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Let’s face it, a patio heater really comes into it’s own on a long summer evening, we’ve been enjoying a lovely barbecue throughout the afternoon and we want to continue the fun. There’s only so many wonderful evenings in the UK, and a patio heater helps us take full advantage of those lovely times. In this article I am reviewing for you, what I believe to be the best patio heaters available at the moment, in terms of price and quality.

Comparison table: Best patio heater to enjoy long summer evenings (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

Sahara 5015367016545 15KW Large Heat Focus Patio Heater, White, 244 x 98 x 98 cm

  • Heat-focusing reflector adjusts to direct the heat where it is needed
  • Fast Piezo ignition
  • Anti tilt and flame failure cut-off switch for safety
  • Extra wide and strong wheels for easy mobility
  • Durable oven baked powder coating

4.9/5 from 24 reviews

Firefly 2KW FreeStanding Water Resistant Infared Electric Garden Outdoor Indoor Patio Heater - 3 Power Settings

  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT, 45 degree up-down adjustable heating element

4.2/5 from 391 reviews

Stainless Steel Living Flame Gas Patio Heater

  • Impressive living flame gas patio heater with quartz glass tube for a stunning real fire effect that warms your...
  • Powerful 9.5 KW heater output with an anti-tip safety system
  • Tall floor-standing pyramid design with a sleek professional finish
  • With built-in piezo battery ignition and including a free gas regulator and hose...
  • Dimensions: 52cm (W) x 221cm (H); Reflector

3.8/5 from 29 reviews

Firefly 4KW Premium Stainless Steel Table Top Garden Outdoor Gas Patio Heater

  • Variable Heat Control - Perfect whether there's a light chill in the air...
  • Advanced Built-In Safety Features
  • Fully guarded reflector - radiates heat outwards for extra warmth whilst remaining out of reach for extra safety....
  • Weighted Base - For added stability when sitting on garden furniture.
  • High Grade Stainless Steel Construction

3.7/5 from 11 reviews

Marko Outdoor Garden Table Top Patio Heater Stainless Steel Pyramid Outdoor Gas Powered 3KW

  • Glass centre tube for flame
  • Includes Propane Regulator - other gas types can be used
  • Variable heat control
  • Stainless Steel
  • Protective grill guards

4/5 from 2 reviews

COSTWAY 13KW Outdoor Patio Gas Heater, Stainless Steel Gas Flame Heater, Tilt Auto-Shut off Protection, Pyramid Style Propane Burner with Wheel, Regulator & Hose for Garden, BBQ, Camping

  • 🔥 DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL MATERIALS- Our outdoor patio heater is made from high quality stainless steel...
  • 🔥 CE CERTIFICATE & SAFE TO USE- Our gas heater is compliant with ANSI...
  • 🔥 WHEELS FOR EASY TRANSPORT- There are 2 durable wheels on our outdoor patio heater...
  • 🔥 POWERFUL OUTDOOR HEATER- The heating range of our powerful 13KW outdoor gas heater is 175 sq/ft (15' Radius)...
  • 🔥 EASY ASSEMBLY & OPERATION- Our outdoor patio heater comes with a detailed instruction which will guide you to...

3.3/5 from 7 reviews

Tahiti Flame 13kw Patio Heater

Tahiti Flame 13kw Patio Heater

  • Dimesions: W530 x D530 x H2200

3/5 from 1 reviews

Firefly 1.8kW Halogen Bulb Electric Infrared Slimline Outdoor Patio Heater with Remote Control Height 1.6M

  • Carbon fibre infrared heating element only heats surrounding objects
  • Electric heater is safer
  • Two heat settings (900W and 1800W) so that you can choose your ideal temperature...
  • Can heat an area of up to 7m² (75 sq
  • Ideal for domestic or commercial use

2.5/5 from 6 reviews

When you have an inviting outdoor area, you would want to spend some time in the evenings or at night out there. But, as the weather changes and becomes chilly or the night draws on from an afternoon barbecue, it seems almost impossible to stay outdoors on your patio with friends or family due to the freezing temperature. That’s where patio heaters step in. They allow you to enjoy your space outdoors until late at night. Patio heaters are a good source of heat and they keep you warm and comfortable even in the coldest weather conditions.

With the increasing trend of patio heaters, there are a lot of different brands and products available in the market. With different style and fuel options, it becomes difficult to narrow down and choose the best one for your outdoor space which provides you both warmth as well as adds style to your outdoors.

Here we are reviewing some of the best patio heater brands for you. Before we dive into that, let’s have a look at different types and fuel choices of patio heaters.

Types of Patio Heaters

Patio heaters come in various forms such as tabletop, free-standing and wall-mounted patio heaters. Each of these has different sizes, prices, styles, and BTU (British thermal unit: indicates the level of heat). Lower BTU means lesser heat emitting capacity and higher BTU means higher heat emitting capacity and are not to be mixed up with space heaters, infrared heaters, or paraffin heaters; these have different purposes entirely. Following is a brief description of each type of patio heaters:

Tabletop patio heaters

Tabletop patio heaters are the most stylish and refreshing out of all heaters. If you have a patio, they will greatly serve the décor. Also, they are smaller in size. Due to their small size, their BTU is also lesser which means lesser heat will be emitted. This leads to a smaller area getting warmth. However, because they are portable and are usually placed on tables or above ground surfaces, they can be kept close to where you are sitting.

Moreover, the floor space remains clear. They come in both fuel options: electric and propane. As there are a variety of models available, you can choose the one according to your suitability.

Freestanding patio heaters

For people who have a big family and a big area to warm up, freestanding patio heaters are the best option! They can fit in small places quite easily as they are very compact and narrow. As their height can range from normal to tall, you need to know what height would be best suited to your outdoor space.

Freestanding patio heaters have the following parts:

  • Base: It makes the heater stand upright and saves it from tipping over. Moreover, it is wider than the pole but not that wide to take up much of the space.
  • Pole: The pole of heater connects to the reflector which lets the heat flow to the entire area.
  • Reflector: It helps heat to circulate to the entire space to get warm air.
  • Heat source: The component that is responsible to create and disperse heat is the heat source of freestanding patio heaters.

Even though it has most parts, it takes the least space.

Also, free standing patio heaters can be fuelled with propane, natural gas, and electricity.

Hanging and Wall-mounted patio heaters

If you do not want a patio heater to accommodate any space on the floor, hanging and wall-mounted patio heaters are the best option to consider in this case. They can be easily attached to the wall or roof to make sure they are out of way, and still warm the entire area.

The fitting totally depends on you. Many wall-mounted patio heaters come with the option whether you want them to face downwards or upwards. Supported by brackets, wall-mounted patio heaters fit easily and work efficiently.

Mostly, wall mounted and hanging patio heaters are electric.

Types of fuel

Fuel is the basic necessity for any patio heater to work. Interestingly, patio heaters come with a variety of options. You can choose the one according to your preference:

Electric patio heaters

Electric patio heaters are the easiest one to fuel and use. Almost all the homes have electric connections in their outdoor space. You just need to plug in the patio heater into the power source and it starts working. However, make sure the power source is safe from moisture so that there are no electrical hazards.

For the enclosed patios that do not have enough space for proper ventilation required in case of natural gas and propane patio heaters, electric patio heaters are the most recommended option.

These are quite stylish and come in all the three options i.e. tabletop, free-standing and wall-mounted/hanging so you can get one as per your choice.

One thing to keep in mind is that electric patio heaters emit less amount of heat as compared to natural gas and halogen patio heaters. So, it is best to get electric patio heaters for small areas which need to be warmed. For bigger areas, a lot of time is needed to get them to comfortable warmth. Also, they can only be placed near to the power supply which means the option of portability is limited.

Gas patio heater

Natural gas is an uncommon fuel option if you consider common homes and outdoor areas. However, many newly built homes and outdoor spaces have gas supply connections with the increasing trend of patio heaters. This makes it easy and convenient to get a gas supply for your patio heater.

They are best suited to outdoor spaces and patios which are well-ventilated. They give out quick and efficient heating and are best for hosting big parties, family dinners or just to enjoy some time at your patio.

So, once you have a gas connection in your outdoor area, a gas patio heater is the best option to buy. It is easier to operate, incredibly efficient, and is the cheapest option out of 3 fuel types for patio heaters.

Many free standing patio heaters come with a gas fuel option. As soon as you open the supply, the area is it small or big, gets warm and comfortable.

However, they required professional installation to make sure you are safe. Also, portability is again limited due to its fixed installation and a cordless drill is a must to get this installed.

Propane patio heater

Propane is the most common kind of fuel source for patio heaters. What you need to do is to take your empty tanks to the gas station and get them filled. If you cannot take out time for this, there are several suppliers who exchange your empty tank with a filled one. These home service delivery options ensure you do not have to worry about an empty propane tank.

Propane tanks are hidden in the bases of patio heaters and are obviously, not visible. They give out maximum heat to warm up your area in minutes. Propane heaters are the ones that are portable, manoeuvrable and can be easily fit and fixed. Also, they are independent of gas and electricity supply and do not need a separate power source.

So, propane patio heaters are the best choice to invest in if you have a lot of evening and night parties in your outdoor space and want to make the most out of your patio heater.

One thing to remember is that a 20-pound propane tank is the minimum requirement of every propane based patio heater. So, once that is finished, you need to get it filled or replaced to make it work. This can be a little heavier on the budget at times.

So, these are the three fuel choices available for the patio heaters. You can choose the one according to your preference. Apart from being stylish and well-hidden, patio heaters are an effective way of heating up your outdoor space in chilly weather so you can make most out of it.

Another interesting thing patio heaters come with are patio heater covers.

Patio heater covers

Patio heater covers are mostly included when you buy a patio heater. If they are not, then you will need to buy one separately. There must be times when you are not using your patio heater. In that case, it needs to be covered to stay safe from getting damaged.

With patio heater covers, your patio heater becomes durable and long-lasting. It can work efficiently in the next chilly season or whenever you want to use it after a break. As it is important to care for your accessories, the same should be the case with your patio heater.

Using patio heater covers also keep your patio heater safe from the sun, rain or stormy weather. This is especially the case with patio heaters that are not waterproof, when you clean your patio with a pressure washer, it’s almost certain to splash the heater, that’s doubly not good if you are using cleaning solution for patios which will be corrosive too.

So, getting a patio heater cover right when you buy your patio heater is a requirement. Otherwise, your patio heater starts wearing out faster than it is supposed to and it may become affected by any natural hazard.

Due to various options in styles, sizes, covers and fuel choices, you can choose the one that fits your needs on your patio. As it becomes difficult at times to choose one, we have listed down and reviewed some of the best patio heaters so you can make a healthy choice.

Firefly patio heater

Firefly is a well-known and well-reputed brand when it comes to patio heaters. Firefly patio heaters are known to be most efficient and durable and warm up the entire outdoor space in no time. They are present in a variety of options ranging from wall-mounted to free-standing and electric to gas patio heaters. Following are the 3 best Firefly patio heaters:

1. Firefly 2KW wall-mounted patio heater

This Firefly 2KW wall-mounted patio heater comes in three power settings which are 650W, 1350W and 2000W. This means that this is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. You can choose the power option according to your requirement.It is smaller in size with dimensions: 30 x 50 x 20cm. The angle of this heater is adjustable so you can face it upwards, downwards or straight ahead as needed. Also, it is very lightweight. This makes sure that if ever it falls due to some reason, there will be minimal damage.

It comes at a very reasonable price: . One thing to keep in mind is that it is not waterproof so it needs to be kept safe from water. Make sure that it is placed somewhere it is safe from rain.


  • It is very cost effective.
  • It is small in size and is very lightweight.
  • It comes with adjustable angle options.
  • It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • It is not waterproof and needs to be taken care of.

It is one of the most popular patio heaters made up of stainless steel. It comes with an adjustment function that allows you to change the angle of your patio heater up to 45 degrees. It also comes with three power settings i.e. 650W, 1350W and 2000W. This makes it very convenient to use. If there is a big gathering, the power can be increased and if there are fewer people on your patio, power can be set accordingly.Also, it works efficiently in different weathers. If the weather is not very chilly, power can be kept low. Accordingly, if the weather is extremely cold, the power can be increased to 2000W. These options make it a perfect choice.

It has a 1.8m long cable which allows for great flexibility in positioning. Due to its slim and smart design, it takes very less space on the floor. The pole can be adjusted to any height you want. This makes it ideal for both commercial and domestic use. It is environmentally friendly as it uses Quartz infrared heating elements to emit medium and efficient heat waves.

One best thing is that the middle pole can be removed to make it a tabletop patio heater. In case you do not want anything on the floor, turn it into tabletop patio heater. But that is most suitable to lower power settings as 2000W can pose some risks.

Moreover, it is water resistant. So, leaving it out on your patio won’t be a problem.

This comes at the price of £149.99 only. This means it is economical. So, get your hands on this amazing patio heater and enjoy your outdoor space.


  • It comes with three power settings.
  • It has a slim and smart design.
  • It is very cost-effective.
  • It can be turned into a tabletop patio heater when required.
  • It is water resistant and good to go in every weather.


  • It has a simple design and is not very stylish.

3. Firefly 1.8kW halogen bulb electric patio heater

Many electric patio heaters come with halogen bulbs. Firefly 1.8kW electric patio heater is one of them. It uses a carbon fibre infrared heating element to emit the heat and heat up the objects surrounding it. The air is not that much warmed up.It is an effective and energy efficient patio heater. It saves up to 30% more energy than that of a gas heater. Being safer and cleaner, it is one of the most liked patio heaters.

Moreover, this heater comes with two power settings. These include 900W and 1800W. If you want to cover lesser area with heat, 900W works fine and if you want an area up to 7 square meters to warm up, 1800W works great. However, keep in mind that the objects and people around it can get warmed up and not the air itself.


  • It comes in two power settings.
  • It can save up to 30% energy.
  • It is efficient for areas up to 7 meters squares.


  • It heats up only the nearby objects and not the air.

4. Firefly 4kW table top gas patio heater

This patio heater is an ideal choice in terms of quality, specifications, features, performance, and cost. It is a very compact and practical outdoor heater.With a variable heat control system, you can manage the heat and gas usage according to the weather out there. It comes with advanced built-in safety features. Tilt switch and flame failure devices make sure that you and your patio heater stays safe. If the gas supply is not enough to ignite it up or if the flame goes out, the gas supply is instantly cut.

Also, with the tilt switch feature, if the heater accidentally trips or falls off, the gas supply turns off automatically and so the flame goes out as well. This keeps the people and surrounding area safe in case of accidents.

It comes with a reinforced glass flame tube that helps you enjoy the view as you can watch the real flame running through it. Also, it radiates heat in all directions equally.

While you are using it on your patio, its weighted base lets it remain stable for as long as it is kept there. Besides being stable, it is very durable. Due to high-grade stainless steel construction, it retains all the weather conditions and its outlook stays great, always going with your décor.

It includes a snap connect hose that makes the connection or disconnection of gas bottles efficient and convenient. This hoes goes through a parasol hole on the table and connects to the gas cylinder which can be placed under the table. This avoids the hassle of using long cables or wires to connect it to gas supply.

With 90cm height and 28cm width, it can be a very smart design for your patio.

It comes at £89.99 only. With all of these features, it is a great deal. The only complex task is to find a suitable size gas bottle and then fit it in properly. If done rightly, it is a great patio heater. To learn the fitting of a gas bottle, many videos are available on the internet.


  • It includes advanced built-in safety features.
  • It is constructed with high-grade stainless steel.
  • It has an exceptional glass flame tube.
  • Its variable heat control system is very helpful.


  • Fitting and changing gas bottle in this patio heater is a tough task.

Sahara Patio heater

Sahara is another well-known name in the patio heater industry. It has the most flexible and cost-effective range of patio heaters. With stylish designs and great power options, these make the best patio heaters for warming up your outdoor space. Some of the best patio heaters by The Range are:

1. Sahara 13kW Heat Focus free standing patio heater

This Sahara patio heater operates on gas and comes with some exceptional features. It is made up of steel and comes in charcoal colour. It includes a large aluminium reflector for efficient and better heat distribution.It comes with revolutionary ‘Heat Focus’ feature that allows you to direct all the heat exactly where you want it by using the heat focus handle. With a 13kW heat focus feature, the heat intensity increases to 300% and instantly heats up the area. Then, you can turn off the gas supply and save gas consumption.

Its instant ignition system uses electricity to light up a large spark that is always in the right spot. Also, with its variable heat control system, you can adjust settings according to your particular needs so that the area is enough warmed for a big get together or just a meet up of two.

In case of flame failure, it has a switch that automatically powers it off. This feature makes sure the gas does not keep emitting and makes it safe. It has a weighted base that provides extra stability. Also, it is quite durable as it has an oven baked powder coating.

For easy mobility, it has fit-in wheels. This means you can easily move it here and there without scratching your floor.

With dimensions of 865mm diameter and 2250mm height, it is one of the most stylish patio heaters out there.

One of the interesting features it has is that it does not require gas supply from a source. It functions on gas cylinders that are stored in the storage area built in its base. This large storage area with clasps let you hide the cylinders giving off a sleek look and smart shape to this patio heater.

Talking about the price, it costs which can be a little heavier on the pocket but the price is worth the quality. If taken proper care of, it is very durable and efficient patio heater.


  • It has a new Heat Focus feature.
  • Its 13kW power makes it incredibly efficient.
  • It comes with the instant ignition system.
  • It greatly saves gas consumption.
  • It is safe to use and easy to move.


  • It is a bit pricy as compared to others.

This Sahara tabletop patio heater operates on gas. Its burner is made up of stainless steel. With a 520mm diameter and 960mm height, it has a stylish and slim design that looks great when placed on a table in your patio. It is designed to go well with any décor you have in your outdoor.The reflector and emitter are fully guarded to ensure complete safety. So if you keep it on your table while you have dinner right by, there is no need to worry about anything.

It has an anti-tilt and flame failure cut-off switch. This makes sure that no extra gas is consumed or wasted. Also, it has fast piezo ignition so that there is no pilot blockage. With this variable heat control system, you are completely in charge of your patio heater. You are always free to adjust the settings according to the weather and the number of people in your outdoor.

Not only outdoors, but it is equally effective to use in the indoors as well. It comes with a weighted base to ensure stability. It has hose fitted in for easy snap and connect, or disconnect it to the cylinder or gas source. This makes it easy to use and fit.

Also, the length of cable that connects it to the source depends on you which means the portability of this patio heater is totally in your hands. Whether you want to keep it close to the source or not completely depends on you.

It comes at which makes it a little bit pricy. But, with all of these interesting features, portability options and ease of use, it is really worth the price.


  • It is safely guarded with stainless steel.
  • It is very portable yet stable.
  • It comes with a fitted hose for easy connection/disconnection from source supply.
  • Its variable heat control system is very efficient.


  • The cable wire/gas pipe can be of a problem at times.
  • It is a little bit pricy.

3. Sahara Gas Outdoor Patio Heater

This Sahara gas outdoor patio heater is made up of stainless steel and comes in silver colour. It has a large, adjustable and aluminium heat focusing reflector which directs heat exactly where it is needed.With its variable heat control system, you can adjust settings according to the setup and weather requirements. Its instant ignition system uses electricity to light up a large spark that is always in the right spot.

In case of flame failure and anti-tilt, it has a switch that automatically powers it off. This feature makes sure the gas does not get wasted and makes it safe. It has a weighted base that provides extra stability. Stainless steel makes it very durable.

For easily moving around, it has fit-in wheels. This means you can move it here and there, conveniently without scratching your floor and making any noise.

It features 13kW power which is perfect for keeping your outdoor warm in the evenings and at nights. It has a storage space that keeps gas cylinders so that they are not visible.

It is available at and that makes it the upper price band. Same features are available in the above mentioned Sahara 13kW Heat Focus free standing patio heater. The only difference is that it is made of stainless steel and comes in silver colour. If you are very décor conscious and silver colour goes with your patio/outdoor, you are good to go with this model. Otherwise, Sahara 13kW Heat Focus free standing patio heater is the ideal option.


  • It includes the new Heat Focus option.
  • Its 13kW power makes it incredibly efficient.
  • Its Instant ignition system is a plus.
  • It highly saves gas consumption.
  • It is quite safe and easy to move


  • It is very expensive compared to others.

4. Sahara 5015367016545 Mirage Heat Focus Patio heater

This patio heater by Sahara comes in a crisp white colour with some really exceptional features. As seen, Heat Focus is a specialty of almost all the patio heaters of Sahara, and this one includes it as well. With the Heat Focus system, the reflector can be directed to a single point of focus and the increasing heat intensity helps in instant heating up. It allows you to turn down the heat when needed and so, uses less gas.It also includes fast piezo ignition as pilot ignition is no more included in Sahara patio heaters. For safety purposes, it comes with anti-tilt and flame failure cut off switch so no energy is wasted or gets over-consumed.

It comes with extra wide and strong wheels to easily move it here and there without making noise and putting in the extra effort. With a dimension of 980mm diameter and 2440mm height, it can be easily placed anywhere required.

With 15kW power, it is one of the most powerful and an ultimate choice for Patio Heater. It includes a durable double wall burner that helps with the better heat output and heat intensity. This burner also helps with wind protection that ultimately increases the efficiency of this patio heater.

It has an extra-large reflector of 980mm which helps in better heat distribution and Heat Focus system complements it.

With its variable heat control system, you are completely in charge of your patio heater. The handle, reflector, intensity, and ignition can all be utilised according to requirements and weather conditions.

Moreover, it has a flat top elbow height cylinder that can be used as a drinks table and easily fits in 6-7 glasses.

With all of these exceptional features, it comes at £251.61. Despite being pricey, it delivers what it claims.


  • It has an extra-large reflector for optimum heat distribution.
  • Its 15kW output capacity works wonders.
  • It has a fast piezo ignition.
  • It also includes Heat Focus system.
  • Its flat top elbow height cylinder can be used as a drinks table.
  • It is an excellent choice for extreme chilly weather.


  • It can be a little heavier on budget.

Memphis patio heater

Memphis is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to patio heaters. It has a vast range of patio heaters available in the market, each with unique design and good features.

5. Memphis 13kW Patio Heater

This patio heater is the most reliable and popular one by Memphis. With 13kW power, it comes with large and adjustable aluminium heat reflector which includes ‘Heat Focus’ feature as present in Sahara patio heaters.With this Heat Focus feature, it lets the heat to be directed at a single point of focus. This increases heat intensity in the area and after a while, you are good to turn off the gas supply.

It also includes built-in safety switches for anti-tilt and flame failure. It is capable of turning off the gas supply if the patio heater tilts or falls accidentally, or if the flame goes off. It saves gas consumption and leads to zero wastage.

Furthermore, it comes with wheels for easy mobility so that your guests are not disturbed by any screeching noises if you want to adjust its position.

It comes with double walled burner technology to keep the burner safe. Also, as a result of extra burner insulation, more and more heat is produced. Thus, warming up the area very efficiently.

With a variable control system, you are totally in charge of your patio heater and are free to adjust it according to the requirements of weather and gathering.

It has a built-in storage capacity where gas cylinder is stored, keeping it invisible. Also, it can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Interestingly, it comes in red colour. So, if your patio or interior is particularly red and you are looking for a patio heater that complements it, this Memphis patio heater is a perfect choice.

It comes at which means it can be a little heavier on the pocket. However, if you are really enthusiastic about the red colour you should go for it. Also, the features and specs make it worth this price. Rest stays on you!


  • It delivers the 13kW output and comes with Heat Focus system.
  • Anti-tilt and flame failure devices are included.
  • It comes with Variable control system.
  • It has a built-in storage system for gas cylinder.
  • It is great for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Its exceptional red colour is a plus.


  • It is quite an expensive patio heater.

Athena patio heater

Athena is the most popular brand when you talk about patio heaters. It has a good range of patio heaters with new designs and features. Out of all the patio heaters by Athena, we have reviewed two of the best here for you:

1. Athena Plus Patio Heater

Athena Plus Patio heater operates on propane or LPG gas. It comes in aluminium support while the base/ control box of black powder coated.With 2.24m height and 50cm x 50cm base area, it is an exceptionally good choice for your patio and large outdoor. Despite this height, it weighs only 28kgs which means it can be easily moved around by a single person. For the small and congested patios, it might seem too big.

It has a built-in safety cut-off mechanism with which fuel supply turns off in case the patio heater accidentally tilts so that there is no damage. Also, it has a built-in battery ignition system which makes it very easy to operate.

For easy mobility, it has wheels. As it operates on propane/LPG, it is highly portable. As it does not need to be connected to a source, it can be freely moved wherever you need it.

Also, it has a hinged door that opens the storage compartment in its base area. There, you can easily store propane/LPG cylinder and it is not at all visible.

Moreover, its inner glass tube exhibits swirling flame and impresses greatly. Its heat output can be adjusted with its variable valve and so, the heat control is totally in your hands.

This product also includes patio heater covers so that when not in use, you can put on a cover to make it safe and keep it durable.

With all of these amazing features, it comes at . It might be a little expensive as compared to other patio heaters but the design and output are worth the price. The swirling flame in the glass tube and bottom to top aluminium support really adds to your outdoor décor.


  • It has a built-in safety cut-off mechanism.
  • It is a great option for large outdoor spaces.
  • It operates on propane or LPG.
  • Its inner glass tube adds to the scene.
  • It comes with a weather cover.


  • It is too big for congested outdoor spaces.

This Athena LED Plus Patio Heater comes in a tripod design and is 2.24m tall. It can operate on both propane and LPG gas. Its overall support is made up of aluminium.It makes an exceptionally good choice for big patios and large outdoor spaces. It also has a built-in safety cut-off mechanism which turns off the fuel supply in case the patio heater accidentally falls and ensures that there is no damage. It has built-in battery ignition system which makes it very handy and lets a quick start.

For easy mobility, it has wheels. As it operates on propane/LPG, it is highly portable – since it does not need to be connected to any continuous source, it can be freely moved around.

Also, it has a hinged door that opens the storage compartment in its base area. There, you can easily store a propane/LPG cylinder and it is not at all visible.

Moreover, its inner glass tube exhibits swirling flame and impresses greatly. Its heat output can be adjusted with its variable valve and so, you can maintain the heat as per requirement.

This is complemented by 12 LEDs in its control box which are operated by a remote. With that, you can see four different flash colours with four different settings. The four colours are blue, red, white and green. The four different LED motions are flash, strobe, smooth and fade. The remote offers different settings of these LED motions which you can customise according to the environment.

This LED feature makes it an exceptional patio heater and so, is the best choice if you hold parties and gatherings in your outdoor very frequently.

It also includes a weather cover to keep it safe when not in use. Also, if weather changes and becomes stormy, you can simply put on a cover on it rather than moving it indoors.

However, with all of these features and great specs, it costs . To add on to your outdoor space with these LED lights and warm air at the same time, the price is worth it. You will have a mesmerising experience with this patio heater.


  • It comes with an exceptional 12 built-in LED feature.
  • It has a safety cut-off mechanism.
  • It is a great option for large outdoor spaces.
  • It can operate on propane or LPG.
  • Its inner glass tube adds to the outdoor décor.
  • It comes with a weather cover.


  • It can be a little expensive.
  • Its size is too big for small outdoors.

Both of these Athena Patio heaters are pyramid patio heaters. As they come in shape of tripod/ pyramid, they are in great demand nowadays. Following is a brief description of pyramid patio heaters with our top choices of pyramid patio heaters this year.

Pyramid patio heaters

Pyramid patio heaters are tall, beautiful and handsome patio heaters that enhance your outdoor space with their stylish and modern designs. Their flickering flames add a beautiful counterpoint to the chilly weather and outdoor beauty.

They are safe and secure as all the pyramid patio heaters work on propane and LPG gas. This means they are highly portable and manoeuvrable as they do not a cable or gas pipe to be connected to a source. You can place it in your outdoor wherever you want to without having to worry whether electricity or gas connection is present nearby or not.

Pyramid patio heaters are great choice for those who love to spend most of their time in the outdoor and have frequent gatherings, parties, and dinners. As propane/LPG gas is efficient fuel, it heats up the area in no time providing great comfort.

There are a variety of pyramid patio heaters present out there in the market. They come in different sizes and styles. Mostly, they are composed of stainless steel to make them last longer and prevent rusting. Most of them have a height between 2.1-2.4m. The tabletop pyramid heaters are supposed to heat up the area up to 5sqm while pyramid patio heaters that use 13kW and higher power can provide heat within 10-15sqm area.

Also, they are comparatively expensive than electric and gas patio heaters ranging between £99 and £450. However, they are worth the investment as you will love the design, efficiency, and performance.

Following is a detailed description of some pyramid patio heaters from different brands that we found best:

1. Fire Mountain ‘Living Flame’ Pyramid Patio Heater – 950kW

Fire Mountain ‘Living Flame’ pyramid patio heater has a very impressive design. It includes a quartz glass tube to add real effects that warm up your outdoor space in no time. This quartz glass tube is surrounded by steel safety grills to ensure no injuries happen.Its dimensions are 221cm height, 52cm width and 52cm diameter. The aluminium reflector is 46 by 46cm in area which allows it to distribute heat in a better way. It weighs only 25kg that makes it very easy to move by even a single person. The built-in wheels further make it easier to move around and set up at any required position.

It is one of the most powerful patio heaters. Featuring up to 950kW output, they come with adjustable system. The output can be adjusted as per requirements. Moreover, they include built-in anti-tilt safety system to ensure your and heater’s safety.

With piezo ignition, it ignites instantly and starts functioning in a second.

This floor standing pyramid patio heater has a professional and sleek design. Its durable stainless steel and aluminium design are made to impress and add on to your outdoor area. Its manufacturing makes it water and rust resistant.

Also, it features a flush panel that hides the storage cylinder/ canister in its base area without making them visible. It includes hose and regulator for propane tanks to ensure they fit conveniently.

Once fully assembled, it is very easy to operate and manoeuvre. This makes it best for both commercial and domestic use. Also, it has lower upfront and running costs that make it a great investment.

It typically costs £219.99, so any less than this and it’s a bargain. It can seem to be a bit pricy but is the bestselling patio heaters due to its great design and specs. Also, it is reviewed to be very efficient and smart.


  • It includes a great reflector.
  • It has a perfect height and is very lightweight.
  • It is completely portable and manoeuvrable.
  • It comes with a free Hose and a regulator.
  • It has built-in anti-tilt safety system.
  • It has up to 9.5kW adjustable output.


  • Its initial setup and fittings might take time if not handled professionally.
  • Its Quartz glass tube is very fragile and needs to be handled carefully.

2. Marko Stainless Steel Pyramid Patio Heater – 13kW

This is one of the most budget-friendly pyramid patio heaters by Marco and costs , it delivers great specs and an efficient output. It is built from solid stainless steel that makes it rust resistant.It also includes a quartz glass tube to add real effects that warm up your outdoor space quickly. This quartz glass tube is surrounded by steel safety grills to ensure no injuries happen.

Its dimensions are: 227cm height, 73cm width and 73cm diameter. With a 65 by 65cm reflector, it distributes heat to a larger than average area. So, you are surely going to enjoy your dinners in the outdoors with even a single Marko pyramid patio heater.

It weighs only 22kg which means it is easily manoeuvrable. Even a single person can move it around and set it up. Wheels add up to the convenience.

It comes with a push button ignition system that helps it start in a second. The built-in anti-tilt system is designed to provide maximum safety. In case it tilts or falls, the fuel supply automatically turns off to prevent any injuries and damage.

It has a storage area in its base part where propane cylinder or a canister can be easily stored. Also, it comes with a hose and regulator for propane. For butane, you need to buy a separate regulator, however.

This floor standing pyramid patio heater is designed very professionally to be sleek. It is built to take care of all your weather needs. With a 13kW output, the performance is exceptionally great. You will not regret investing in this pyramid patio heater.

It is not at all difficult to assemble and does not require any professional assistant. Once fully assembled, it is very easy to operate and manoeuvre. This makes it best for both commercial and domestic use. Also, it has lower upfront and running costs that make it a great investment.


  • It has a great heating area.
  • It comes with hose and regulator.
  • It is very easy to assemble and does not take much time.
  • It is highly rated to be the best pyramid heater.
  • It is very cost-effective.


  • It has sharp edges so it needs to be assembled carefully.
  • Glass Quartz tube is very fragile so make sure to keep it safe.

3. Lifestyle Tahiti LED Pyramid Patio Heater – 13kW

Tahiti Flame 13kw Patio Heater
3 out of 5 stars ( 1 customer reviews )

Lifestyle Tahiti is one of the most well-known brands when patio heaters and especially pyramid patio heaters are discussed. This LED pyramid patio heater is made up of stainless steel. It offers resistant against rust and terrible weather conditions.Its dimensions are: 220cm height, 53cm width and 53cm diameter. Its reflector is also 53 by 53cm for equal heat distribution in the entire area. It weighs 26kg only which makes it very manoeuvrable. Also, it has built-in wheels that help in moving without screeching.

Its 13kW output makes it perfect for the colder evenings and chilly winter nights. It comes with a reinforced Perspex cylinder tube that makes the heat glow inside the patio heater. When not in use, its gas bottle can be stored in the lower carriage of this patio heater. This lower/undercarriage has a tendency to store up to 13kg propane canister/bottle.

The unique feature of this patio heater is the 12 built-in LED lights it features in its lower area. They come in four different colours which include white, blue, green and red. They can be operated in four different styles such as strobe, flash, smooth and fade. It can put to function with a remote and any customised setting can be done according to the environment.

It comes with a hose and regulator propane fuel. For butane or any other fuel, separate regulator will be needed to purchase.

As is the case with every other pyramid patio heater, Lifestyle Tahiti pyramid patio heater needs to be assembled as well. However, it is very easy to assemble and does not take more than 30-40 minutes if done properly.

With flame screen and cylinder bottle straps, the grills are powder coated to prevent any sort of injuries. It comes with electronic ignition, giving off very quick and efficient start.

It further includes anti-tilt safety system that makes sure that fuel supply is cut if the patio heater tilts or falls. It keeps the patio heater as well as objects around it safe and secure.

Although it is made up of stainless steel, we still recommend purchasing a weather cover for complete protection as it does not come with one. More protection means higher durability.

It costs £264.99 which makes it the most expensive on the list. But, the exclusive display and design make it worth the price. You will love to have this tall and beautiful pyramid patio on your patio or outdoors. It will not only enhance the comfort and warm but also add to the décor of your gatherings.


  • It is constructed with high-grade stainless steel.
  • Its 12 built-in LEDs are a great spec.
  • It has a very solid construction.
  • It is both water and rust resistant.
  • The large heat reflector is an exception.
  • It comes with free hose and regulator.


  • It required professional assembly.
  • It is quite expensive.

4. Marko Stainless Steel Tabletop Pyramid Patio Heater

Marko has given us a tabletop patio heater in pyramid design. Out of all other tabletop pyramid patio heaters, this one has successfully made it to the list of best pyramid patio heaters out there.With the following dimensions: 89cm height, 30 cm width and 30 cm diameter, it is the lightest pyramid patio heater. The aluminium reflector is 22 by 22 cm in area and is responsible for the optimum heat distribution in the surroundings up to the area of 5sqm. Due to these dimensions, it weighs only 6kg. It is very easy to use and safe to operate.

Interestingly, it has all the features included like the ones present in fully sized pyramid heaters.

It comes with a quartz glass tube and operates on propane or any other gas. Its heat control capacity is 3kW which is just perfect for small patios and small outdoor spaces. If you do not have space as well as the budget for full-sized freestanding pyramid patio heater, this Marko tabletop pyramid patio heater is there to deliver all your requirements during the winter season.

The quartz glass tube is guarded with steel safety grill on all sides. This makes it safe and prevents any kind of injuries.

Moreover, it has a push-button ignition system which further makes it easier to operate. Push the button and it starts functioning within a minute. Its variable heat control system allows you to adjust and control the temperature.

As for safety purposes, it has built-in anti-tilt safety system. This makes the fuel supply turn off in case the patio heater accidentally tilts.

It includes hose and regulator which is suitable for propane. In case of any other fuel, you need to get a different regulator that matches the gas bottle.

With all of these interesting features, it costs £109.99 only. Surprising, isn’t it? You shouldn’t miss the chance of buying this beautiful yet cost-effective pyramid patio heater. You can have a great night with your family or friends with this patio heater.


  • It is very cheap and affordable.
  • Its assembling does not require much time and effort.
  • It includes complete safety system as those of large pyramid patio heaters.
  • The size is just great to keep on a table.
  • It makes great alternative to full-sized patio heaters.
  • It is the best option for small patios.


  • It does not come with a weather cover.
  • It is not water resistant.

Costway Stainless Steel Pyramid Patio Heater is one of the cheapest pyramid patio heater available in the market. With great features and specs, it is one of the best pyramid patio heaters out there.With dimensions: 220cm height, 49cm width, and 49 cm diameter, it is a smart pyramid patio heater. It has a thinner build which makes it easy to put in just every corner. Moreover, a thinner design construction means a lesser weight. With these dimensions, it weighs 22kgs only. This makes it manoeuvrable. The built-in wheels make it further easier to move.

It is constructed with stainless steel that makes it rust-resistant. It comes with a push-button ignition letting a quick and easy start.

With a 13kW output capacity, it has an adjustable heat control system. Moreover, it includes all the safety systems such as anti-tilt safety system and flame failure safety system.

It also includes a Quartz glass tube that exhibits the heating phenomenon and lets the entire area warm up. This provides a great view to watch when you are enjoying dinner or any discussion with your friends or family on your patio. It also adds to the décor of your patio making it worth a watch. This quartz glass tube is covered with steel safety grill to prevent any injuries.

However, it does not come with a hose and a regulator. They have to be bought separately. It does not come with a weather cover as well. You need to buy that on your own.

With these great features, it comes at only £208.95, making it the cheapest freestanding pyramid patio heater option on the list. You should definitely not miss out on this great pyramid patio heater. Decorate your patio with it and enjoy the warmth in cold evenings and freezing nights.


  • It is the cheapest pyramid patio heater available in the market.
  • Its stainless steel construction allows for rust resistance.
  • It comes with advanced built-in safety systems.


  • It does not include hose and regulator.
  • Its build quality might appear to be low.

Other well-known patio heater brands

All of the above-mentioned brands are the top most brands for patio heaters. Some other well-known brands are listed and reviewed below so you can have a complete insight into the most popular patio heater brands. This will make you satisfied upon your purchase when you buy a patio heater of one of these brands.

Flame Patio Heater

Patio heaters by Flame are a great way to bring heat and light to your garden. Most of them are built with a clever design that shows off the impressive flames which transforms any outdoor living space into a cozy one that you can enjoy all day. The glass tube around it can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for variable heat output. They are easy to reposition, handle and use. All of them have an anti-tip safety system installed in, which turns the heater off when knocked over.

The customers have referred Flame patio heaters as great to use and easily manageable with minimum safety risks to occur.

Santorini Real Flame Patio Heater

The Santorini Real Flame Heaters are the perfect addition to any garden or patio. With a maximum of 11kW output, the Santorini heaters offer great warmth and ambient light. Mostly, they contain a telescopic neck tube for easy storage and wheels for easy movement. They have a quick start electronic ignition system that is easy to use and handle. If by any chance the Santorini heater falls over, the gas will shut off immediately and if in case the flame goes out on the heater, the gas will shut off.

The customers referred to them as great to use and easy to carry and handle.

Rattan Patio Heater

The elegant, more powerful and easy to use poly rattan patio heaters are a perfect addition to your garden for spending pleasant hours on cool days or evenings. Their standpipe is made up of high-grade stainless steel with a shell made of rattan which can be a perfect addition to your unique resin rattan furniture.

Most of them have an electric ignition source and an automatic supply cut off from rattan panel to collar in case of any mishap.

Customers have expressed great satisfaction over the use of Rattan patio heaters and highly recommend it.

Heatmaster Patio Heater

Heatmaster is a well-reputed brand when it comes to infrared patio heaters. It has a vast range of wall-mounted and freestanding patio heaters. Almost all of their patio heaters have aluminium and stainless steel construction which means these are resistant to weather conditions and rust. They deliver a great value for money as well.

Customers and users have reviewed them to be very well for outdoor as well as indoor purposes. Some of them have complained regarding heat output capacity in larger areas. In smaller areas, they work great. If you have small patios or smaller outdoor spaces, they can generate enough light as well, if not some garden solar lights will help.

Overall, they are affordable and good patio heaters. You can consider them while you are purchasing a new patio heater.

Outback Patio Heater

Outback is another great name in the patio heaters industry. It makes exceptionally well patio heaters that are great for commercial and domestic purpose. They have a wide range of patio heaters which includes wall-mounted, free-standing, and tabletop patio heaters. They also come with various fuel choices. These heaters have a great build quality and give great output.

They come in different colour options, so you can choose the one according to your décor. However, they need to be protected and taken care of just like any other patio heater.

In short, they are as good as any other top patio heater brands. Including all the new and unique features, they are cost-effective and fall into an affordable price range. You can choose the one according to your outdoor area and weather requirements.

Customers have reviewed Outback patio heaters to be good for producing enough heat in the chilly weather.

Glow warm patio heater

Glow warm patio heaters are known to come in a stylish finish and a focal point. They are great to add warmth and beauty to your outdoor space. Their flame patio heaters are the most well-known ones. This makes them good to use for domestic and commercial purposes.

Moreover, there are separate customised models available for commercial and domestic use. They add warmth to your patios, terraces and open areas. With stainless steel construction, they are best when it comes to resistance. With powerful heat output capacities and temperature control system, they are as great as any other top-rated patio heater brands.

When it comes to customer reviews, a good rating is observed. Coming at affordable prices, Glow warm patio heaters have successfully made it to the patios and outdoor spaces of many homes in the UK. They are the most comfortable and easy to operate patio heaters. With great specs, Glow warm patio heaters make a great choice for patio heaters.

Zeus patio Heater

Zeus patio heaters are the most stylish metal outdoor heaters. They offer a great combination of exceptional features and perfect designs. They are designed with great care to make them easily fit in small and big outdoor spaces.

They have a high-quality build. They are available in all the types such as wall-mounted, tabletop and free-standing patio heaters. They also offer different fuel choices such as halogen, propane, electricity and natural gas. A vast range of Zeus patio heaters is available in the market.

Zeus patio heaters are also well-known for their ability to save fuel consumption and energy. This makes their running cost low. They are very environment-friendly as they reduce carbon dioxide emission to 50%. So, these are a great option to consider for this reason.

As Zeus is a reliable brand when it comes to patio heaters, you can believe in its performance and strength. Customers have expressed great satisfaction over the construction, design, and performance of Zeus patio heaters. Overall, they have a good rating and have managed to make it to the 20 top patio heater brands in the UK.

With all of these well-known and reliable brands, you can make a good choice when you need to buy a patio heater. Choosing any of these brands will give you great satisfaction when you observe the performance of your patio heater. With any of these brands, you are never going to regret your investment.

So, make sure you choose a patio heater out of these brands as these produce durable, cost-effective and high output patio heaters. Get one of these and make the most out of your beautiful outdoor space. With a good patio heater, chilly weather cannot restrict you indoors.

Patio Heaters Buying guide

While choosing an outdoor heater for a garden or patio you need to keep in mind the factors and options for prioritising a special kind of heater. Some of the most important factors and features you need to keep in mind while selecting the best outdoor heater are described below:

Mode and preferences of use

This is preferably the most important consideration to make when buying an outdoor heater. The shape and size of the area you are using like patio or garden, the situation you will use it in, the number of people who will be taking advantage of the heater is the factors that help you in choosing an outdoor heater that satisfies all your demands.

There are many heaters available in the market but you need to choose the one according to your needs and demands. Like if you and your friends usually sit close to one table or area when outside, a tabletop heater would be best. Similarly, if you spend time in closed areas that you want to keep heated, the electric outdoor heater will do the trick.

Price Range

Cost is an important factor to consider before choosing a heater. The cost of different heaters varies depending on the shape, size, type, and style of the heater you go with. Many tabletop heaters fall in the range of £50-£200. The floor standing heaters will cost more than $200 and can reach up to $1000 for the models that use natural gas. Hanging and wall mount heaters have a similarly broad range based upon their size, style, and power. You can find models for less than £100, but can easily pay more than £1000 for larger and more powerful heaters.

It’s wise to search for a heater in your budget. The expensive models are nice and worth the splurge but if your needs and desires are simple then you don’t need to spend more than what you basically require.

Output capacity

The output capacity/power of a heater is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU). The higher the BTU of the heater, the higher the amount of heat will be produced by it. Usually, when considering the output capacity of the heater we compare it to the desired area where it is to be used. It doesn’t matter how much heat is produced if the area is too large for it or the weather is too cold outside.

The measuring units like BTU’s and wattage can be useful in comparing different models but they cannot always have trusted. The manufacturers usually give us a clear image of how much heat is produced and how much space is covered in different climates and weather conditions.

So, make sure you know the maximum output/power of the patio heater so you can have a good idea whether it will work for your patio or not.

Built-in Safety systems

Everything we use has both its advantages and risks. In such case, a floor standing patio heater must be weighted properly or fixed to the floor to withstand windy conditions otherwise the risk of catching fire increases. If you live in an area with strong winds than you should take precautionary measures to avoid any mishaps and severe damages. Due to this high risk of catching fire, many heaters have an auto shutoff function in them.

The gas and wood heaters should always be kept in open spaces because in closed and covered spaces the risk of carbon monoxide buildup and fire hazard increases. In such cases, electric heaters are the most preferred choice as they tend to be safest but, you still need to be cautious about them.

Back garden fire pits involve an open fire so, you need to be extra cautious about them and make sure you wear gloves. The safety of patio heater depends on the user itself so you must read its manual carefully before assembling and using.

You should always put out the fire completely when you are done to decrease your safety risks. Moreover, it is good to go for the patio heaters that have built-in safety systems.

Weather conditions in your area

Climate is the most influential factor in selecting a heater. The weather conditions in your area help you determine what kind of heater you desire and how much heat you need from it. If your area is prone to drizzling, a lower power patio heater won’t be of much use. If you often experience high-powered winds, then a floor standing patio heater is hard to keep uptight. In this case, wall-mounted patio heaters will work better.

Before buying a heater consider what the weather usually looks like during the times of year that you will most want to use heater and then buy according to your needs and requirements.

Décor and environment

Many people are usually happy with their plain and simple heaters while others want to add an aesthetic look to their patio or garden. Most floor standing models fall in the functional category but many are designed specially to give an aesthetic look to the outdoor area. Many people go for patio heaters that have an open flame option to add more to the ambiance, décor, and environment.

If you consider appearance and atmosphere as an important factor then you should take some time to browse and see your options that will fit perfectly with your outdoor space.


Many patio heaters are extremely easy to use from the moment you buy them to as long as you have them. Some of them require proper work and maintenance efforts to keep them running efficiently. Mostly, it is very easy to ignite patio heaters but in case of no piezo or push-button ignition, you might need to make a little effort to ignite it up. Some models also require more professional handling for assembly and installation than others so you need to have some professional assistance to get it assembled and installed.

Electric patio heaters are the easiest to use as you only have to plug them in. Natural gas patio heaters need to be hooked up once and they are ready to use without any extra effort. Other patio heaters such as the ones that operate on propane, LPG gas, butane or any other fuel need to be refilled after every short while.

Out of all these options, you must consider the one that suits best to your convenience level.


It can be determined from the above discussion that patio heaters are a great way to make you able to enjoy your outdoor space. If you buy a patio heater considering all of the above-mentioned important factors, you will be happy on this investment. While providing you a list of patio heaters along with their features, pros, and cons, we kept in view that all of them include these significant factors.

If you choose a patio heater from any of the above-listed brands keeping in view these factors, it will let you make the most out of your patio and you can relish winter season along with your friends and family. So, do not let the weather restrain you and get a patio heater to spend your evenings and nights out.