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7 Best Pruning Saws Reviewed

A pruning saw fit’s somewhere between garden shears and loppers and being such a specific tool, it’s really missed when it’s needed. A bowsaw is far too heavy, let alone a chainsaw, and if you’re thinking of branches that thick, then loppers will struggle. Pruning saws get into all the places a chainsaw, hedge trimmer, or bowsaw can’t and make that vital like between hand and power tool. The best pruning saws are super sharp, the teeth don’t snag in timber, the handle is well designed so you can easily hold on firm, especially when wearing gloves, and the blade is nice and firm to assist you in making the cut. With these criteria in mind I have reviewed the best pruning saws to save you time.

Comparison table: Pick from the best pruning saws this summer (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

Samurai 8230620 Samurai Curved Wooden Handle Saw 330 mm

  • Measurements: 330 mm.
  • Blade made of Japanese steel
  • Excellent cutting capacity/durability ratio.
  • Set teeth and induction tempered individually.
  • Japanese sharpened.

4.9/5 from 24 reviews

Silky Gomtaro 102-30 300mm Straight-Blade Lightweight Saw with Scabbard

  • 300 cm
  • Belt clip
  • Carry case included

4.9/5 from 46 reviews

Draper Expert 44997 500 mm Soft-Grip Curved Blade Garden Saw

  • Professional-quality tool designed for the professional landscape gardener and groundsman
  • Curved blade saw
  • Hardened and tempered large and small teeth
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Soft-grip handle

4.8/5 from 308 reviews

Wilkinson Sword Unknown Pruning Saw and Holster

Wilkinson Sword Unknown Pruning Saw and Holster

  • Triple ground teeth
  • 250mm Blade
  • Tpr non slip grip
  • Holster
  • 10 year guarantee

4.7/5 from 236 reviews

Davaon Pro Pruning Saw - Premium Folding Hand Saw - Triple Cut Ultimate Sharp Blade - Best Tool for Garden, Tree Pruning, Camping - Rugged Durable Branch Trimmer - Comfort Soft Grip (Green/Grey)

  • ✔ QUALITY DESIGN - This well thought out utility saw design provides a premium tool that won't let you...
  • ✔ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or 100% money back

4.6/5 from 318 reviews

SEEYC 7" Folding Hand Saw - Manganese Steel Folding Trim Pruner with Safety Lock - Convenient, Lightweight Gardening Tool - Non-Slip Ergonomic Handle - Ideal for Tree, Shrubs, Twigs Pruning

  • ▲ HOW WE'RE DIFFERENT: SEEYC 8.0 is a high quality tool with a Lifetime Warranty...
  • ▲ ERGONOMIC, slip-resistant, comfort grip handle
  • ▲ SUPERIOR DESIGN to reduce friction and binding with Japanese style pull cut sawing...

4.6/5 from 64 reviews

They’re used for what all saws are used for – cutting wood. Maybe you want to shape a tree or bush, or cut back something that is overgrowing its desired size? There’s some dead wood that you want rid of? A gardening saw can help you sort it out.

Garden saws, more commonly called pruning saws are a tool who’s worth and functionality fit somewhere between shears and loppers and chainsaws or power tools. Pruning saws can come with a straight or curved blade, as handy folding handheld tools that fit in the pocket, or as a more traditional non-folding type long blade with fitted handle. There are pole saws for reaching higher branches, and bow saws for more heavy duty cutting.

Straight blade pruning knives are better suited for cutting things anywhere below shoulder height but above the waist because of the angle of the sawing motion in cohesion with where you are standing. Curved bladed saws are better for cutting branches above shoulder height or for low branches below the waist

You should have a good think about what tasks you need to tackle before deciding on a garden saw. If you have a particularly large garden, you might need different types and sizes to suit the jobs at hand.

This page is here to help you decide on the right gardening saw for you. We have comprised a selection of products that we think are the best gardening saws in the UK and reviewed them for you.

1. Draper Expert 44997 500 mm Soft-Grip Curved Blade Garden Saw

Whether you’re a professional gardener or grounds-man, or you simply want a professional quality tool to cut down some large branches or unwanted trees, you can’t go wrong with this excellent garden saw from draper priced at £24.29 on Amazon. 
It is a curved blade pruning saw so it cuts well even at awkward angles and heights and will make light work of even the thickest branches. Customers have commented that they have had no problems cutting down tree trunks 6-8 inches thick with this garden saw. 
The hardened and tempered blade has been made with small and large teeth to improve the saw’s cutting performance and it works wonders. The cutting gets started off by the small teeth and then the larger teeth help to slice through the wet wood inside the branches.
This is a non-folding garden saw with a very comfortable soft grip handle that is securely connected to the blade with no wobble or play. 
This model’s dimensions are 105.4 x 21.4 x 11.5 cm and it weighs 499 grams.
  • Professional cutting performance. Can cut 6-8 inch logs easily.
  • Excellent quality
  • Hardened and tempered, curved steel blade
  • Combination of small and large teeth give incredible clean cuts
  • Comfortable soft-grip handle
  • Measures 105.4 x 21.4 x 11.5 cm and weighs just under 500 grams
Davaon have done it again, bringing us a top quality gardening product at a very affordable price of £12.99.Ideal for sawing through small to medium sized branches, this pruning saw has a 7 inch blade made from top quality SK5 carbon steel that has been heat treated to ensure hardness and a sharp edge. Friction reduction and smoothness have been improved with the blades special coating.
 The blade has the brilliant ability of being able to be adjusted and locked into multiple positions making cutting oddly angle branches so much easier, and reduces the risk of straining the wrist. 
The super sharp (7 Tpi), triple cut blades will have you pruning even the thickest branches in your garden with ease, and in double quick time too. This handheld saw has been designed to cut on the pulling motion rather than the push for extra safety.


The handle is non-slip thanks to groves etched into it and the TPR soft grip material makes it more comfortable to hold than standard plastic. The rounded space to rest your thumb on the back of the handle is a very nice idea, as is the eyelet on the bottom that you can use to attach the tool to your belt or to hang up in the shed.

All the plastic components are made of heavy duty materials and built to last. Davaon are offering a money back non-satisfaction guarantee on this product.

  • Great value for money at £12.99
  • Very popular product, receiving praise from many customers
  • SK5 high carbon steel blade, heat treated for hardness
  • Coated blade for friction reduction and a smooth cutting motion
  • Super sharp triple cut blades on the saw edge

3. Silky Gomtaro 102-30 300mm Straight-Blade Lightweight Saw with Scabbard

This is another incredible, professional standard, pruning knife, this time with a straight blade and so better suited to dealing with branches and logs at upper body height. That’s not to say it can’t be used for cutting through roots and such, it’s just that this saw is at its optimum performance when used at waist to shoulder height.
The 240mm blade is razor sharp, has a teeth ratio of 8 per every 30mm, and will have you sawing through a 10 inch thick log in minutes. The blade has been hardened and chrome plated to improve its durability and to make sure it lasts a long time. Silky are a Japanese brand that receives a lot of praise from gardening experts and it’s easy to see why. The quality of all the components of this garden saw is top notch and inspire confidence from the user.The rubber handle feels so comfortable in the hand and wielding it for hours at a time is no problem as it is extremely light and only weighs 140 grams.
Included with the saw is a polypropylene sheath with a belt clip.
 This is a top gardening saw and costs more than your average DIY store tools, but the quality and performance make it worth the extra.

  • Japanese attention to detail makes this a very high quality product
  • Recommended by professional gardeners
  • Razor sharp 240mm straight blade
  • Chrome plated for longevity
  • Extremely comfortable to hold
  • Super lightweight at only 140 grams

4. Heavy Duty Extendable 3 Metre Telescopic Garden Tree Pruner with Saw Blade Lopper Cutter

Do you have a problem with a particularly tall and overgrown tree that’s blocking light from reaching your lawn and smaller plants? 
Well, you can always climb up the tree and start sawing away, you can try to reach it with a long reach hedge trimmer, or get a large ladder to prop up against the tree, or you can take a much safer option and invest in this telescopic garden saw from Tooltime. The pole can be extended from 1500mm up to 2780mm in length, and with a 355mm saw blade on the end, you’ve got over 3 metres of reach. Operation of the extension mechanism is easy, simply twist anti-clockwise to unlock, extend, and then twist back clockwise to lock again.The pole and body of this tool is made from good quality, vinyl coated tubular steel to make it strong and corrosion resistant.
In addition to the saw blade, there is a spring loaded, bypass lopper/pruner that is operated by ropes and a pulley system. It takes a few goes to get the hang of it but it works well, as long as you keep an eye on the alignment of the pulley wheels, and will cut through branches a few inches thick.For sale at a very reasonable price of , this is definitely a tool worth a second look.

  • Handy tool, saves time and is safer than climbing a ladder or tree
  • Easy to use telescopic mechanism
  • Over 3 metres long when fully extended
  • 355mm Pruning saw blade
  • Spring loaded lopper works from rope and pulley system
  • Tubular frame with vinyl coating to fight corrosion
  • Good price

5. Wilkinson Sword 1111144W Pruning Saw and Holster

Not everyone can afford, or wish to spend, a lot of money on a Silky pruning saw or something similar. Thankfully, for excellent cutting performance at an affordable price, you can always rely on long-established brand Wilkinson Sword. For just £14.19 you can add this garden saw to your tool shed.
 Made with a 250mm blade of extra sharp, triple ground teeth, you will find yourself trimming those unwanted branches away with ease. The blade is hard, very sharp, and resistant to rust.


The blade is held into the TPR handle by metal rivets and the connection is strong and sturdy. Groves in the handle itself prevent the saw from slipping out of your hand or moving around too much during pushing and pulling.

Wilkinson Sword have included a holster/sheath with this saw so you can hook it onto your belt and always have it close at hand.

This garden saw comes with a 10 year guarantee.

  • Low price
  • Good quality tool from trusted brand
  • Very 250mm sharp blade thanks to triple ground teeth
  • TPR non-slip handle with grooves and rivets
  • Free holster
  • 10 year guarantee
When it comes to value for money, it’s hard to beat this for £8.09, folding garden saw made by SEEYC. Despite its very low price, the makers are so sure of its quality they have given it a lifetime warranty.
 No expense has been spared on the blade’s material either. It is constructed of Manganese carbon steel for extra hardness and long-lasting sharpness. The 8 inch saw blade has 9 teeth per inch and does a great job of slicing through branches thanks to the Japanese style ‘cut on pull’ design designed to reduce friction.
Also to reduce friction, the blade is uncoated, but this also means that it is susceptible to the elements and partly explains the low price. I would recommend coating it yourself or just oiling it regularly.


The blade is locked at the top once fully opened for safety and preventing it snapping back closed. You can release the lock with a thumb trigger on top of the handle. The bolt connecting the blade and handle can be adjusted to suit the user.
 A grooved non-slip handle prevents accidentally slipping and improves comfort.

  • Foldable hand saw is compact and lightweight
  • Very cheap but good quality
  • Very Sharp Manganese carbon steel blade
  • 9 teeth per inch
  • Locking mechanism for safety
  • Japanese pull cut design for smoothness
  • Non-slip handle

7. Samurai Curved Wooden Handle Saw

As already mentioned, the Samurai Brand has an excellent reputation in gardening circles and you can be sure that the products they design and supply are of the upmost quality.
Designed with professional gardeners in mind, it is priced at £18.07 on Amazon, which may seem a little expensive for someone who isn’t going to be using their tools every day, but for people in the know, Samurai products are worth every penny. This curved gardening saw’s cutting prowess is second to none and ultra-fast thanks to its 14 inch, mono-constructed carbon steel blade with precision ground teeth that cut at 4 different angles. This gives you an incredibly smooth cutting action. 
To prevent rust and negative effects of tree resin, the blade has been chrome plated and wipes clean very easily.Moulded rubber has been used for the handle to help absorb vibration and shock and has been given a non-slip surface that is one of the best I’ve ever held for grip and comfort. The balance between the blade and handle is excellent as is the overall build quality of this garden saw. A truly excellent product worthy of the Samurai name.

  • A free holster made from high quality plastic, complete with elastic leg straps is included in the price.
  • Top quality professional product
  • Ultra-fast and smooth sawing action
  • 14 inch Mono-constructed blade with chrome plating
  • Precision ground teeth cut at 4 angles for unbeatable cutting performance
  • Super comfortable rubber handle helps absorb vibration
  • Free high quality holster and elastic leg straps
  • Lightweight at only 360 grams and easy to handle thanks to excellent balance between blade and handle