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6 Best garden Sprinklers

Nothing quite captures the image of a lazy summer afternoon like a sprinkler spraying away on a rich green lawn while you sit in the shade enjoying a cold drink or two with friends and family.
Garden sprinklers, and sprinkler systems, come in a number of different shapes and sizes, with each vying for your attention and money with their own specific features. Prices can also very wildly from one product to another, as can the materials used, the maximum spraying range, and many other things.
With so many models on offer, which do you consider buying? Well, we are here to help with that.
We have created this page to guide you in your choices with reviews of the best garden sprinklers in the UK.

Comparison table: Best garden sprinklers to make the lawn meadow green this summer (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice


  • FULLY Reliable QUALITY Cost Wise PRODUCT

4.7/5 from 287 reviews

Claber Idrojet 2000 Sprinkler

Claber Idrojet 2000 Sprinkler

  • Natural Rain Effect
  • Works with Low Pressure
  • Easily connected to a timer to completely automate watering
  • High quality 3 arm sprinkler constructed entirely in ABS plastic
  • Suitable for watering lawns

4.5/5 from 133 reviews

Aolun R108 Garden Sprinkler- Automatic Lawn Water Sprinkler 360 Degree 3- Arm Rotating Sprinkler System

  • Premium Quality:Automatic constant 360 degree rotating spray without other auxiliary power equipment just by household water supply pressure about...
  • Long Spray Diameter Distance:Up to 26ft-32.8ft with International Standard Pipes and Water Pressure(2.5bar...
  • Effective and Energy Saving Water Sprinkler Irrigation System
  • Easy to use and quick installation:The lawn sprinkler Equipped with a quick connect adaptor in seconds to start watering...
  • Product Dimensions: 5.9" x 5.9" x 3.5"

4.3/5 from 393 reviews

Gardena 8127-20 Oscillating Sprinkler ZoomMaxx: Variable Sprinkler for a Wide Range of Requirements and Areas of 9-216 sq m, Range 3-18 m, Sprinkling Width 3-12 m with Supporting Foot

  • Flexible use: The stable supporting foot allows the Oscillating Sprinkler ZoomMaxx to be positioned wherever required...
  • Precise adjustment: Infinite adjustment of range and sprinkling width; this allows the Gardena ZoomMaxx to adapt to any lot...
  • Controlled water consumption: Flow control allows infinite fine adjustment of the area to be watered...
  • User-friendly cleaning: The integrated fine-mesh filter protects against sand and dirt; the filter can be easily removed and cleaned...
  • Scope of delivery includes: One Gardena oscillating sprinkler ZoomMaxx with a stable supporting foot...

4.2/5 from 276 reviews

Hozelock Rectangular Sprinkler 180m²

  • Material: Plastic. High performance Sled sprinkler
  • Connection Type: Male. Reaches a maximum area coverage of 180m²
  • Rotating sprinkler that can water a full or part rectangle.
  • Ultra even coverage due to water powered motor and 15 jets.
  • The sled design ensures stability on a lawn or border.

4/5 from 1045 reviews
We kick off our best garden sprinkler reviews with the Aolum R108 automatic lawn sprinkler.
The design is very simple and so easy to set up and operate. Just attach it to a hosepipe, turn on the tap to your desired water pressure, and sit back and watch your lawn get a well needed shower.
The sprinkler has 3 arms, each with 4 spray nozzles on them. The nozzles angles can be adjusted between 15-45 degrees simply by turning them with the hand.
When you turn the water on, the water pressure will cause the three arms to rotate around 360 degrees quickly and automatically, spraying up to 26ft with good water pressure (around 2.5 bar, maximum of 4 bar). If you want the sprinkler to water a smaller area, you can just turn the tap to reduce the water flow.
Being made out of ABS plastic, the Aolun R108 is very lightweight (less than 200 grams) and previous models had a problem with strong gusts of wind moving the unit, but the new model has a plastic ‘nail’ that connects to the underside of the sprinkler and then is dug into the ground to secure it.
This is a simple, low cost device that does what it’s supposed to and definitely worth considering.

  • Low Price makes this sprinkler a great deal
  • ABS plastic is strong enough not to get damaged too easily
  • Fast spinning
  • 3 Sprinkler arms, each with adjustable 4 nozzles
  • Can spray up to 26ft
  • Lightweight but can be secured into the ground
Our next garden sprinkler review comes from the Costwise group, made by Polish firm Bradas, and will cost you only 12.99.
This is a lawn bar style oscillating sprinkler with a pretty impressive spray range. The makers claim a 312 square metres coverage area, I wouldn’t go that far, but it is impressive none the less. Despite, the lawn bar being rectangular shaped, the spray pattern is still circular, so you might get some missed patched in the far corners of your lawn like with any other sprinkler.
The costwise lawn bar is very easy to set up. Like the Aolun R108, you just have to attach a standard garden hose. Adjustment of the spray angle, width and length is equally simple and you can choose to have it spraying from 15-75 degrees. This is handy when spraying the very edges of the lawn near pathways, or to avoid soaking your windows or fence.
This is a plastic construction so it weighs very little and like all plastic products, will have a limited working life. However if you take good care of it, it should see you ok for a while.
To help with keeping the sprinkler working properly, the end plug can be removed and used as a cleaning tool to clear any blocked nozzles.
All in all, this is a good oscillating sprinkler for the low price with a better than average watering range.

  • Low cost oscillating sprinkler
  • Impressive spray range
  • Easily adjustable from 15-75 degrees
  • Lightweight plastic construction
  • Comes with cleaning tool to remove blockages from nozzles

3. Hozelock Ltd Aspersor rectangular Sprinkler

The problem with most sprinklers is that they spray in a circular pattern which leaves most lawns that are generally more angular, with parts that aren’t being reached by the spray and need to be done separately. This sprinkler from Hozelock aims to tackle that problem and can water either part of or a full rectangular area up to 180m2 with good water pressure. There are also versions available that give larger coverage.
This model has a water powered ‘gear drive’ motor that, along with the 15 nozzles, is supposed to give even water coverage every time and operate at even very low water pressures.
The sprinkler’s ‘sled’ design serves two purposes- first, it keeps the device stable and working properly even on the softest grass. Secondly, it makes it easy to slide across the grass without damaging it.
Weighing only 420 grams, this Hozelock sprinkler is light enough to be carried by anyone and it’s small enough to be stored away without taking up a great deal of room.
The spray can be adjusted using a red bar situated on top of the sprinkler, allowing control of direction and height.
The overall build quality and materials used are decent for the price.

  • Sprays in a rectangular pattern so doesn’t miss corners of your lawn
  • ‘Gear drive’ motor designed to work even with low water pressure
  • Even water coverage every time
  • Sled design for stability and maneuverability
  • Easily adjustable nozzles
If you’re willing to shell out a little more of your hard earned cash, then you should definitely take a closer look at our next garden sprinkler review- the Gardena ZoomMaxx rectangular sprinkler.
It has a sleek, futuristic design that both looks very cool, and is also practical. The large, circular base gives this sprinkler lots of support and stability on any surface, while the raised central part allows the nozzles to spray in a wide range of angles.
That’s where this sprinkler really stands out- the amount of control it gives you over the spray. The throw of the spray can be controlled via rotating dials, and the angles of the jets can be adjusted by a slider located at either end of the rectangular sprinkler head. These two sliders can be used independently so you can have different sized spreads on each side.
There is also a dial to control water flow, which is handy for people who have high water pressure in their homes, as it adds another element of control over the spray.
Keeping this garden sprinkler clean and in top working order has been made an easy task by Gardena as they given this model a removable fine-mesh filter.
This product is made in Germany to very high standards and is wirth every penny of the price tag. It also comes with a 5 year guarantee.

  • Very high quality product made in Germany
  • Futuristic look is both eye catching and practical
  • Very stable on any surface thanks to the large supporting foot
  • Multiple controls give you excellent control over the spray
  • Removable fine-mesh filter makes cleaning easier
  • 5 year guarantee

5. Claber Idrojet 2000 Sprinkler

Claber Idrojet 2000 Sprinkler
4.5 out of 5 stars ( 133 customer reviews )
The Claber Idrojet is next on the list of our garden sprinkler reviews.
It’s a triple armed, automatically rotating sprinkler that works completely of your water pressure and will still work even if your pressure is under 1 bar. 1 bar of pr4essure will allow it to cover an area of about 10 metres in diameter, and more pressure gives you more coverage, obviously, and at maximum performance, this sprinkler gives you a decent bit of range.
Each arm has its own set of nozzles that are angled slightly differently to each other. The overall angle of the set of nozzles on any given arm can be adjusted by turning them by hand. The type of spray produced is supposed to mimic natural rainfall.
This sprinkler is a simple, no frills, strong ABS plastic construction and at only 222 grams, is extremely light weight. This is good for carrying it around but you would have to weigh it down in windy weather to stop it getting moved or blown over.

  • Triple armed rotating sprinkler
  • Works well even at very low pressure
  • Adjustable nozzles and can cover a large area with good water pressure
  • Simple design and easy to set up
  • Strong ABS plastic and very lightweight

6. Professional Impulse Metal 3x Spike Garden Sprinkler

If you’ve got a large garden and access to high water pressure, then do yourself a favour and make watering the lawn a piece of cake with this 3 pack of professional impulse sprinklers from quantum garden.
With 80 PSI of water pressure each of these sprinklers will water an area over 26 metres in diameter, and with 3 of them set up with a decent hose system, you can cover a very large area.
These sprinklers are made of heavy duty metal and are built to go the distance. They have a very large triple spike so that you can dig them deep into the ground, ensuring that there’s no unwanted movement in the spray pattern even at very high pressures. The nozzles are adjustable and you can opt for full or part coverage spraying.
Setting up these sprinklers isn’t as easy as with plastic sprinklers, but once you’ve got them up and running, there is no comparison in performance.
These exceptional quality sprinklers are definitely worth the extra pounds and time to set up.

  • Professional sprinklers
  • Heavy duty metal construction. Robust and long lasting
  • Can work with very high water pressures
  • 26 metre diameter watering area
  • Pack of 3 sprinklers
  • Large triple spike makes them super stable in the ground.