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Garden secateurs make extremely light work of bushes, shrubs, and roses. If you’re looking to accurately cut back your garden, then a set of secateurs is an essential piece of equipment. The best garden secateurs are extremely sharp and have comfortable handles that allow for ease of use with or without gardeners gloves. They should also retain a sharp blade. The ratchet return mechanism should be smooth and user friendly on release and your secateurs should have no problem cutting through reasonably thick branches. Based on those characteristics I have reviewed the best secateurs to save you time.

Comparison table: Best garden secateurs for a professional cut (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

Felco FEL2 Model 2 Original Secateurs

  • Comfortable, lightweight, sturdy aluminium alloy handles
  • High quality hardened steel blades
  • Anvil blade with sap groove
  • For a medium to large hand
  • Lifetime guarantee, all parts replaceable

4.8/5 from 1663 reviews

JEOutdoors ZEM Pruning Shears

  • Pruning Shears fit for cutting stems and light branches up to 3/4" diameter size....
  • Quality sharp blade made of high carbon alloy steel with antirust processing....
  • Safety Lock - easy open/close lock for convenient security system.
  • The spring loaded handles with unique imitation wood design hard PC to give superior comfort....
  • Package includes: pruning shears

4.7/5 from 578 reviews

Wilkinson Sword 1111141W Aluminium Bypass Pruner

Wilkinson Sword Unknown Aluminium Bypass Pruner

  • Clean bypass cutting action
  • Non stick blades
  • Central catch for left or right handed use
  • 20mm cutting capacity
  • Aluminium body with soft grips

4.7/5 from 568 reviews

Davaon Pro Switch 2 in 1 Ratchet Secateurs


4.6/5 from 283 reviews

Fiskars PowerGear X Pruner

  • Pruning shears with rotating handle for green and soft wood
  • Easy to use thanks to EaseCut technology
  • High-quality workmanship: work effortlessly thanks to cutting performance 3 times higher than pruner without anti-shock handle...
  • Long life product, High-quality steel blades
  • Contents: 1x Fiskars PowerGear X Pruner L Bypass PX94

4.6/5 from 354 reviews

Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Professional Heavy Duty Bypass Secateur

  • Geared and ratchet mechanisms
  • Ergonomic design
  • Blade notch for cutting thicker stems
  • Drop forged, high carbon steel blades with sap groove
  • Lightweight forged aluminium handle construction

4.6/5 from 265 reviews


  • Anvil action secateurs ideal for use on thicker
  • Geared action for easier cutting
  • Lightweight cast aluminium body
  • PTFE coated SK5 steel blade for lasting sharpness
  • Grow your own great British growing 2018 award winners

4.4/5 from 992 reviews

If you’re growing any type of plants, whether it be hedges, bushes, roses, or anything else, at some point you will need to trim them back to keep your garden healthy and not looking like an overgrown mess, whilst a hedge trimmer works wonders. it doesn’t give you much in the way of accuracy. This is where secateurs come in, you could also use garden shears for lighter shrub and garden loppers if it is thick branches.
 Secateurs, also called pruning clippers come in two distinct styles – anvil and bypass.
 Anvil secateurs have a cutting platform and a blade. The blade is brought down on the blunter platform to cut whatever is placed there.
 Bypass style secateurs work very much in the same way as scissors, with two blades that pass by each other and cut the material between them as they go.
 As with any bladed hand tool it’s very important that you keep them sharp in order for them to work properly, and this is certainly the case with anvil type secateurs, due to their one blade design.
 These tools come in a wide range of sizes and you should think about what size would suit your hands best. There are also secateurs with extra features such as ratchet mechanisms that can help you clip tougher branches by allowing you to use multiple squeezes to get the job done, it’s worth considering a garden saw if it’s too extreme for your secateurs.

Below we have taken the time to review the top secateurs that you can buy in the UK at the present time. Enjoy.

1. Felco FEL2 Model 2 Original Secateurs

Felco FEL2  Model  2 Original Secateurs
4.8 out of 5 stars ( 1663 customer reviews )

We start our reviews off with these anvil secateurs from Felco, available for a reduced price of £40.30 at the moment. 
These are a bestselling tool and the feedback from buyers has been overwhelmingly positive.
 With cutting blades made with Swiss expertise and precision, you can be sure of clean cuts every time and blades that stay sharp, longer. The blades themselves are not riveted in and can be removed and replaced if required.
One of the problems we all face with pruning is sticky sap getting on the blades and causing problems. To counter this, the anvil blade has been designed with a sap groove to help remove this debris.
 The handles are light yet very strong as they are made from forged aluminium alloy that has been covered for a better grip.

  • Precision made blades
  • Blades can be removed and replaced
  • Anvil has sap groove
  • Forged aluminium handles keep the tool light
  • Hardened steel centre bolt gives accurate adjustments
  • Excellent quality tool

2. Wilkinson Sword 1111141W Aluminium Bypass Pruner

The Wilkinson Sword aluminium bypass pruners have been made with a centralised catch, meaning that they can be used in either the left or right hand.
The blades of this bypass tuner come already very well sharpened, clipping off branches up to 20mm in diameter without a hint of a struggle. The blades are made from high carbon steel, the same material commonly used for chef’s filleting knives, so you know they’ll stay sharp for a while.
 The blades are also coated to make them non-stick.
 Lightweight aluminium handles and body keep the tool sturdy, and the grip inserts are soft and comfortable.

  • Can be used in the left or right hand
  • Very sharp carbon steel blades
  • Nonstick coating
  • 20mm cutting width
  • Lightweight with aluminium body
  • Low price and excellent value for money

3. Spear & Jackson 6758GS Razorsharp Geared Anvil Secateurs

Spear & Jackson are makers of award winning tools. They are well known for producing products of excellent quality and innovation. These secateurs are no exception and can be yours for £13.49.
 As the name implies, one of the biggest draws of these pruners is their ability to cut through thick branches and also keep a razor sharp edge for a long time. This is because of the material used to construct the blades – SK5 carbon steel that has been PTFE coated. This coating also makes them rust resistant.
 Like our previous review, the placement of the locking catch allows this tool to be used by both left and right handed people, and the ergonomic design of the aluminium body and handles fits comfortably in your hand.

  • Very sharp tool and will keep its sharpness well
  • Coated blades to make them rust resistant
  • Can be used in either hand
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Geared cutting action
  • Good price

Designed to be used for general pruning such as clipping rose stems, these secateurs are lightweight and sit nicely in your hand.
Priced at £6.99 on Amazon, it is easy to see why they are best sellers. Despite their low price, the materials used for the blades is still high quality. The makers JEOutdoors have opted to us high carbon alloy steel, ensuring a long lasting sharpness, and also gave it anti-rust processing to improve longevity.
The spring loaded handles feel great to hold and don’t cause any aching in the hands even after a long period of use. A spare spring is included in the package.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Carbon alloy steel blades
  • Blades have had anti-rust processing
  • Spring loaded handles allow you to use for a long time without aches
  • Low price but good quality

The Devalon Pro Switch ratchet secateurs are great for cutting through thicker branches as they provide a lot of assistance to your hand power through their ratcheting mechanism. How it works is, every time you squeeze the handles, the tool clicks and holds into that position, allowing you to rest your hand and then apply pressure again, and again, up to 4 times, essentially multiplying your natural power.
 This makes it an excellent addition to your toolbox, especially if you are a smaller person with limited hand strength or have some injury or disability limiting you. 
For smaller branches, you can flick a switch and change the tool into single cut mode and it acts like any standard pruner.
 With Teflon coated, heat treated carbon steel blades and an aluminium body keeping the tool lightweight and easy to handle, this product is a steal at the current price.

  • Ratchet mode increases your hand power for clipping thicker branches
  • Can switch to single cut mode for thinner branches
  • Heat treated carbon steel blades for long lasting sharpness
  • Ergonomic body made from strong and light aluminium
  • Blades coated with Teflon for non-stick properties
  • Good price

Fiskars PowerGear X pruners are made to a high quality in Finland. They are ideally suited for cutting fresh and soft wood up to 2.6cm in diameter.
 They have been designed with Fiskars’s ‘Ease Cut’ technology which gives the user assistance in cutting power. It works by distributing the force of all your fingers through the rotating handle to reduce the overall effort needed. It also has a rack and pinion system to aid in the transmission of force.
The anti-shock handles are made from fibreglass reinforced fibre comp, and are weatherproof. The design of the handles is sleek and fits in the hand naturally.
High quality steel has been used to construct the removable blades and a non-stick coating has been used to help keep them sap free. The blades are easy to remove for sharpening or replacing.

  • High quality tool
  • Rotating handle provides cutting assistance
  • Rack and pinion system to help transmit force
  • Anti-shock fibre comp handles
  • High quality steel blades can be removed easily
  • Sleek and ergonomic design

7. Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Professional Heavy Duty Bypass Secateur

Our final review is another Spear & Jackson product, only this time it’s a bypass secateurs.
 This secateurs is from the same ‘Razor sharp’ range as our other Spear and Jackson product review and so it shares a lot of its features, such as high carbon steel blades for keeping a super sharp edge for longer, and forged aluminium body with rubber shock absorbers to keep the weight low while remaining strong and durable.
 The blades on this model also have a cutting notch for thicker stems and a sap groove for easing cleaning. The blade tension can also be adjusted by experienced gardeners.
 Cutting width is selectable from either wide or narrow by using the two step locking catch. The wide setting will allow you to cut branches around an inch in diameter.
 This tool is incredibly well made and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

  • 2 cutting width settings
  • High carbon steel blade for sharpness
  • Forged aluminium handles with shock absorbers
  • Cutting notch and sap groove on blade
  • Adjustable blade tension
  • 10 year guarantee

Well, that wraps up this article and reviews for the best secateurs in the UK. Our aim with these pages is to provide a little bit of assistance to gardeners ,new and old, in picking the best products for their needs, and we hope we have done a satisfactory job.
If you wish to see more pictures of any of our featured products, want to see the specifications in more detail, or you want to read customer reviews, simply click on the links we have provided for you. 
Please take the time to view or other pages where we have reviewed other gardening products.