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Chainsaw accessories that can help with your wood cutting job

The chainsaw is a wood cutting tool that is widely used for gardening, cutting firewood and forestry. It is also a very risky affair if you do not know how to handle it. Any tool that in the bare form is not so easy to use and may have some shortcomings associated with it. To help with the operation and overcome the limitations relevant accessories were invented. A chainsaw is also no different from that. To help with the working and safety we have many chainsaw accessories in the market. Each of these accessories serves a purpose and makes the user’s job easy and safe.

Comparison table: Chainsaw Accessories (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

Clarke ECSS2 electric chainsaw sharpener

Clarke ECSS2 Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

  • •Motor 85W, 230V
  • •4800rpm
  • •108mm diameter grinding disc
  • •Weight 2.9kg

4.7/5 from 84 reviews

MIZOOVA 10 piece chainsaw sharpener file kit

  • 10 piece chainsaw sharpener file kit
  • 5/32 (4.0 mm), 3/16 (4.8 mm)
  • File guide designed with efficient quick lock / release mechanism for stability and control; Engraved angle markings help to...
  • Tool Set Includes: 3 round files
  • Measurements: Rolled up - 28 (l) x 8 (w) x 3 (h); Rolled out

4.5/5 from 27 reviews

Chainsaw filing clamp - Oregon 26368A filing clamp

  • Makes chain and bar maintenance easier for users
  • Fits in your pocket for easy access when your on the move...
  • Handy and goes anywhere
  • The vise's forks drive into any stump and the vise's jaw locks the bar securely...
  • Secure it on a wood stump

4.4/5 from 69 reviews

UNIVERSAL CBO001 Chainsaw Carry Bag for All Chainsaws Up to 18" Bar Length

UNIVERSAL CBO001 Chainsaw Carry Bag for All Chainsaws Up to 18" Bar Length

  • High quality McCulloch chainsaw bag made from nylon and with a solid tray...
  • Bar sheath folds away neatly when bar is not attached so that the bag takes up less room while...
  • Suitable for chainsaws with up to 18 inch bar length

4.5/5 from 7 reviews

HUKOER 24-Inch portable chainsaw mill kit

  • 1.Chainsaw bar size: 14"-24"; Material: Aluminum and Steel;Screw washers have been eliminated and current products are not included...
  • 2.Welding: Mig welding; Maximum slabbing thickness: 1/2" to 12"
  • 3.Our sawmill is made of durable aircraft aluminum and stainless steel
  • 4.14"-24" bar size gives it the ideal size for many projects...
  • 5.This chainsaw is perfect for homeowners

3.9/5 from 2 reviews

We all know that a chainsaw is made of a chain with blades (saw teeth), a guiding bar, and a motor to guide the chain on the bar. Let us look into some of the accessories that can help you in bringing out the best from your chainsaw.

Sharpening kit

A chainsaw is a tool that has a chain with sharp teeth. But cutting hard wood is not easy and the teeth should be sharp enough to complete the task perfectly and fast. Having blunt teeth is more dangerous than having a sharp chainsaw. If you have accidentally rubbed the chainsaw against a stone or something harder than the wood, you will have to sharpen the teeth immediately to continue working. Hence the chain should be maintained well to increase its life and performance. For that, you will need a sharpening kit to sharpen the saw teeth. Here, let us look at two of the sharpening kits that are favourites among the users.

The first one on this list is a chain sharpening kit from Mizoova and has 10 pieces. The wooden handle is suitable for all the files in the kit. It is durable and is made of hardwood so that the person holding will have a firm grip. The handle is coated with a protective layer. There are three round files to use on different types of chainsaws. The precision values of these round files are – 4 mm, 4.8 mm, and 5.5 mm respectively. The tools are made from steel and this ensures durability.

To make the use of these files easy there is a file guide included with the angles pre-engraved on it. These angles and quick lock system provides the needed control while working with the sharpening kit. The kit also comes with a 6-inch flat file that can be used with most of the chainsaws to sharpen the teeth. The depth gauge bar helps to measure and decide the values while sharpening the chain. There is also a bar groove cleaner which does not need any explanation about its function – to clean the saw dust or any tiny wooden particles off the guiding bar.

There is a pouch that comes with the package which can be used to keep all the tools in the sharpening kit together. So totally there are 10 pieces in this kit – wooden handle, pouch, bar groove cleaner, three round files, a 6-inch flat file, depth gauge, gauge bar, and a file holder.

2. Clarke ECSS2 electric chainsaw sharpener

Let us see another sharpening tool that can be used to sharpen the chain. The previous one was a manual sharpening kit which needed the user to do it manually. This one is an electric one which is run on electricity. You just need to place the chain properly to sharpen it. The Clarke ECSS2 electric chainsaw sharpener has a motor that can generate a power of 85 W and the input needed is 230 V. This sharpener works with the help of a grinding disc that has a diameter of 108 mm. This disc rotates in an angle (set by the user) that is perfect for chain sharpening.

With the powerful motor in the Clarke ECSS2 electric chainsaw sharpener, you can get 4800 rotations per minute which is huge when compared to the manual sharpening. This electric sharpener just weighs about 3 KGs and you can carry it with you whenever you are going for work. The only thing you will need is a power plug. This can be fixed onto a table and worked upon. The tooth length and alignment can be adjusted easily with the spring clip. So, if you do not want to manually sharpen the chain you can buy an electric chainsaw sharpener that can give you precise and even sharpening.

Chainsaw case or bag

Any machinery you buy needs to be covered so that it does not get damaged due to the climate changes or weather conditions. If the machinery is made of metal you should worry about rust and if that is made of other materials like plastic the body can become weak. Here the chainsaws are made of metal hence you have to more worry about rusting. To safeguard your tool from this you need a cover or case. Be it a chainsaw case or chainsaw bag the material should be waterproof and the mud or dust should not enter inside. Let us see two of chainsaw covers that do their work perfectly.

1. Coverandcarry deluxe chainsaw storage bag

The first one on the list is a chainsaw storage bag – the Coverandcarry deluxe chainsaw storage bag. This storage bag is made of polyester (600D lined material) that is water proof. The Coverandcarry deluxe chainsaw storage bag can be used for chainsaws that are 12 inches, 14 inches and 16 inches long. These models can be carried in this bag because the bag is 27 inches long – here 17 inch is the length available for the chainsaw bar and 10 inch is for the motor part.

The carry handles make it easier to carry around. The Coverandcarry deluxe chainsaw storage bag is a zipper bag. Depending on the length and dimensions of your chainsaw you can buy this. Most of the chainsaws in the market come within these dimensions.

2. UNIVERSAL CBO001 chainsaw carry bag

UNIVERSAL CBO001 chainsaw carry bag

Next, I have included a carry bag – the UNIVERSAL CBO001 chainsaw carry bag powered by McCulloch. The UNIVERSAL CBO001 chainsaw carry bag is a durable carry bag that has a foldable guide bar sheath. The guide bar sleeve can be folded and attached to the tray with the help of the Velcro. The base of this UNIVERSAL CBO001 chainsaw carry bag is hard so that the motor of the chainsaw can stay steady inside the bag. The tray is made of using strong plastic to hold the weight of the chainsaw and to give shape to the case. The outer material of this carry bag is nylon. Since the cover for the guide bar can be folded the bag will take up lesser space if the chainsaw is in use.Since the tray is solid you can carry other small accessories like oil or sharpening kit with the chainsaw. You can even store and carry the smaller components of your protective gear like gloves. The bar sheath can hold up to 18 inches long chainsaw guide bar. That means you can use this UNIVERSAL CBO001 chainsaw carry bag for most of the chainsaws.

Chainsaw mill kit

Whoever has been using chainsaw will know about the humble chainsaw mill that can help a lot in cutting the wood. A chainsaw mill can help you cut timber out of the tree. If you are into timber business you would already know about the fixed mill. But if you are going to use your chainsaw for domestic use a portable chainsaw mill will suffice. You can cut long pieces without compromising on the quality. By quality, I meant the width of the piece. If you do not have a mill the width of the piece won’t be even and further work on the timber will not be easy. Here, we are going to discuss on portable chainsaw mill kit that can help you.

This is a 24-inch chainsaw mill kit from HUKOER. The HUKOER 24-Inch portable chainsaw mill kit is portable as the name suggests. Hence you can carry it around for your work. The company has mill kits of different sizes – according to the thickness of the wood. The 24-inch one is the ideal chainsaw mill kit for domestic use. The value 24-inch denotes the length of the chainsaw bar. Most of the domestic chainsaws have a bar shorter than 24 inches. You can cut slabs that are thin as half an inch and thick as 12 inches. If you have a chainsaw that has a longer bar you can order for the 36-inch or 47-inch variant.

The HUKOER 24-Inch portable chainsaw mill is made of aluminium and steel. The welding of the pieces is done using MIG technology that is used to make strong joints. The aluminium used here is aircraft quality making it lightweight and at the same time strong. Since you can use any chainsaw that has a bar length in between 14 inches and 24 inches this mill will be more than enough for most of the wood cutting works. The kit comes as a package that has to be assembled. The package contains a mill, assembling tool, and the instruction manual for that.

2. Chainsaw filing clamp - Oregon 26368A filing clamp

This is a filing clamp that can be used to rest the guiding bar when you are out in the field. It will be very useful if you have to sharpen your chain when you are out. Carrying it around is easy because it just weighs 300 grams. The downward forks on the clamp will easily go into any wood or ground. Then you can place your chainsaw’s guiding bar on the jaw locks of the clamp. The Oregon 26368A filing clamp is something you should have in your chainsaw tool kit.

Scabbard cover

Scabbard cover is something you can use to cover the chainsaw bar when you are not using it at the work site. You will be taking short breaks from the job and at that time you cannot keep the chainsaw zipped inside the chainsaw case because you will be coming back to work immediately. But leaving the chainsaw bar exposed is also not a good practice. The chain, as well as the guide bar, can be damaged. Not only that, you (or people around you) can cut your legs or hands if the teeth on the chainsaw are exposed. Keeping the safety in mind, I have added a scabbard cover to keep the bar covered.

1. RocwooD chainsaw guide bar scabbard cover

The scabbard cover that I have included here is a scabbard cover from RocwooD. This is the cover that is compatible with most of the chainsaw models. You can buy the one that is suitable for your model depending on the length of your bar. It will fit for cordless chainsaws having guide bars of 14-inch or 16-inch or 18-inch length, petrol or otherwise.