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Best Snow Shovels Reviewed

A snow shovel is one of those tools you rarely buy but always miss when the time comes. Unpredictable weather in the UK last year saw snow in Summer no less, so buying a snow shovel and putting it in the garage for safe keeping isn’t a bad idea. You could also just buy a shovel, the normal kind as it’ll have plenty more uses. A snow shovel should be pretty sturdy and light weight to move large volume. It needs to be constructed well to withstand a blunt strike (we never know what we are digging in the snow) and should be comfortable to hold and grip, so I have reviewed the best snow shovels based on these ideas to save you time.

Comparison table: Snow Shovels (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice


  • Ideal for snow or mucking out stables equestrian events-horseboxes snow
  • Separates into 3 parts for compact and easy storage
  • Overall height when assembled: 940mm
  • Heavy duty polypropylene shovel and handle

4.4/5 from 32 reviews

Jago Snow Shovel (Red) Plow Pusher Scoop Lightweight Durable Transportable…

  • Snow shovel with aluminum edging for ice
  • Stable shaft made out of tubular steel
  • Shovel (W/H): ca. 40/32 cm (15.7/12.5 in)
  • Total Length: about 120 cm
  • Shaft lower (Ø/H): ca

4.6/5 from 5 reviews

You need a snow shovel because climate change is a real thing. Whether you believe it’s a natural occurrence or because of human interaction with the environment, you can’t deny that the UK’s weather patterns have changed over the last few years. We are seeing summer weather in the spring, quickly followed by torrential rain and even snow!
 The thing is we really can’t be sure about seasonal weather anymore and it seems like the storms we that come along are getting more and more extreme. Although the UK doesn’t usually get as much snow as some other European countries, we can still get freak snow storms that have quite an impact on our daily lives.
 Having to clear your doorstep/driveway of snow isn’t most peoples idea of fun but it is something we should all be best prepared for, and that’s why I would suggest having a decent snow shovel handy just in case.

Read on below to see our reviews of the best snow shovels for sale in the UK.

1. Neilsen Tools Aluminium Metal Snow Scoop Shovel

Our first product review is of the Neilsen Tools aluminium snow shovel, priced at .
 The shovel head being made of aluminium has its advantages. Firstly, aluminium is rust and corrosion resistant so you should get a lot of life out of this component. Also, aluminium allows this tool to be low in weight without compromising its strength and durability.
 The fibreglass shaft also does its bit to ensure this tool is light enough to be handled by anyone, and you won’t be getting blisters from the D-type grip.
This product measures 120 x 30 x 21 cm and weighs 1.12 kilograms.

  • Aluminium head is rust and corrosion resistant
  • Fibreglass shaft helps to keep this product lightweight yet still strong
  • Wide head will have you clearing driveways in no time
  • Comfortable D-type handle
  • Good price


Scarfell’s portable folding snow shovel is the perfect ‘emergency tool’ to keep in the boot of your car or in the cupboard under the stairs. 
It is comprised of 3 separate parts, a plastic shovel head and shaft and a metal handle, that when assembled together measure 940mm. 
The parts can be quickly separated again by pushing the locking pins in, so the shovel can be stored pretty much anywhere.
 The plastic parts are made of heavy duty polypropylene and will handle light-medium tasks well, but this tool is not suitable for digging into hard soil and carrying heavy loads of stones or coal.

  • Perfect as an emergency shovel
  • Can be separated into three parts for easy storage
  • 940mm long once assembled
  • Easy to assemble and take apart
  • Made from strong polypropylene
  • Ideal for storing in the car boot for when you need to dig out your wheels

3. WOLF-Garten SNM45ZMAD Multi-Change Aluminium Snow Shovel

WOLF-Garten is a name synonymous with high quality, and with this snow shovel, it is easy to see why.
 The extra wide 45cm aluminium head will have you blasting through the snow in no time. As we mentioned in our first review, aluminium is resistant to corrosion and rust and also lightweight. This particular aluminium shovel head is cold shock resistant up to -40 degrees, meaning you will have to give up long before it does.
 Despite the shovel being long at 123cm, the sturdy shaft and 120cm handle keep this tool feeling exceptionally well balanced, and the extra length means you can remain upright while shovelling and prevent back pain.
 As already mentioned, this product is lightweight, weighing only 1.58 kilograms thus it can be used for long periods without tiring you out too much.

  • Aluminium shovel head prevents rust and corrosion
  • 45cm working width
  • Cold shock resistant up to -40C
  • 123cm long so you can remain upright
  • Lightweight at 1.58kg
  • Exceptionally well balanced

4. Bulldog SNOW1 Snow Shovel

Bulldog SNOW1 Snow Shovel
4.2 out of 5 stars ( 431 customer reviews )
If you need a shovel that can lift and shift large amounts of snow, you can’t go far wrong with the Bulldog SNOW1.
 This is a very large snow shovel, measuring 139.5 x 46 x 10 cm and having a huge 46cm working width, but despite that, it is incredibly lightweight and barely tips the scales at 748 grams.
 To keep the weight under a kilogram Bulldog have made this snow shovel almost completely out of plastic, but have included a metal edge on the front to prolong the longevity of the tool.
 The lightness of this shovel combined with the comfortable ash handle allows you to spend a long time with it without unnecessary fatigue. You also don’t have to bend over thanks to the extra long shaft.

  • Low price
  • Extra-long shaft means you can work upright
  • Extremely light weight and weighs only 748 grams
  • Metal edge on the shovel head improves durability
  • Huge 46cm working width
  • Comfortable ash handle with plastic parts for comfort

5. Telescope Mucking Out Snow Shovel

Telescope Mucking Out Snow Shovel
4.7 out of 5 stars ( 8 customer reviews )
With an extremely low price of only , I wouldn’t blame you being a bit dubious about this tool, but it is actually excellent value for money. 
It has a telescopic aluminium shaft that can be used at the shortest setting of 79cm or at 100cm when fully extended. This makes it a versatile tool that can be used at home or stored in the back of your vehicle for emergencies.
 The 28.5cm shovel head is made out of strong plastic that can hold a good load of snow and has a metal edge to extend the working life of the shovel.
 There is a D-shaped handle that provides a decent grip and the less than 1kg weight of this shovel makes it ideal for men or women of any age.

  • Very low price
  • Telescopic shaft can be extended to 100cm
  • Strong aluminium shaft
  • 28.5 plastic shovel head with metal edge
  • Weighs under 1kg
  • Can be stored away easily

6. Jago snf01 Aluminium Folding Snow Shovel

At only 1.26kg, this snow shovel from Jago is yet another easy to handle snow shovel.
It has a tubular steel shaft that makes it sturdier than some of its competitors, while the handle and shovel head are made from plastic to keep the overall weight down.
 The shovel head itself is a good size and gives you a working width of 40cm and has a height of 32cm. There is an aluminium edge to the blade to help scrape up ice and protect the plastic.
The shaft can be broken and down and separated for transport or storage but when attached gives the shovel a decent overall length of 120cm.

  • Solid tubular steel shaft
  • Can be broken down for storage
  • 40cm working width
  • Aluminium edge for scraping ice
  • Very lightweight
  • Low price