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Avoid Aching Back When Autumn Comes With The Best Garden Vacuum

What a struggle Autumn can be without a leaf blower vacuum, especially if you’re fortunate to have a lovely garden with plenty of trees. I gave up with a leaf collector and the wheeled compost bin dragged behind me long ago. I found a garden vacuum with mulching built in and it cut the amount of time I spent collecting leaves. The best garden vacuums are easy to use, mulch leaves to reduce the number of times you need to visit the compost heap, keep the noise down(as much as a petrol leaf blower can anyway), and clear the garden fast. With that in mind, I have reviewed the best garden vacuums to help save you time.

Comparison table: Choose the best garden vacuum this Autumn (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

Petrol Leaf Blower and Vacuum from McCulloch 25 cc

  • Flare Nozzle
  • Easy to Attach Tube
  • Blows or Sweeps. Air speed : 89.4 m/s
  • Shreds Leaves. Air flow in housing : 12.16 m³/min
  • Vacuums

4/5 from 61 reviews

Electric Leaf Blower/Vacuum/Shredder from Black & Decker

  • Dual tube system - 2 speed settings
  • 1 narrow tube for blowing
  • Max 310km/h - 10.4 m3/min Suction
  • 40L nylon bag comes with a strap to hold.
  • Leaf shredding Ratio of 10:1

3.4/5 from 7 reviews

Indeed leaves falling in the autumn gives an attractive look to your garden. However, the problem arises when you should clear them up. Only when you clear them, you can make your garden look at its best all through the winter. If you are thinking about what people were doing so far and earlier to clear the autumn leaves, they used a wide range of rakes or hand tools. However, in the present situation, most of us do not have the time to handle this time-consuming task. Even, it is a task that can affect your back. Thanks to garden vacuum and leaf blowers that make this task easier for most property owners.

Should you choose a garden vacuum or a leaf blower?

In public gardens with a huge pile-up of leaves and other debris, you might have seen workers using petrol-powered blowers to round up the leaves. Then, they dispose of the pile that has gathered in a single place by hand. It means that when it comes to handling a huge space like a public park, leaf blowers can be the solution. On the other hand, when you will have to handle the leaves and debris in your backyard that is not huge, it is better to go for a device that has both garden vacuum and a leaf blower to suck the leaves back up again.

What does a garden vacuum do?

The answer to this question relies on the type of machine you choose. A typical garden vacuum leaf collector is an excellent option for picking up leaves and other objects. They are helpful for small gardens. However, they lack a blowing function. On the other hand, leaf blowers are efficient enough in blowing leaves into a pile. Nevertheless, you will have to pick the pile by hand. Thanks to the best models that come with both these function these days. Yes, there are models with garden vacuuming and blowing properties. Even, they can act as mulchers. This will permit you to blow the leaves into a smaller area before you can vacuum them into a bag. In short, selecting a model with both functionalities will be a good idea.

What are the factors to consider in shopping for the right garden vacuum?

The right garden vacuum will indeed help you with saving a lot of time and also save your back from a huge hard work of clearing out the lawn from unwanted leaves. Here are some factors to consider in shopping for the right garden vacuum:

  • Type: Leaf blowers will help with moving the leaves to a specific place. But, they do not pick up the leaves and this job can be done by the best garden vacuum. So, when it comes to choosing, you can consider a type with both these functionalities
  • Power: The power of the unit has a direct impact on the way it functions. It is not that a model with a powerful motor will perform the best. If possible, you can look for a model that will help you with adjusting the power output.

In addition to these factors, you will also have to consider the other factors like mode of power, size of collection bag and quantity of leaves to arrive at the right unit.

Our picks:

As you plan to shop for the best garden vacuum, here are some of the best choices that we found at Amazon for you:

1. Electric Garden Vacuum and Blower ALS 2500 from Bosch

Bosch ALS 2500 Electric Garden Blower and Vacuum
3.9 out of 5 stars ( 753 customer reviews )

This is Amazon’s Choice product and as we recommended using a unit with vacuum and blower earlier, this device is our first choice. If you have wet and sticky leaves in your garden, this unit will help with getting rid of them with a variable blowing speed of up to 300 km per hour. This is a mild sweeping speed to get rid of the wet stuff. The associated 2500 Watt motor will make sure that you can expect a powerful performance from this vacuuming device. To make sure that you will not feel any pain when using this device, it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and handle. The motor ensures powerful performance with up to 800 cu m per hour volume of the rate of flow. With a shredding ratio of 10:1, this device is designed in such a way that you can use it for long working hours. The unit has a variable airflow speed of between 280 and 300 km/h. To ensure effective collection of garden waste, this unit has a lightweight 3.2 kg blowing function and 4.4 kg vacuuming function. As the collection bag has the 45-litre capacity, you will have less time emptying and the collection bag has a second handle for easy emptying. Also, the collection bag has a zip to make sure that the collected debris do not accidentally fall away. This unit has a couple of modes. In the first mode, it will work as a leaf blower, while in the second mode, it will work as a garden vacuum. The good thing here is that the users can quickly move from one mode to another by easily replacing the collection bag and the vacuum tube with the blower tube to meet their gardening requirements. In short, it is a versatile, all-in-one garden and gardener friendly tool. You will be interested in a quick overview of the essential features:

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Longer working hours
  • Easy-to-use collection bag
  • Dual settings
  • Powerful performance
  • Variable blowing speed

2. Garden Blower Mulcher & Vacuum From WORX

This 3000W blower, mulcher, vacuum with its model number WG505E is a three-in-one unit. Yes, it can function as a garden blower, a garden vacuum and also as a mulcher to take your gardening convenience to the new level. To ensure its powerful performance, this unit is designed with a metal impeller. The lightweight and compact design make this unit the best choice. The mulching system in this device can reduce the leaves in 16:1 ratio. To make sure that users can gain complete control over its operation, the unit has 7-speed settings. This device features three functions in a single tool. All you have to do when using this tool is to begin by blowing the leaves into a pile. Then, at the flick of the switch, the device will collect and will mulch the leaves. You will be surprised to know that the mulching feature can reduce your garden waste in the ratio of 16:1. For better mulching rate and powerful performance, the unit has been provided with metal impeller. The excellent thing about this unit is that it has been designed as an exceptionally lightweight unit. Yes, this is the only three-in-one unit that you can operate just with a single hand. You can also easily clean this unit with a push of a button. The angled nose design in this unit is patented and its purpose is to provide control in the vacuuming and blowing direction. The shoulder strap in the collection bag comes with a shoulder strap for additional support. The essential features of this unit include:

  • The best control with 7-speed settings
  • Associated mulching system
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Metal impeller for powerful performance
  • Three functions in a single unit

3. Electric Leaf Blower/Vacuum/Shredder from Black & Decker

This unit from Black and Decker with its model number GW2500 has a dual tube and it comes with a double-speed setting. The narrow tube will help with blowing, while the wide tube will help with suctioning of the leaves gathered in a single place through the blowing mechanism. To hold the collected debris, this unit comes with a 40l Nylon bag. It is attached to the unit using a strap to hold. The ratio at which leaf shredding will happen is 10:1. In case, you are looking for a garden vacuum and a blower in the same unit for your small or medium-sized garden, then you can choose this unit as the ideal device. It is designed as a powerful device that will permit you to deal with almost any task in your garden. The essential features include:

  • Couple of speed settings
  • Dual Tube system
  • Narrow tube for blowing and wide tube for suction
  • Leaf shredding ratio of 10:1
  • Nylon bag capacity is 40L
  • The debris bag comes with a strap for easy holding

4. Leaf Blower Vacuum from QGarden

Q Garden QGBV2500 Leaf Blower Vacuum - Green/Black
4.3 out of 5 stars ( 1384 customer reviews )

This unit is again a blower and a garden vacuum in the same unit. This product form QGarden has a 2500 Watt Electric motor. Not just vacuuming and blowing, it can also take care of the shredding function. The mulching ratio of this device from QGarden is 10:1. This is a corded unit with the cable extending to 10 metres and for collecting the debris, this device comes with a 45-litre collection bag. The associated shoulder strap will make the handling easier. You will get a cable, a shoulder strap, a collection bag and a blower vacuum with this unit in the box. Above all, it is identified as Amazon’s Choice product with the following features:

  • 10 Metres cable
  • 45 Litre collection bag for debris collection with a shoulder strap
  • 10:1 mulching ratio
  • Shredding, vacuuming and blowing in the same unit
  • 2500 Watt Electric motor

5. Petrol Leaf Blower and Vacuum from McCulloch 25 cc

As you can judge from the name, this is a device powered by petrol and the model number of this device is V325. It is also a three-in-one unit with blowing, vacuuming and mulching functions done by a single unit in an effective manner. With a flare nozzle and easy-to-attach tube, this unit can blow and sweep at an airspeed of 89.4 m/s. It can shred the vacuumed leaves in such a way that disposal will be easier for users like you. Even though it is powered by petrol, the transparent fuel tank will help you know the fuel levels, such that you can fill up with ease. As it is petrol-powered, you are relieved of extension cables and cords. So, manoeuvrability becomes easier. The equipment comes with an ergonomically designed soft grip and it is a lightweight product, which means that clearing your garden will no longer be tough. It comes with the following essential features:

  • Intuitive controls
  • Quick and easy to start
  • 45 L Collection bag
  • 10:1 mulching ratio
  • Integrated leaf shredder
  • 25 cc two-stroke engine
  • 320 km/h blowing power


As you are looking for both blowing and vacuuming functionality, you can choose one of the products that we have shortlisted. Even, many of them come with mulching functionality as an additional feature to make the waste disposal job even easier for you.