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If you’re looking for a bit of protection from the sun(and probably rain!) then a cantilever parasol is really useful. The best cantilever parasols are extremely well balanced and offer great balance in windy conditions too. They are probably more convenient for shade around a garden table and chair set than a pop up gazebo but not quite as easy to move or disassemble. They will offer brilliant protection on most normal patio sets too. The best cantilever parasols will be made of high quality material that will give you a good few Summers even with the reach being about three metres, and clean up nicely.

So here are the best cantilever parasols reviewed

Comparison table: Pick from the top cantilever parasols (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

Charles Bentley Garden 3M Hanging Banana Patio Garden Umbrella Parasol - Grey

  • Assembly: Some easy self-assembly required
  • Material : Frame: Powder coated steel
  • Dimensions : H242 x L320 x W300 cm
  • Weight : 12kg
  • Colour : Black, Cream

4.1/5 from 226 reviews

Schallen 3M Leanover Cantilever Hanging Sun Umbrella Banana Parasol with Crank System for Outdoor, Garden and Patio (Dark Grey)

  • STRONG & STURDY - Comes with a solid metal pole and base with 6 natural finish frame ribs to...
  • LEANOVER PARASOL - a stylish overhanging garden parasol for flexible sun protection shade coverage....
  • DARK GREY - made from a weatherproof 160g polyester fabric in a modern dark grey colour with rust resistant...
  • CRANK SYSTEM - Crank winding mechanism to open and close your parasol quickly and conveniently...
  • SPECIFICATION - Steel stand pole:48 *0.9*1500mm | Steel bend pole:42*0.9*1700mm | 6Steel ribs:12*18*0.45mm...

3.7/5 from 18 reviews

1. Home Detail Cantilever Hanging Garden Banana Parasol in Range of Sizes & Colours - Ideal for Outdoor Patio & Decking Use as Summer Sun Shade (2.7m, Beige)

When you are sitting outside on your patio, you need protection from sudden strong patch of sunlight or protect your food from it. In such situations, it is beneficial if you have a parasol to provide you with adequate shade. To solve this very problem, Home Detail brings to you one of the sturdiest parasols in the market – the Home Detail Cantilever Hanging Garden Banana Parasol.

Its unique features are:

  • This fashion forward parasol is a great addition to your garden patio / deck. It provides flexible shading to protect you as you sit outside and enjoy the view.
  • The parasol can be quickly put together for use – you merely have to assemble the base pieces together and then attach the canopy.
  • With a length of 2.7 m, this parasol can be easily adjusted with its crank handle. It can be tilted towards / away from you as required. After use, you can simply fold it and store away.
  • The Home Detail Cantilever Hanging Garden Banana Parasol has been designed to ensure maximum protection from UV rays and resistance to water. It can be employed during lightly fluctuating weather, notably in summer season.
  • It has a central air vent that allows air to flow freely and makes sure that the canopy does not fly away in light winds.

2. Divine Style Cantilever Parasol Premium Garden Parasol Umbrella with 24 Integrated Solar Powered LED Lights for Outdoor Patio with FREE Waterproof Cover (Vanilla Cream)

Have you been thinking of buying some accessories for your deck / patio? Or have you been searching for the perfect thing to provide you shade while sitting outside? Don’t spend more time worrying, as the Divine Style Cantilever Parasol is here to solve all your problems in one go.

Here are some of its features:

  • The parasol comes equipped with 24 LED lights powered by solar panel energy. This means you can sit in the shade when the sun is up and just flip a switch to illuminate your nights.
  • The parasol is coated with water repelling material, meaning it won’t get damaged under light rain. If the rain continues for more time, you can always cover your parasol’s canopy with the free waterproof cover provided at purchase.
  • Not only will your parasol protect itself from rain water, it is also equipped to not get damaged by UV rays or corrosion of metal. It also does not get affected by light breeze.
  • Its powerful steel stand and frame along with the sturdy fabric used to make the canopy ensures that your parasol will remain as good as new for a long time.
  • It is quite simple to install and operate and can be easily adjusted according to the sun’s direction. You can tilt the canopy whatever way you want and rest assured that the crank rope will not snap.
  • The Divine Style Cantilever Parasol comes in many different colours like black, beige and grey to suit your garden aesthetic.

3. Charles Bentley Garden 3M Hanging Banana Patio Garden Umbrella Parasol - Grey

The Charles Bentley Garden Parasol displays the high quality and standards that can be expected from this brand. This parasol will light up your garden with beauty and grace while providing shade for you to sit under.

Some of its unique features are:

  • This hanging umbrella is different from orthodox garden umbrellas. It can be put anywhere in your garden, with weights on base to secure it.
  • It is very strong and sturdy, and is resistant to rusting. It can provide cover from the weather outdoors for quite a long time. You can easily set it over your hot tub or barbecue and just relax.
  • The frame of this parasol is made with powder coated steel while the canopy is made out of polyester fabric. They provide integrity and strength to the entire structure.
  • This parasol can be easily installed and removed when not required. It saves your time and gives you protection while also looking beautiful.
  • It comes in many colours like black, cream, green, red, grey etc.


Do you think your garden is missing some pizzazz? Or losing its beauty? Then what it needs is a Garden Cantilever Parasol by BargainsGalore.


  • This hanging parasol can be adapted and accommodated according to your needs. Whatever the setting or the position of the sun, you can shift the canopy to suit yourself.
  • The frame is made of powder coated steel and endures different sorts of weather without corroding or getting damaged. The canopy is made of strong material that does not get harmed by UV rays. It retains it strength and colour for a long time.
  • The parasol comes equipped with 40 LED lights that are powered by solar energy.
  • So you can let their batteries charge during the day and enjoy the parasol’s light after sunset. It thus serves the dual purpose of providing both light and shade to you.
  • This Garden Cantilever Parasol can be easily assembled and installed by anyone.
  • It brings you both beauty and functionality rolled into one garden umbrella.

5. Schallen 3M Leanover Cantilever Hanging Sun Umbrella Banana Parasol with Crank System for Outdoor, Garden and Patio (Dark Grey)

Last but not the least; we have the Schallen Leanover Cantilever Parasol which is one of the most popular parasols in the market. Its strong build, durability and pleasing colours have propped it up in the eyes of many gardening and decorating enthusiasts.

Some of its special features include:

  • This parasol is of the overhanging variety which means flexible and adjustable shade when you sit outside in your garden.
  • It comes with a strong metal pole and its canopy is made of waterproof polyester fabric. Its frame is constructed with powder coated steel, protecting it from corrosion. This means it is long lasting and can hold its own against the weather.
  • With its solid design and manufacture, you will have nothing to worry about.
  • The parasol comes in a beautiful dark grey colour, not unlike that of the evening meeting the night. It would not only provide shade, but also add to the aesthetics of your garden.
  • The Schallen Leanover Cantilever Parasol is truly a beauty with brains. Its crank mechanism is incredibly easy to use and helps you open / close the canopy quickly. There is also an air vent fitted inside, to help the air flow freely and avoid the parasol from toppling over.

The best cantilever parasols are well worth the price tag and offer you the kind of protection you need in British summers. That works out to be both shade and rain(unfortunately!). So if you think we’ve missed some of the best cantilever parasols then please do let us know and we will update the list.