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Exploring The Best Smoker Wood Chips For Cooking Meat

Once upon a time, our ancestors cooked whatever they ate over a fire. The smoke from the wood helped them get a flavour in the meat, thereby giving smoky and sweet characteristics. But, now, we do cook meat. But, we cook the food in natural gas stoves or even using electricity. However, we have not forgotten the humble beginning of our ancestors. This is why barbecue is always the most favourite form of cooking as this method of cooking adds a smoky flavour to the meat. Most people agree that there is nothing quite like making a good cut of meat even better by permeating in with a smoky and delicious flavour. You can complement your barbecue meat by carefully selecting the right wood. The right kind of wood without any doubt will take your barbecue gaming to the next level. But, here comes a question? What is the best wood to smoke each kind of meat? Most people ask whether chips or chunks can flavour the meat well. Before we get into the top smoker wood chips available in the market, let us consider the types available first.

Comparison table: Smoker wood chips for cracking flavoured meat(November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

Smoking Wood Chips 4.5 Litre - Smoking Food in a Smoker/BBQ - Kiln Dried - Fast

  • SAVE MONEY - Ideal for Weber and Big Green Egg smokers
  • FLAVOURS- Choose from our top six tried and tested flavours

4.7/5 from 33 reviews

BBQ Smoking Oak Wood Chunks

  • Natural, untreated - 100% British Wood
  • Large 25 litre box of Wood Chunks / 6
  • Great for use on the grill
  • Oak wood smoke - rich
  • Post coded wood - know exactly where in the UK your wood is coming from...

4.7/5 from 117 reviews

Weber Apple Wood Chips

Weber Apple Wood Chips

  • Aromatic cooking wood gives a delicate smoky flavour
  • For the perfect flavour
  • Apple wood chips give off a sweet
  • 0.7kg re-sealable bag.

4.5/5 from 41 reviews

3 Litre BBQ Smoking British Wood Chips (Sweet Chestnut)

  • Natural, untreated - 100% British Wood
  • Large 3 litre resealable tub
  • Great for use on the grill
  • Sweet Chestnut wood smoke
  • Post coded wood - know exactly where in the UK your wood is coming from...

4.4/5 from 105 reviews

Callow Retail Large 3 Litre BBQ Smoking Wood Chips, For BBQ and BBQ Smokers (Hickory)

  • Contains approximately 3 Litres of Hickory BBQ Wood Chips
  • Re-Usable 3 Litre Plastic Tub With Lid
  • Great Value, Certified Chemical and additive Free
  • All Natural Wood PEFC quality and HACCP certified
  • Soak Chips for longer Cooking and Less Smoke or Use Dry for more intense flavour...

4.3/5 from 20 reviews

Jack Daniels Smoking Chips

  • Please see our other range of smoking chips: Rum
  • Officially Licensed Product
  • Made in the USA
  • Ideal for meat, fish & poultry
  • 790g approx (Smoker tray not included)

3.9/5 from 33 reviews

Smokey Olive Wood sow-142 Olive Wood Chippings and, Beech Grove, Almond, and spices to Burn, Brown, Grey, Yellow, Red

  • 3x natural mediterranean woods: olive
  • Intense, mild, aromatic Mediterranean flavors.
  • Strong smoke development, economical in use.
  • Grain size: 2-3cm, for all grills and smokers.

5/5 from 1 reviews

5 Litre Smoking Wood Chips for BBQ and Smokers 100% Natural from Polish Forests (Cherry)

  • Add delicious smoky flavour to your grilled meat
  • Large 5 litre pack
  • Great for use on the grill
  • Choose from different types of wood adding different flavour dimension to your BBQ....

4.1/5 from 8 reviews

What are the types of smoker wood chips available?

Each type of wood can bring in a different flavour to the meat cooked. The types include oak, hickory, maple, mesquite, pecan, apple, alder, peach, cherry and ash wood. With these things known, let us explore the top smoker wood chips available in the market to take your barbecuing experience to a heightened level:

As you can understand from the name, this product comes in a pack of 5. It means that when you get this product, it will have five different packs of different woods. The five kinds of wood are cherry, walnut, apple, oak and mesquite. Every time, you prepare meat, you can use different types of woods to bring in a different flavour to your meat, thereby bringing a different experience to your family and friends every time. The seller of this product, Rosmarino claims that you can use cherry and apple wood chips for cooking vegetables, chicken, fish, pork, lamb, beef and game. On the other hand, game and beef can be cooked only using walnut wood chips. In the same way, when you cook game, beef or pork, you can very well use the mesquite wood chips. If today’s special is game, beef, pork or chicken, you can use oak wood chips from this set. Here are the key features of this product:

  • On your purchase of this product, you will get a free e-book delivered to your email address with a selection of 25 delicious recipe ideas.
  • You will get a clear instruction on soaking and other cooking ideas using all the wood chips in this pack.
  • You will get 5 for the price of 3, which is an excellent saving opportunity
  • This is Amazon’s Choice product.
  • The pack contains 100% Natural hardwood chips.

Weber Apple Wood Chips:

Weber Apple Wood Chips
4.5 out of 5 stars ( 41 customer reviews )
Apple wood is generally known to bring subtly sweet, fruity and mild flavour to the meat. It can meet all types of smoking needs. Particularly, apple wood chips are popular for pork, lamb, poultry and even for seafood sometimes. It works great for beef. However, the flavour of apple wood would be delicate and so it cannot hold up to the heavy flavours of the red meat. Experts are of the opinion that this is a great blending wood to be mixed with stronger woods for cooking meat. The product comes in a resealable bag. So, you can seal it after use for the next time barbecuing. You will get a fruity, dense and sweet flavour when you cook with this product. The seller Weber recommends customers to soak the product 30 minutes before use to achieve a perfect flavour.

  • Comes with a resealable bag
  • Gives a fruit, juicy and dense taste to the meat
  • 30-minutes soaking before cooking is recommended for enhanced flavour
  • The perfect choice for cooking vegetables, fish, poultry, pork and cheese.
  • It is a best seller product at Amazon.

Callow Retail BBQ Smoking Wood Chips in Large 3 Litre Box:

This product from Callow Retail contains hickory wood chips. These wood chips are generally categorised as strong wood chips. This is the southern and Midwest barbecue favourite wood. People generally associate it with bacon. Some people even say that hickory-smoked food reminds them of bacon. The product has a pungent and strong smoke that adds a smoky and strong sweet flavour to the meat. It is highly popular with pork and bacon ribs. This product is HACCP and PEFC Quality certified from Callow Retail. The key features include:

  • The pack contains approximately three litres of Hickory BBQ Wood Chips
  • For less smoke, it is recommended to soak chips, which will also ensure longer cooking
  • For users looking for more intense flavour, they can use the wood chips dry without soaking.
  • Natural wood with HACCP and PEFC Quality Certification
  • Certified additive and chemical-free
  • Comes in a re-usable three-litre plastic tub with a lid

Jack Daniels Smoking Chips:

Jack Daniels Smoking Chips
3.9 out of 5 stars ( 33 customer reviews )
Oak wood is identified as medium wood. This product from RUMO Barbecue contains oak chips. Oak is generally identified as stronger than cherry and apple woods. However, like other oak wood chips, this pack also contains oak wood chips that are lighter than hickory and mesquite. It can turn out to be a great blending wood due to its hot burning ability. It will bring a medium smoky flavour to the meat and it works well with any type of wood. The top features include:

  • Suitable for all types of grills
  • Ideal for poultry, meat and fish cooking
  • The pack contains incense from original whiskey barrels
  • Very aromatic oak wood

5 Litre Smoking Wood Chips for BBQ and Smokers:

This product from Forest Legend is a pack of wood chips that were collected from the forests of Poland. Forest Legend offers this pack in different wood flavours. So, customers have the option to choose, whichever wood chip, they feel to be the ideal choice for them. With this product, users can add a delicious smoky flavour to their grilled meat. Without any additions, this pack contains natural wood gathered from Polish forests. The large 5-litre pack ensures great value for money. The average size of wood chips in this pack varies from around 4 to 5 mm. This small size ensures that the chips can be kept dry, thereby ensuring better smoke for users. 100% money back guarantee from Forest Legend is an added advantage. The key features include:

  • Choice of different types of woods available
  • Ideal for use on Kettle BBQ, Kamado Style, smoker and grill BBQ.
  • Can be used either on a smoking box or even directly on the coals.
  • 100% money back guarantee.

Smoking Wood Chips 4.5 Litre:

This product is offered at Amazon by Gwernyfed Wood. Buyers have the option to choose either cherry, oak, birch, ash, apple or alder wood chips. All are priced at the same price. Premium wood smoking chips ensure better smoke. The large 4.5-litre pack ensures that the users can use the chips for looking for longer hours without any hassle. Ideal for use in different types of BBQ grills. This product is ideal for big green egg smokers and Weber smokers. The flavours of this brand are tried and tested for quality. The key features of this product from Gwernyfed Wood are listed below:

  • Versatile wood chips ideal for use in electric/gas grill, kettle style BBQ or kamado and in a smoker.
  • The large 4.5-litre bag ensures that you will have enough chips to smoke for hours together to smoke lots of delicious foods.
  • Harvested natural wood chips and untreated
  • Available in different flavours in six choices being cherry, birch, beech, ash, alder, apple and oak.

BBQ Smoking Oak Wood Chunks:

BBQ Smoking Oak Wood Chunks
4.7 out of 5 stars ( 117 customer reviews )
This product is offered by Grilling Wood. The company offers three different types of wood chips. Buyers can either opt for oak chips, silver birch or apple chips. Of these three options, Oats chips cost lower and apple chips are priced higher than the other two wood chips. As the box comes with post coded wood, buyers can know exactly from where they get the wood chips. Buyers are provided with the option either to choose a large 25-litre box of wood chunks or 6-9 kgs based on species. This pack contains 100% British wood without adding anything. The natural untreated wood can bring a great flavour to the meat cooked. The key features include:

  • Post-coded wood
  • Oakwood smoke ideal for cooking vegetables, seafood, lamb, beef and sausages
  • Ideal for use on the kettle BBQ, Kamado style cooking, smoker and grill cooking.
  • Natural/untreated wood chunks

3 Litre BBQ Smoking British Wood Chips (Sweet Chestnut):

As this box contains sweet chestnut woods, the meat cooked using these wood chips will have a sweet and smoky flavour. The seller Grilling Wood also offers this product in other choices of wood chips and they are Hazelwood, beech wood and alder wood chips. All are equally priced. This box from Grilling Wood will have a clear description of postal code from which part of the UK, the woods were collected. The sweet chestnut wood chips, making it the ideal choice for cooking beef, pork and poultry. The product comes in a large 3-litre tub that is reusable. This product contains natural untreated wood chips.

  • Post-coded wood chips
  • Sweet chestnut wood smoke and other options as per the preference of buyers
  • Ideal for use on Kettle, Kamado style, smoker and grill cooking
  • Great value for money with large 3-litre reusable tub
  • Untreated and natural wood
This product is from Smokey Olive Wood seller. In addition to olive wood, the company offers this product in other kinds of wood chips like beech grove and almond. In fact, the pack is offered as a pack of three different types of wood chips being olive, orange and almond wood chips along with five spices. Users are assured of more intense, Mediterranean and aromatic flavours from this product. As the product will ensure strong smoke development with the use of very few wood chips, it is an economical product in use. The grain size is about 2-3 cms for all smokers and grills.

  • The grain size of 2-3 cms
  • Economical in use due to strong smoke development
  • Aromatic, mild and intense Mediterranean flavours


You need not have a lot of chips to smoke meat. Basically, you will have to use charcoal and on the top of it, you can just use 5-6 chips and based on the type of wood chips you use, the flavour of your meat will differ.