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We’ve put together a handy selection of decking tools that will get you started on the basics of decking. As part of our review of the best decking tools we’ve also included a couple of complete deck build sets in case you’re unsure of exactly what tools you might need. One other tool that will save huge effort is a cordless drill, it’s almost an essential! You will certainly benefit from a jigsaw, mitre saw, and circular saw too.

So here is my review of the most useful and best decking tools

Comparison table: Decking Tools (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

Wolf-Garten BS40M Multi-Change Decking Brush

  • Quality decking brush-10 year guarantee
  • Tough elastoflex bristles make light work of removing tough stains on decking and terraces...
  • 37 cm working width
  • Part of the multi-change click system-any handle fits 50 tool heads
  • Use with the correct handle to suit your height to work with a straight back...

4.7/5 from 51 reviews

Roughneck ROU64640 Demolition and Lifting Bar

  • Useful for ripping up floorboards and taking down ceilings
  • Lift and nudge heavy objects
  • Helps to position slabs and break pallets
  • Can be used for general demolition work

4.6/5 from 462 reviews

Wolfcraft 6985000 20cm Installation Clamp for Deck Boards

  • precise alignment of the deck boards until they have been fastened; for deck boards with a width of up to...
  • ensures together with the spacers a clean and accurate pattern of the deck flooring; clamping pressure 120 kg...
  • clamping width up to 450 mm; including: 2 clamping jaws

4.2/5 from 13 reviews

Wolfcraft 6988000 Deck Building Set

  • ensures together with the spacers a clean and accurate pattern of the deck flooring...
  • for the precise positioning of the drill holes on the deck boards...
  • for aligning the drill holes accurately
  • thanks to the depth stop perfect for series drilling; always the same depth of the countersink...
  • content: 1 installation clamp; 1 deck board drilling guide

4/5 from 17 reviews

Wolfcraft 6986000 Spacer for Wooden Decking Pack of 10

  • Product dimensions: 40 x 42 x 33 mm
  • 10 spacers
  • To create regular spacing between decking planks
  • For expansion joints from 6 to 8 mm.
  • Ensures clean and regular application of decking planks when used with a joining clamp....

3.9/5 from 25 reviews

Spax – Richter Pro for Easy Alignment verzogener Caiman Deck Boards – 5009409872009

Spax - Richter Pro for Easy Alignment verzogener Caiman Deck Boards - 5009409872009

  • SPAX Kaiman Pro board aligner for easy positioning of warped deck boards...
  • Use: Decking construction.
  • Screw-in template (liner)
  • 4 pieces of SPAX joint gauge for 4 joint widths each: 4 mm

5/5 from 3 reviews

1. Wolfcraft 6988000 Deck Building Set

Wolfcraft 6988000 Deck Building Set
4 out of 5 stars ( 17 customer reviews )

So you have decided to DIY your own deck. Are you worried about not having all the appropriate tools? Are you worried about not being able to deck the wooden boards precisely and / or making mistakes in joint alignment?

The complete Deck Building Set from Wolfcraft is here to solve all your worries. It helps align, fasten and drill the wooden slats into position as easily as it looks like. It will make constructing your deck from scratch easier than ever.

The product contains:

  • 1 installation clamp
  • 1 deck board drilling guide along with 4 mm drill bushes which are made up of hardened steel.
  • 1 screw starter with countersink
  • 4 mm HSS drill,
  • 5 spacers
  • 2 clamping jaws, used with the installation clamp as one-hand clamp.

The installation clamp used with the spacers ensures that the wooden boards are aligned perfectly. The clamping jaws are made specifically keeping deck construction in mind, and they easily fit into narrow spaces to quickly and precisely align the wooden boards.

The drilling gauge can be used to make sure that all screws are positioned at even distance from the edges of the boards.

All the tools in this set are designed specifically to make the construction of a wooden deck easy, even for an amateur. They help you in making the deck as precisely as possible, to give a professional look.

2. Spax – Richter Pro for Easy Alignment verzogener Caiman Deck Boards – 5009409872009

  • When you start building a deck, one major problem you might come across is the positioning and alignment of the wooden deck boards.
  • The Pro board aligner is your professional solution for a simple, though intimidating problem. It helps in quick and precise positioning of the warped deck slats.
  • The product includes a template (liner) that is just ideal for spacing the screws at equal distances from each other.
  • The product also includes four joint gauges for widths of: 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm and 7 mm. You can use whichever one suits your purposes.
  • Spax is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of tools. Its Kaiman Pro range makes the construction of your deck easier. You can concentrate on more pressing matters and not waste time on realigning your boards to fit over and over again.

3. Wolfcraft 6986000 Spacer for Wooden Decking Pack of 10

  • Wolfcraft brings to you another decking tool to aid you in your quest to construct the perfect deck. The Wolfcraft 6986000 Spacer comes in a pack of 10.
  • It is useful in creating regular spaces between the wooden boards for the deck. It is ideal for expansion joints in the range of 6 – 8 mm.
  • You can use these to create a visual of how the finished deck would look like. They give you a solid idea for spacing and can help you create slightly uneven gaps if required.
  • When used together with a joining clamp, these spacers ensure neat and precise alignment and application of the wooden boards.
  • These spacers are made of the highest quality of material and are incredibly strong.
  • They won’t break apart even if you accidentally stand on them.
  • This pack of 10 spacers will help you do your work comfortably and without a sweat, even if you are not a professional.

4. Roughneck ROU64640 Demolition and Lifting Bar

  • The Roughneck ROU64640 lifting and demolition bar is a solid, sturdy and powerful bar.
  • It is the go to tool for all the professionals – be it builders / landscape gardeners or carpenters. It is an important tool for use in factories and warehouses and also in the farming sector.
  • It is used to rip off tiles / floorboards and pull up slabs of concrete. It can be used as a lever for moving heavy objects and positioning them.
  • It is great for use in demolition work and can easily break pallets or ceilings.
  • The demolition bar is made using hexagon heat treated steel. With such a premium quality constituent, it is no wonder that the bar comes with a promise of maximum fortitude and durability.
  • It makes hard jobs like ripping off ceiling tiles or boards easy.
  • The Roughneck ROU64640 demolition and lifting bar has two feet and also there is a rounded shoulder for ease in handling.

5. Wolf-Garten BS40M Multi-Change Decking Brush

  • With a 10 year guarantee, the Wolf Garten Multi – Change Decking Brush is here to solve all your outdoor cleaning woes.
  • This premium decking brush is ideally used for cleaning balconies / patios / decks / paved paths or any such large area.
  • Its strong, durable elastoflex bristles handily remove tough stains and spills on your deck.
  • It has a ZM 150 ash handle that will not splinter easily and lasts long. With a 37 cm working range, this brush is suitable for cleaning up large spills without breaking a sweat.
  • You can switch the handles to adjust it according to your height and prevent back pain. The Wolf Garten Multi – Change Decking Brush can be adjusted according to 50 tool heads and is truly a blessing for a homeowner.

6. Wolfcraft 6985000 20cm Installation Clamp for Deck Boards

  • This product consists of 1 Installation clamp and 2 clamping jaws. With a width up to 450 mm and a clamping pressure of 120 kg, this installation clamp is ideal for handling heavy wooden planks for building a deck.
  • It can be used to align the wooden boards quickly and precisely until they can be easily secured.
  • When used with spacers, it makes sure that the deck can have a floor with a neat and accurate pattern.
  • The Wolfcraft Installation Clamp is very handy for amateurs to work professionally and make their deck as beautiful as envisioned.

I hope you have benefitted from our review of the best decking tools. Are you a professional manufacturer of the best decking tools or enthusiast that believes there are some other products we’ve missed? We would be glad to accept them into our review if you can prove their quality so just pop us a message and we will look into it for you.