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Kids, both young and old, love bouncing on things and there’s nothing better to bounce on than a good outdoor trampoline.

If you have more than a couple of children and the space to spare, you could go with a large outdoor trampoline so that the kids aren’t fighting over who gets to play on it first, and you can even join in the fun with them while getting fitter in the process.

If space is limited in your garden, can’t really afford a large model, or you have younger kids that don’t need a huge trampoline to play on, there are more compact options available and even really small trampolines with handles to hold on to for your youngest children.

We have taken a closer look at the best-selling trampolines available on Amazon at the present time to see if they live up to expectations and have written up our thoughts regarding things like quality, size, and safety in our product reviews below.

We hope that they will help you with your decision when it comes to buying the best outdoor trampoline for you and your family.

Comparison table: Top 5 best outdoor trampolines in the UK (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

Ampel 24 Outdoor Trampoline 12ft

  • Quality Promise: high-quality workmanship of the seams
  • Garden Trampoline TÜV and GS certified various coil springs for good bounce | re-inforced spring cover | comfortable running...
  • Extra sturdy safety net | net pole padded/Sprun cloth 10 stitching for improved durability | ground anchor for reliability for...
  • Sturdy frame galvanised, gesteckt Outdoor fitness with proven safety to protect your children and screwed | net PE 130 g/m²...
  • Box contents: choice of trampoline with safety net

4.7/5 from 97 reviews

TecTake Outdoor trampoline

  • High clamping force
  • Jumping mat made of PP mesh
  • Access ladder // Safety net with zipper
  • Padded net posts
  • Edge covering, UV-resistant

4.6/5 from 302 reviews

Acon Air 4.6 Trampoline 15ft with Premium Enclosure

  • 4,6m (15ft) diameter high quality trampoline with premium enclosure and ladder | New and improved upper metal frame structure...
  • Weight 134kg (with enclosure) | Height 0
  • 110 heavy duty galvanized 21
  • Galvanized frame pipes both inside and out | Frame pipe diameter 48mm | Pipe thickness 2mm...
  • Spring pull tool included | For year round use | No weight limit for 1 user | Great for...

4.6/5 from 46 reviews

ANCHEER Kids Trampoline with Adjustable Handle

  • 【Adjustable & Compact & Portable】: This mini kids trampoline with adjustable handle bar...
  • 【Unique Design & Safe & Fun】: This rebounding surface offer big enough space...
  • 【High Quality & Solid Build & Durable】: Heavy-duty frame
  • 【Increases Balance & Coordination】: This folding childrens trampoline work out a wide range of muscle groups...
  • 【Easy Installation & Assurance】: Detachable foldable design

4.6/5 from 31 reviews

Beyondfashion 55

  • Material: steel, foam, PE and PP/Max
  • Max. Height: 1.9m/Leg Height: about 35cm/Package Size: 77cm x 31.5cm x 24cm/Excellent for kids outdoor play and exercise...
  • High quality springs to avoid any injury or damage/With padded cushion & foam for safety and comfy...
  • Strong and durable steel structure with zinc coated surface/Fantastic trampoline to bring much fun & enjoyment...
  • With strong net enclosure for additional protection and safety/Package included: 1 x Trampoline Set and All assembly accessories...

4.2/5 from 86 reviews

We kick off our reviews with TecTake’s outdoor trampoline set, an excellent choice for those looking for a larger trampoline. With a four and a half diameter, it is certainly large enough to accommodate more than one kid bouncing around without them bumping into each other constantly and even big enough for mum or dad to get in there and show off their best summersaults.

There’s no reason to hold back on this trampoline either, it is very strong when assembled correctly and the 375cm polypropylene mesh jumping mat, supported by 96 high quality springs, will easily withstand a belly flop or two from a 95kg adult (trust me on that one).

Safety is always at the top of the agenda when we think about our kids and the toys they play with and there are some good features with this trampoline. The springs around the edges of the mat are covered by EPE foam padded covers to prevent your children accidently trapping their skin in them, tripping over, or slipping through the gaps.

There is also a safety net surrounding the trampoline with a zipper on the opening to stop people falling out, and in addition to this the support posts for the safety net have also been covered in padding.

The whole trampoline sits on top of six, stainless steel, w-shaped legs that do a great job of keeping everything sturdy and in place, and because the trampoline is around 90cm off the ground, TecTAke have included a ladder, also made of stainless steel, to make getting in this trampoline easier.

Instructions and tools for assembly are also included and for the most part they were ok, but I would recommend looking online for a tutorial video anyway as they are always better than written instructions, even with printed images.

This trampoline might not be the cheapest one out there but it is fairly priced for the size and quality and also has some good safety features. Definitely worth considering if you want a good sized model.

This is another excellent trampoline for those of you with larger gardens and families. It has been made to incredibly good standards and provides both safety and durability at a very reasonable price. Everything from the polypropylene mesh jumping mat to the seams and zipped entranceway is of top quality and you can see there has been good workmanship involved.

Ampel trampoline’s safety net is made from a dense tear proof material and has 13 padded support posts that are angled in at the top to provide more stability for the net using eyelets, and this also gives the trampoline a nice aesthetic.

The whole outer edge of the 490cm trampoline has been covered in soft EPE foam and again the stitching is of the highest quality and unlikely to fray after some heavy use.

There are six large supports that you don’t have to worry about getting rusty in the winter weather as they are made of galvanized steel that has also been powder coated. This double treatment should ensure that these legs, as well as the free ladder which is made of the same material, will last you for a long while to come.

120 high quality springs are in place to give you the confidence to really get your bounce on without worrying about it not being able to take your weight. We had two large adults really going for it on this trampoline and never once did we feel anything but safe and secure.

When it came to putting this thing together, I was happy to see that the overall quality of the trampoline had been continued in the engineering and everything fitted into place without any issues and the screws provided weren’t the cheap, useless type that you sometimes get and were more than up to the job. The instructions were in german though which wasn’t exactly helpful but it was easy enough to work out for anyone with an ounce of common sense.

Included with the trampoline were ground anchors and guy straps for even more stability and, strangely enough, a free pair of non-slip socks! We didn’t test the socks, but I did give them a stretch in my hands and they seemed like a pretty decent pair that would last a while.

This is a great piece of German engineering and design. This trampoline is strong, stable, and very safe for both children and adults to use. You would usually expect to pay a lot more than Ampel are asking for something of this quality and that makes it a bargain

Acon’s 15ft trampoline with premium enclosure is a quality piece of kit and well worth the slightly higher price tag than some of its closest competitors.

It is an all-weather trampoline that can be left outside all year round without suffering any damage. This is a good thing, as this large trampoline is not exactly portable and needs to stay where it once assembled.

To help fight off the effects of the weather the ten row stitched PP bounce mat has been treated so that it won’t fade or deteriorate under intense UV rays, and the 110 top quality springs are made of galvanized steel so there’s no way they will be rusting in the rain. The 45mm metal pipes that make up the main frame of this top notch trampoline are also made of galvanized steel.

Like the Ampel trampoline we just reviewed, this one screams quality all the way down to the smallest details like the stitching on the padded areas, and even the tools and fittings that are provided for assembly,

I would say that the safety net on this model felt the best quality of all the trampolines we tested. I can’t say for sure why, it just felt stronger while still having enough play in the material to make a crash landing a soft experience. Also, for added safety the net is fitted right on the edges of the bounce mat and away from the springs.

This is an extremely strong trampoline for the price and can easily take multiple teenagers or adults using it at the same time. It also provides a great bounce so you can get some serious airtime to pull off those secret moves you’ve been hiding from the kids.

It took me and a friend about 2 hours to put the Acon trampoline together but we weren’t exactly going at full speed and had a few cups of tea in the process. All the pieces needed for assembly were there and everything went together as it was supposed to, so no complaints there.

This is an outstanding trampoline that can be used by the whole family from little kids to the largest adults. Its build quality is excellent and will last you a very long time even if you don’t try that hard to maintain it. With a bit of TLC, it’ll last for years.

Looking for a trampoline for your toddler? Well, then you might just be interested in our next review- Beyondfashion’s 4.5ft trampoline.

If you’ve got kids between the ages of 2-4, you can be sure that they will love this well designed kid’s trampoline which can be set up both indoors and outside in the garden.

Obviously, when we are thinking about toddlers and very young children, we need to be thinking about what safety measures are incorporated into the design of the trampoline and Beyondfashion seem to have given this some thought.

For a start, not only are the springs safely covered up by foam filled plastic covers, the safety mesh netting is actually fixed inside of those springs so there’s no way for the children to accidentally get their hands or feet anywhere near them.

The safety net is held in place by a sturdy steel pole frame that has also been covered in soft foam to protect your child from any unfortunate bumps, and there is even netting around the lower edge of the trampoline and attached to the legs to stop your toddler doing what toddlers love to do- crawl underneath things they shouldn’t. At least with this net in place it’ll stop them from getting bounced upon by their friend, brother, or sister.

Even very young kids should be able to climb their way into this trampoline without any assistance from you thanks to the jump mat being low to the ground and the zipped entranceway in the safety net being a large arch shape.

Being only 4.5ft in diameter and having a max load of around 60 pounds, this is not suited for older kids or multiple children playing in it at once. This is designed for young kids to play in solo, and if used for that purpose it is a very good product.

The only thing I will knock this down a point for is that there are no anchors included in the packaging so you will need to go out and buy some. Then again they are not expensive and easy to find.

Affordable, compact, and great for kids aged 3-6, is how I would describe the Ancheer kid’s trampoline. At 56” x 36” it shouldn’t be too hard to find a spot in your yard for this trampoline and despite its smaller proportions, the oval shape actually allows more than enough room for two kids to bounce on it at the same time. The polypropylene jump mat and high quality springs allow a maximum load weight of 100 kilograms so a single adult could use this for exercise if they wish too.

In the centre is a large, padded bar that goes across the whole width of the trampoline and this is great for younger kids, who haven’t quite got their balance sorted yet, to hold onto for support while they bounce. The bar is padded in the middle for safety and is also height adjustable from 37.8 to 50 inches.

There is no safety net around this trampoline but it only stands seven inches off the ground so there’s no real need to worry, but you still might want to keep an eye on your child if they are under 3 years old. Surrounding it with sand is also another good idea if you want to be extra careful.

Like most other kids’ trampolines there is a padded PVC cover for the outer edges to stop injuries caused by the springs. This cover also protects the springs from the rain and therefore stops them rusting prematurely.

There were quite a few different components to fit together when this trampoline arrived and it took a little while to put it together. Once up though, it was stable on the rubber tipped steel legs and provided enough support to put the mind at ease.

So, if you are in the market for a small sized trampoline for your younger kids that can also double up a piece of exercise equipment for you, you might want to consider this one from Ancheer.

Best Outdoor Trampoline Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide is here to point out a few factors you may want to think about before handing over your money for a trampoline. Things such as size, price, quality, shape, and other things are all highlighted here in some way in the hope that we can guide you towards the right purchase and leave you happy with your choice. Let’s begin with size.

What size is right for you?

When choosing the right size of trampoline there are others to consider that could limit what is practical. The main one is the size of your garden. Many people underestimate just how much space a large trampoline takes up after its been fully assembled and it can sometimes look like a bit of an eyesore if it is jammed into a yard that just isn’t big enough to house it properly.

Another thing that will affect the size of the trampoline that you should buy is the age, size, and number of children that will be using it. If you have a toddler or a child under 5 years old, there’s no point in buying a full size trampoline for them to bounce on when there are specific models that are more compact, not to mention cheaper, available.

Of course, older kids and teenagers will more than likely require the largest one you can afford and fit in your garden as smaller models just won’t take the battering that comes from teenagers.

What shape?

Trampolines can be round, oval, hexagonal, or rectangular shaped. The first three of these shapes are very little different in the quality of the bounce they provide and the shapes tend to be just for aesthetic reasons.

Rectangular trampolines are generally more bouncy and this is why they are used for gymnastics and people more experienced using a trampoline. They are usually more expensive than the other shapes too.

Do you need a safety net?

In my opinion, unless your kids are very experienced with trampolines and over the age of 10, you are better off with a model that has a good quality safety net around it. The net should be made of a tear-proof material and supported by a strong frame, and if the kids who will be using it are very young, a net that is enclosed on the inside of the spring area is much safer.

If you are not impressed with the quality of your safety net when it arrives, you can always buy a better replacement online relatively inexpensively.

How much should you spend on a trampoline?

It all depends on the size and quality of the trampoline. As a general idea though, I wouldn’t want to spend less than 300- 400 pounds on a large (4-5 metres) round or hexagonal trampoline as I just wouldn’t trust the quality of anything cheaper unless it was heavily discounted in a sale.

Trampolines for little kids can cost as little as 20 pounds but for a good toddler’s model with an enclosure that will last you a while, expect to pay at least a hundred pounds.

If you’re serious about getting a very high quality trampoline, you should look for a rectangular one that will cost you over a thousand pounds at least.

Other features
For longevity you should look for trampolines that have stainless steel, or galvanised steel legs and frames that will not rust up at the first hint of rain. If there is a ladder to get into the trampoline, that should also be weather protected.

Padded areas to cover the springs are important for trampolines for smaller kids, as are padded support bars around the safety net.

Ground anchors and guy straps included in the packaging are also things to look out for or you’ll have to buy them separately.

You might also like golf nets and badminton sets for your family.