s guide to wooden day beds.

We’ve rated our garden day beds on style, comfort, affordability, ease fo cleaning, and price. So we’ve come up with a lovely selection to improve the look of your garden space 🙂

Happy reading!

Comparison table: Best garden day beds [UK] 2021: Top outdoor wooden daybeds reviewed

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

TecTake Rattan day bed sun canopy lounger recliner

  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • adjustable to six positions
  • cushions for back or head
  • High-quality synthetic rattan weave
  • Easy to clean; rubberised wheels

4.6/5 from 609 reviews

EVRE Outdoor Rattan Garden Love Bed Furniture Set Patio Conservatory

  • Two Piece outdoor garden furniture consist of a two-seater sofa & Foot stool...
  • Dimensions for the Two-Seater Sofa 119 x 61 x 71cm (LxWxH) Dimensions for Foot Stool 111 x 55 x...
  • High quality rattan along with extra thick cushions 5 cm in dept
  • Rattan Garden Furniture consist of a Stylish Modern design along with Low maintenance required...
  • If at any point you are unhappy with the purchase please email us directly and we will ensure to...

4.6/5 from 292 reviews

Deuba Wooden Sun Lounger Foldable

  • Sun lounger made of acacia wood
  • Dimensions sun lounger: Length 6.2 Ft
  • Headrest with 2-levels locking system for various lengths
  • Metal handle - Compact transport
  • Dimensions as carrying case: Length 3 Ft

4.4/5 from 104 reviews

TecTake 2x Aluminium Rattan day bed + table set sun +2sets for exchanging upholstery + protection slipcover

  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Side table with storage option
  • 5 height positions
  • Easy to clean // Protection covers
  • Reversible cushion cover in beige/grey

4.4/5 from 542 reviews

Garden Haven (TM) Rattan Garden Day Bed Lounger with Black Table Furniture Set

  • With this quality rattan lounger
  • Structural strength and increased durability Hand made with highest quality material and craftsmanship gives the furniture excellent longevity Weatherproof...
  • Seat Cushions are treated with PA coating so they repell water/liquids...
  • Highly recommend purchasing a high quality Oxford Fabric rain cover with zips to securely protect this beautiful set from...
  • Gas pressure cyclinder and fittings have a pelmet cover for added protection unlike others...

4.3/5 from 24 reviews

1. TecTake Rattan day bed sun canopy lounger recliner

There’s been a lot of buzz around this garden day bed and we’re starting out with a standard deck chair style day bed. It comes in 4 different colours/colour combinations which is great: black, brown antique, grey, and multicolour (a different brown combination).

I’ve gone for the antique brown (slightly darker than the multicolour option) with cream cushion. On first impressions taking it out the box, the rattan style looks pretty good.

So, it was a little bit fiddly to put together. It wasn’t too hard, there were just a couple of pieces that needed to be knocked into shape so they could be bolted together. It’s one for small handed people, which was completely fine for me, but I imagine this might be a bit too fiddly for bigger hands. Just needs a bit of patience. However, this is one that you can get ready assembled if you want to pay extra.

I love the look of it and the fact that it has wheels is great because it’s easy to move around if, like me, you like to chase every last bit of evening sun around the garden. Another good feature I’ve enjoyed is the adjustable positions – pretty standard for a deck chair but it’s a nice touch if you want some variety.

The cushions are removable as well so that you can easily wash them which is a great plus for an outdoor cushions.

2. TecTake 2x Aluminium Rattan day bed + table set sun +2sets for exchanging upholstery + protection slipcover

So we’ve got another option from TecTake which is a set of two sun beds and a small table. Like the last product, this one comes in 4 different colours: black-brown, grey, light grey and nature. Probably no surprise now that I’ve gone for the black-brown option as I’m still loving the brown hype.

The design of these ones is a little different as it comes out as a boxy shape and the actual lounger reclines away from the base. The overall appearance looks very neat and put together, especially with the table which also has some storage base – a great bonus! Plus a lock.

I love that the table has a glass top as well so you can comfortably put drinks and things on it without worrying about a wobbly or uneven surface. Great for stability.

The assembly was pretty smooth as well – not too tricky. A little bit fiddly but that might have just been me – definitely took me a lot less time to do the second one once I’d got the hang of it.

One thing I’ve noticed from these beds is that they come with a free cover (which is great) however, I did discover after lots of confusion that it only covers the two beds once they’re stacked on top of each other. I’m not sure about this one – seems like a lot of effort to do every time you want to cover the beds, especially as they’re not the lightest things. It’s not a deal breaker as you can always get another cover (and you’d only have to buy one) but it is something to bear in mind. A slightly odd detail.

The actual cushions are really comfy and like mattresses. And the covers are removable again which is great for cleaning. I would say bear in mind that the beds are quite low to the ground but whether this is an issue or not is really up to personal preference.

3. EVRE Outdoor Rattan Garden Love Bed Furniture Set Patio Conservatory

This bed’s an interesting one as it’s essentially a two-seater sofa with a long foot rest attachment to make it L-shaped. Available in two colours, brown and grey, the EVRE Outdoor Rattan Garden Love Bed Furniture Set is priced pretty well and depending on which colour you go for (the grey colour being the latter option) there’s a bit of variance.

This is another one that comes in really nice rattan style. And I love that the attachment can be moved around so you can have the day bed how you want it depending if you’re looking for something to cosy up on in the sun or laid out to host guests.

Assembly was pretty good but it did take some time to put together. I struggled a bit when lining up some of the screws – just make sure you don’t tighten them until the end. Standard advice, I know.

Once up, I have to say that this is quite a small set. With the sofa measuring 119 x 61 x 71cm and the foot stool measuring 111 x 55 x 34 cm, just be aware that this isn’t huge so it’s something to bear in mind depending what you’re looking for. Worth saying though that the foot stool does have a small extendable feature which brings it’s measurement to 132cm in length. So if you’re after something big, maybe go for something else but if you’re wanting to fill a small space then this one would be perfect.

The cushions aren’t the thickest but that’s easy to work around and I’d definitely say the addition of more cushions would really add to this piece to make it more cosy.

Thought I’d say as well, I’ve heard great things about the seller being very helpful, especially when it comes to recommending specific sofa covers for added protection outside.

So here we’ve got a very different option with the Deuba Wooden Sun Lounger coming in at the lower end price wise out of the selection. This one has an interesting curved design and has a simple but nice acacia wooden design.

It comes ready assembled which is great if you can’t be bothered with the flat pack furniture. The lounger folds into one curve (about half the length of it laid out) with a metal handle which is very handy for moving around and storing away. The headrest can be adjusted to two different levels.

I would be slightly skeptical about this one in terms of its stability, but assuming the product has come with no faults, it’s one to consider as it’s not too expensive and looks quite stylish.

5. EVRE Bali Day Bed Outdoor Garden Furniture Set With Canopy Mixed Grey

We’re back up the price range with the EVRE Bali Day Bed Outdoor Garden Furniture Set. This ones a very luxury one and I kind of love that about it. You can get this one in three colours: black, mixed brown and mixed grey. It even comes with a canopy for some shade which is a nice bonus.

I’m starting to see a theme here with the assembly… It’s fiddly but fine as long as you remember not to tighten all of the screws until you’re finished otherwise they can be a bit hard to line up. The instructions were nice and clear, it just did take quite a long time.

Having sat on it now, I’d say that the cushions could be a bit thicker and they do seem to slide all over the shop a bit. This is easily solvable with more cushions though. I’ve heard of customers buying anti-slip rugs off amazon to stop the cushions from slipping, so worth considering.

The rattan looks good but I have heard from a couple of people that theirs was a little rough around the edges in terms of the rattan poking out so maybe be aware of that but I haven’t experienced that with this bed.

6. Garden Haven (TM) Rattan Garden Day Bed Lounger with Black Table Furniture Set

Similar in shape to the EVRE Bali Day Bed, the Garden Haven Rattan Garden Day Bed Lounger comes out at a serious bit of money. This day bed is made up of 4 sitting quarters and a table to form a large round daybed, complete with a retractable sun roof.

So, probably no surprise now after discussing the other products, the assembly was quite fiddly and it did take a while – I think a few hours not including the long tea break I had to have. I’d put this partly down the instructions which were quite overwhelming so took a few reads. And some of the screws looked liked they might not align at one point. I would just also really recommend assembling this one with an electric screwdriver.

Once built, I’m actually very pleased with it. It seems really sturdy and the cushions are very comfy. Note that the cushion covers also can be removed for washing which is great.

I love the different parts so you can have in a couple of different layouts or store a couple of pieces away if you like. And the canopy makes a great addition from the sun but also the rain.

The only thing I’d make a note of is that this bed doesn’t come with a cover. A little bit of a shame considering the price of it but you can easily get yourself a cover off amazon for not too much money if you want the extra protection. That being said, I’d probably just make sure I take the cushions in at night and I think the bed would be ok left uncovered as only two pieces would be left without the cover of the canopy.

And, of course, this one is rattan. Everyones favourite!

Buyer’s guide to garden day beds

Assembly takes time!

This is less of a tip for choosing product over another and more of a warning. Putting together these day beds does take time and some of them were particularly fiddly. I just wanted to warn you!

Where this might effect what product you choose is just simply if you want to skip the assembly (and you’re not fussed about having a big day bed) then maybe go for a simpler option like one of the TecTake beds or even the Deuba Wooden Sun Lounger if you don’t want to do any putting together.

I wouldn’t let the assembly put you off, however, if you are looking for a more luxury bed. It’s just something to bear in mind and maybe pop a beer or two in the fridge for when you’re done.

Choosing your material

So we can’t have this section without immediately talking about rattan. It’s big at the moment, it’s sturdy and it just looks really good. The only fault I can find with rattan, perhaps besides the price, is that it’s slightly unreliable.

I have heard from some customers that their beds have arrived with some of the rattan poking out or looking unfinished. This is something to bear in mind with rattan. In theory, if the bed is at the best standard, this shouldn’t be a concern but it does seem to be a running theme with the material as opposed to a specific product.

If you’re looking for something a little simpler and cheaper, then the Deuba Wooden Sun Lounger might be one to consider, made from smooth acacia wood.

Pick a garden day bed that cleans easily.

Don’t get caught out on style only. When you’re buying a garden day bed you want to be thinking maintenance and long term clean and comfy use. If some of the garden day beds you’re looking at have people complaining about covers not being removable or the fabric staining easily then given the level of investment it is going to be really easy to avoid those products entirely. The Tectake for example has spare covers!

In your review we try to pick the garden day beds that will last well and clean easily to take that worry from you but worth considering if you don’t find the right one for you on our review!