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Provide The Right Support To Your Plants And Trees With The Right Garden Ties & Wires

Comparison table: Garden Ties & Wire (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

Garden Tying Tube from Elixir Gardens:

Elixir Gardens Garden Tying Tube 3mm x 50m Green Flexi/Stretchy Soft String Twine Plant Vine Shrub Climber

  • Ideal for use in the garden.
  • Made from soft, stretchy rubber
  • Green Coloured for discrete use in and around the garden.

5/5 from 12 reviews

Flexible Tying Tube, Flexi Plant Tie from Flexible Tie:

3mm x 150m (495ft) Green or Brown Flexible Tying Tube, Flexi Plant Tie, Plastic, Soft & Flexible, Commercial Quality, UV Stable, 10 Year Life. (1, Brown)

  • Soft and Flexible for Easy Tying
  • UV Stable - 10 year life
  • Comes in Net Dispenser Bag For Ease Of Use
  • 3mm to tie 1-15mm Stems/Branches
  • Quick & Easy to Use

5/5 from 5 reviews

5.5m Soft Plant Support Tie 2x Rolls from Rowan:

  • 5.5m Long Wire In Each Pack
  • Garden Wire With Soft Green PVC Coating
  • Tie Plants & Shrubs Together With Minimal Damage
  • Strong & Reusable
  • PVC Coating Protects Wire From Outdoor Weather

5/5 from 3 reviews

Galvanised Metal Garden Wire 80m Long from White Hinge:

  • Easy To Bend Into Required Shape
  • The Wire Can Be Cut With Wire Cutters
  • Commonly Use For Fencing
  • Thickness Of Wire: 1mm
  • Length: 80m

5/5 from 1 reviews

Garden Soft Tie Gardening Wire from Haimist:

  • 2 Pack - 8m x 3.5mm Slim Soft Garden Tie For Delicate Plants...
  • The inner core is galvanized steel wire
  • Perfect for tying up plants
  • 8 metres long, which can be cut to suit your requirements

5/5 from 3 reviews

KINGLAKE 100m Garden Twist Tie:

  • Package contains: 1 roll Garden Twist Tie; Length: 100m; Color: green.
  • Material: Strong, plastic-coated wire twist.Cutter built into the spool.
  • Perfect for Secure your vines
  • Ideal for securing vines to trellises
  • Use it to tie up tomato plants

4.5/5 from 5 reviews

  • This package from KINGLAKE contains a roll of Garden Twist
  • The green colour makes it not so visible when used to tie plants
  • The length of the tie in this unit is 100 m
  • Strong plastic-coated material twist
  • Perfect for securing flowers, shrubs, vegetables, plants and vines
  • You can use this product to tie up tall flowers and tomato plants
  • Even, you can use this tie for hanging bird feeders
  • Not just green, this product is offered in black and white colours as well
  • Not just for garden use, this product is ideal for household use as well.
  • You can use it to tie cables as well
  • 5-star customer rating

2) Garden Soft Tie Gardening Wire from Haimist:

  • This product comes in a couple of packs.
  • Each pack contains 8m x 3.5 mm slim soft garden tie
  • It is designed in such a way that you can use it on delicate plants without the fear of damaging the plant.
  • The inner core of this wire is galvanised. This material makes this steel wire incredibly strong.
  • Green colour blends excellently with crop
  • Coating with UV-stabilised rubber makes this wire easy to cut with a pair of scissors
  • Most importantly, you can secure it to the plants with a quick twist due to the internal wiring.
  • Even though the product is 8 metres long, you can cut the product as per your project needs.
  • 5-star customer rating

  • This product from Rowan contains two rolls of plant ties.
  • Each roll contains 5.5m long wire.
  • The soft green PVC coating makes it safe to tie plants
  • As the coating is soft, it will be safe to tie shrubs and plants with minimal damage
  • Reusable and strong
  • Safeguards internal wire from external weather due to PVC coating
  • 5-star customer rating

  • If you wish to use some humour to the way plants in your garden are tied, you can go for this product.
  • Yes, it looks like a frog holding on to your plants
  • Anybody seeing your plants with this tie will think that an original frog in hugging your plants
  • The innovative design makes this product attractive right at the first look
  • Without getting breaking or brittle, you can use these frog ties several times
  • You will get two packs each containing a couple of frog ties. So when you shop for this product, you will get four frog ties
  • The rubber exterior does not contain any chemical, thereby ensuring the safety of your plants
  • As they are green in colour, they blend into your garden easily
  • The tough UV-resistant rubber exterior provides the best grip. However, the interior wire is super-easy to blend. It will hold its shape for a long time even in extreme weather conditions
  • Not just for plants, you can use it for internal use as they provide a fun way to tie your system cables and many other things.
  • The seller guarantees premium quality
  • 5-star customer rating

5) Galvanised Metal Garden Wire 80m Long from White Hinge:

  • With 80m length, this product comes with a thickness of 1mm
  • It is ideal for plant training, fencing, etc.
  • Wire cutters are required to cut this wire
  • Most important, you can bend it in the required shape
  • 5-star customer rating
  • It is a galvanised metal garden wire and it is known for its durability

  • You have the choice to either choose this tie in green colour or brown colour. Both cost the same.
  • This product is designed as a flexible and soft tie for easy tying.
  • This product is offered frost and rustproof with 10 years of life expectancy due to its UV stability.
  • For easy usage, the wire comes in a net dispenser bag.
  • All you have to do to use this wire is just pull from the centre and you will get tangle-free balls of string to tie your plants.
  • It is ideal for peas, beans, trees, small shrubs and clematis. To tie stems and branches, you will need 3 mm of this tie that will help with tying 1-15 mm branches/stems.
  • The good thing that will attract you to this product is that it will stretch with the growth of your plant. So, you need not have to worry about damage to the Cortex or the Bark.
  • The stretchable nature of this wire will keep the cortex safe, which you cannot ensure in other ties. If the cortex is affected the plant will die.
  • 5-star customer rating

  • This tie from Elixir Gardens measures 3 mm x 50 m
  • This is designed as a soft and stretchy tie to make it ideal for plants.
  • Ideal for use in the garden
  • The green colour makes it possible to use this tie discreetly in the garden
  • You can place your order for a single bunch or even you can place your order for 10 at the maximum
  • The stretchy nature of this tie makes sure that the plant growth is not restricted
  • The tie can give additional support for climber plants to ensure healthy growth
  • 5-star customer rating

  • You can choose between black and brown when you shop for this product from Grow A Bonsai Tree.
  • Not just colour options, you also will have length options.
  • Yes, the product is available in 1.0mm to 4.00mm in increments of 0.5mm.
  • It is designed as a product that you can work with easily
  • This anodised aluminium training wire is easy to bend as compared to copper wires
  • So, if you wish to train your bonsai tree, you can go for this product.
  • It is ideal not just for beginners training bonsai, but also for experienced bonsai artists
  • It is also designed in such a way that you can use it as a floral wire as well
  • It is reusable and will not damage your tree.