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The best grow tent will assist you indoors without question. It doesn’t matter if you do not have a garden or your wish to advance seedlings ahead of season, the best grow tents will do both and put you miles ahead of the curve and does it in a completely different way to a propagator. The grow tents we’ve listed are suitable for both amateur and professional alike and offer easy setup and use guides.

So here is my review of the best grow tents

Comparison table: Choose the best grow tents (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

Hydroponic Grow Tent from RIMARUP:

  • 1.LIGHT PROOF: Our growing tent blocks all light escaping
  • 2.EASY VIEWING WINDOW&TOOL BAG: The observation window on the front makes it easy to check your plant without having...
  • 3.STURDY & DURABLE:600D tear-proof oxford polyester cloth & diameter 16MM white paint coated metal poles stable metal post construction;...
  • 4.REMOVABLE&EASY CLEANING FLOOR TRAY: Removable Mylar Floor Tray for Easy Cleaning; No tools needed easy to set up ...
  • 5.PACKAGE: 1 80x80x160(32"x 32"x 63") Grow Tent

5/5 from 12 reviews

Loft Grow Tent Hydroponics from Senua:

  • Senua Hydroponics Grow Tents only use high quality 600D silver mylor
  • NEW ultra strong white steel tube D19mm (strong enough for all light kits)...
  • Self-contained grow environment for your plants
  • This Grow Tent is suitable for beginners and professionals
  • No tools are required to construct the Grow Tent

4.8/5 from 12 reviews

Aluminum Lined Indoor Grow Light Box Tent from SavingPlus:

  • Completely Light-tight, waterproof and air-tight material
  • White powder coated steel frame with steel hanger poles for carbon filter and lights installation...
  • Velcro fasteners with heavy duty Zipper for easy set up and down...
  • Inlet/Outlet vents for fans
  • Brand new box with instruction for quick and easy to assemble

4.7/5 from 5 reviews

Hydroponics Indoor Grow Room from Hyindoor:

  • Tube material: Aluminum Tube
  • Size:120*60*150 cm(48*24*60")
  • Connection Tube diameter: 16mm
  • Inner lining material: 100% Reflective Water-proof Mylar
  • Superior light blocking;Premium zippers;Double floor;Tool free assembly

4.3/5 from 4 reviews

1. Hydroponics Indoor Grow Room from Hyindoor:

  • This grow tent for gardening from Hyindoor is offered in the size of 120 x 60 x 150 cm or 48 x 24 x 60 inches.
  • The diameter of the connection tube in this tent is 16mm
  • The lining material used for internal lining of this tent is 100% reflective water-proof mylar
  • The tent is designed in such a way that it will bring superior light-blocking, thereby safeguarding your soft plants from too much lighting.
  • The other features of this tent with 5-star customer rating are premium zippers, tool-free assembling and double flooring.
  • This product comes with assembly instructions, a removable waterproof floor tray, a metal frame and a reflective growing tent cover
  • It is a freestanding, durable and this robust tent is ideal for all levels of growers be it Pros, amateurs and mid-level indoor gardeners.
  • The excellent thing about this unit is that it permits the growing environment to be manipulated and controlled as required.
  • To make sure that the users can adjust the temperature as per their needs this tent comes with the open and close vent system. Not just light and temperature, this unit will help with controlling CO2 and humidity as well.
  • The outer shell in this unit has been constructed using oxford nylon fabric that is not just waterproof but also puncture-resistant and commercial grade material.
  • Further, the material is fire and mildew-resistance as well and also the material is entirely non-toxic.
  • The highly reflective interiors in this tent will ensure that the plants growing within will effectively use all the light supplied without any waste.

  • This grow tent from RIMARUP has a five-star rating due to the excellent set of features that make indoor plant growing highly possible.
  • It can block all the escaping light. To improve the reflective effect, the interior of the tent has 95% highly reflective diamond mylar. It means that the plants growing within will thrive without consuming huge on the energy bills.
  • Without even opening your tent, you can get to see the healthy growth of your plant with the easy viewing window on the front of the tent.
  • The tent has an associated tool bag that ensures that you can store the essential tools handy without having to search for them every time.
  • The material used in the making of this tent is 600D tear-proof oxford polyester cloth.
  • To prevent pest infestation and to prevent leakage of lights, the unit comes with large heavy-duty zippers and also the tent is double-stitched of this purpose.
  • The unit has a removable mylar floor tray. This is provided for easy cleaning.
  • Also, you can easily set up this tent without the need for any external tools.
  • Also, when the tent is not in ease, you can easily dismantle it
  • The corner connectors in this tent are made out of steel and the steel poles are of 16mm diameter
  • When you purchase this product, you will get a grow tent, a removable floor tray, a couple of filter straps and the assembling instruction manual.

3. Grow Tent 80x80x180 cm from DICN:

  • This tent with its size 32 x 32 x 71 inch is hydro box water and light-proof hydroponic indoor tent.
  • This tent will help with the effective growing of vegetables, flowers, herbs, fruits and plants indoors without concerning about external temperature and weather conditions.
  • Further, when you grow your favourite plants in this tent, you need not have to worry about animal attacks on your plant.
  • To ensure healthy plant growth, this tent provides the utmost light distribution with its highly-reflective Mylar-Film.
  • This tent has been made out of 600D Oxford fabric and it will not cause any harm to your plants because it is made out of tasteless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials.
  • In addition to being easy to set up, it has been designed in such a way that users can easily clean.
  • It has been created to help experienced and new growers in the same manner.
  • The seller assures of friendly customer support, speedy delivery and this item with 5-star customer rating is shipped from the UK Warehouse of the seller.
  • The frame of this tent is made out of durable metal to ensure long-term use for buyers.

4. Loft Grow Tent Hydroponics from Senua:

  • In case, you have space constraints in your home, you can consider this loft grow tent that will occupy only your loft space and no other spaces.
  • The tent uses high-quality 600D silver Mylor. This feature makes this tent a better choice as against the other cheaper 210 Silver Version sold by other sellers.
  • To make sure the suitability to all light kits, this tent encompasses a fresh and robust D19mm white steel tube.
  • This tent can provide a self-contained growing environment for your plants and the main purpose of this tent is to help indoor plant growers.
  • It is suitable both for professionals and beginners and for the initial construction you will need just 10-20 minutes.
  • Without the requirement of any tools, you can easily complete the construction.
  • Further, to make sure that you can place your tent anywhere, it comes in a portable carrying case. The carrying case is a black canvas carry bag with handles
  • This tent with 5-star customer rating has many ports for the extraction of air, for the entry of cable and also for air intake.
  • The tent also comes with a removable fabric spill tray.

5. Aluminum Lined Indoor Grow Light Box Tent from SavingPlus:

  • This indoor-grow space for growing plants indoors offered by SavingPlus is an aluminium-lined bud dark room.
  • The product has gained a five-star rating because it is completely air-tight, waterproof and light-tight.
  • When some sellers use 210D inside, this tent has the Oxford 600D Polyester Material
  • To make sure that the utmost use of light happens, the interior of this tent has been created with aluminium file.
  • The steel frame is aluminium coated with steel hanger poles
  • The heavy-duty zippers also contain Velcro Fasteners for ensuring easy setup.
  • To avoid spillages, this tent comes with Velcro floor tray
  • It has outlet and inlet vents for fans, exhaust fans and adjustable intake
  • 5-star customer rating

I hope you have benefitted from our review of the best grow tents and we are continually updating the list so please feel free to pop back in a few weeks time. There’s every chance we will have a new list of the best grow tents that are available online.