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Best Cordless Strimmers Reviewed

Whatever you call it, a cordless grass strimmer, garden strimmer or line strimmer they are used across the globe, whether on a commercial scale or just for home use. The cordless grass strimmer is also known as a trimmer in some parts of the world. Cordless grass strimmers are an outdoor power tool that uses rotating plastic blades to cut through grass and weeds to keep green areas well kept. The cordless strimmers plastic blades are made of nylon and are sometimes referred to as the ‘line’ or in some cases ‘trimmer line’. The line is loaded into the spool and then placed into the trimmer. The replaceable nylon wire can be used to cut entire gardens, trim the edges of a lawn or keep pathways and brickwork free from weeds. Some Strimmers come as a single line cutter or a duel line cutter. We found that both styles are equally sufficient.

Comparison table: Best cordless strimmers to clean the garden fast (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

Makita DUR181Z 18V Cordless Li-ion Line Trimmer

  • Compatible with 1.5, 3.0
  • The spool end is reinforced with a metal cap for increased wear resistance...
  • Adjustable loop-handle can be adjusted according to user's height and working posture...
  • Bump and Feed cord feeding system (Single-cord cutting)
  • Shaft length adjustable up to 180mm

4.8/5 from 192 reviews

Ryobi RLT1831H20 ONE+ 18V Hybrid Grass Trimmer (with 1x2.0Ah battery)

  • Adjustable cutting width of 25 or 30cm for great versatility when grass and weed cutting...
  • Easy Edge for quick transitions between edging and trimming modes
  • Innovative 18V hybrid power allows for either cordless convenience or unlimited runtime to best suit all grass trimming needs...
  • Three-position pivoting string head for more versatile trimming
  • Powered by an 18V Lithium+ battery with patented intel cell

4.7/5 from 17 reviews

BLACK+DECKER 36 V Lithium-Ion Strimmer

  • A cordless grass trimmer powered with 36 V 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery offering up to 3750 linear meters of...
  • Featuring E-drive technology - a high-torque gear system which can power through the toughest overgrown areas quickly and without...
  • 30 cm cutting swathe
  • 8500 RPM speed to power through even tougher grass cutting jobs
  • Power select lets you choose maximum run-time (ECO mode) to save the battery energy or power (TURBO mode) when...

4.6/5 from 1175 reviews

WORX WG157E 18V (20V MAX) Cordless Grass Trimmer, Black

  • Converts to an edger in seconds
  • Light weight and ergonomic design
  • Hassle free automatic line feed system
  • Easy grip handle for comfortable use with auxiliary handle
  • Foldable flower guard Helps Protect Lawn objects

4.5/5 from 246 reviews

XCEED EX36CGT 36V 30cm Cordless Grass Trimmer

  • Auto spool feed single line system
  • In line edging wheels allows neat edges
  • Head pivots for various trimming positions
  • Telescopic shaft adjusts to user's height and posture
  • Powered by 36V 2.0Ah Samsung Battery

4.5/5 from 19 reviews

VonHaus Cordless Grass Trimmer with 20V MAX Battery, Charger & 12 x Plastic Blades Included - 180° Adjustable Head, 25cm Cutting Path & Telescopic Handle - Li-Ion G Range

  • Powerful 20V Max. Grass Trimmer with strong nylon blade cutting system
  • Innovative blade system offers sharper
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design with soft grip rubber handles offers complete mobility and comfortable operation...
  • Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty Included

4.3/5 from 130 reviews

Bosch 0600878N04 AdvancedGrassCut 36 Cordless Grass Trimmer (Without Battery and Charger), Green

  • Dual-line cutting system for high
  • Low weight relieves strain on your arms during work
  • Semi-automatic line feed for uninterrupted work
  • Syneon chip - Intelligently controlled energy for every project
  • Auxiliary handle adjustable in position and angle for comfortable trimming in any position...

4.2/5 from 18 reviews

Garden Gear Cordless Strimmer

  • Professional features; The cordless strimmer features include edge guide
  • Full adjustable; Height can be adjusted from 95 to 115 centimetres and angle is adjustable by 90 degrees...
  • Environmentally friendly; No extra expensive or harmful fumes associated with petrol grass trimmers...
  • Cordless; Powerful 20V lithium-ion battery
  • Guarantee; 12-month guarantee

4.1/5 from 237 reviews

Which type of strimmer should I buy?

There are three types of strimmers, petrol, electric corded and battery powered. There are indeed pros and cons to all. However, the battery powered cordless grass strimmers are now the most commonly used garden strimmers in the UK. This is for a number of reasons, not only are they lightweight and easy to handle but they are noticeably quiet and they don’t emit harmful exhaust fumes which is a bonus if you don’t want to annoy the neighbours or even if you are going to be using one all day. Not to mention the petrol strimmers are often a lot heavier and more often than not require a harness. More importantly though, choosing a battery powered cordless strimmer will have less of an environmental impact. Plus, with today’s lithium technology they can now match not only the power but the run time of the petrol driven competitors. Of course, another bonus of not using a petrol driven strimmer is not having to take extra jerry cans of fuel to work sites or even storing fuel at home. This means no spillages and no trips to refill either.

So, could the corded strimmer could be an option then? But what about trying to find power down the far end of a large garden? Even if it is possible it’s not ideal to have the window open with the wire hanging out when making all that noise. Corded strimmers are also not the most ideal tool especially when working on large areas. Being governed by the length of the wire and being tangled up by connecting extension cords can simply be avoided by taking advantage of cordless rechargeable strimmers.
With so many cordless garden strimmers for sale and so many brands on the market which are best cordless strimmers to buy? There are top brands such as, Black and Decker, Bosch, Makita and Flymo which all have a huge range of power tools and garden equipment. But are their cordless strimmers are any good? First, we need to decide, what exactly do we need a cordless grass strimmer for?

What do I need my cordless strimmer for?

Knowing exactly what you are going to be using a cordless strimmer for is important. The reasoning behind this is, you shouldn’t be thinking about spending hundreds of pounds on a commercial use garden strimmer if you are only going to be tending to a small pathway with a few strands of grass poking out.
Try to work out the size of the area or areas you are going to be working on. Also try to think about possible areas you may have to work on. Will you be needing to help a friend or family member with a particularly large garden? You might want to think about investing in a grass strimmer with a larger cutting width if you are going to be cutting large areas. The battery life is also something you may need to consider too.

Will you be cutting back thick grass and tough weeds in overgrown areas or just tidying up your already neat well-groomed garden? You will most certainly need a more powerful machine if you are going to be tackling the more heavy-duty work.

Do you stress about the professionalism of your lawn edges? If so, a strimmer that converts into an edging tool could be worth looking into further.

Who will be using the cordless strimmer?

Who will be using the cordless strimmer? Will they be able to manage a larger, heavier machine? Weight and comfort are two factors to consider when buying a strimmer. Will you have to compensate cutting power and battery life for the something slightly smaller. If not, does the strimmer come with a harness? If so, this would provide comfort, help balance the weight and fight fatigue.

How often will you be using your cordless strimmer?

The frequency of use should always be a deciding factor when deciding to part with hundreds of pounds and not just when buying a strimmer. So, how often will you be using your strimmer? Will you be using the strimmer only on occasion? Or will you use it on a professional scale and need to use the strimmer every day? Will you require a robust, durable tool that doesn’t weigh too much? Or merely a lightweight strimmer that can take care of the smaller jobs at home?

Whatever, your strimmer needs rest assured we will be covering a vast array of cordless strimmers. From high-end strimmers under £300, mid-range strimmers under £200 to the budget strimmers that are under £100. Here are best cordless strimmers in 2019.

Cordless grass strimmers under £300

1. Bosch ART 30-36 Li Cordless Grass Strimmer 36V Lithium-Ion Battery

Bosch cordless strimmers have always been a powerhouse and for good reason. The Bosch grass strimmer is a decent contender for the one of best cordless strimmers in the UK. It can tackle larger overgrown gardens with ease. The 36V machine has a slightly larger 2.6 Ah battery than its other 36V contenders. Possibly one of the best features I have seen on a cordless garden strimmer is the Bosch Syneon Chip which intelligently controls the amount of energy and power required for each job. The chip is especially useful when coming across an overgrown area. This feature means you can get more out of your battery with each charge. The Bosch also has a simple and easy to operate duel speed switch to control the speed and power manually, delivering optimum power and control when cutting. The two-speed trigger can maintain speeds from 7600 – 8300 RPM. The Bosch also boasts a 30 cm cutting width.

The Bosch grass strimmer is very easy to assemble, and easy to clean. We had no trouble with set up and was ready to start cutting in no time at all. The ergonomic auxiliary handle is adjustable and comfortable. It weighs in at 5 kgs but feels a lot heavier than most grass strimmers. This is one problem we came up against when trying to tackle larger areas although the device is great at cutting and battery lasted, it was our energy levels that deteriorated. Would advise the use of a harness as it is not as well balanced as you would expect.

Be expected to pay in the region of £229.99 complete with battery and charger, or alternatively £139.95 without. This is maybe a hefty price for someone who is only going to use the strimmer in a smaller well-maintained garden. The option to buy without the battery and charger would only work if you already have Bosch power tools with the same 2.6Ah battery.


  • Great battery life
  • Syneon Chip, control the amount of energy for each job
  • Easy speed control
  • Easy to assemble
  • 30 cm cutting width


  • Heavy
  • Expensive for home use alone

2. Flymo Contour Cordless Grass Trimmer 24 V Lithium-Ion Battery

This garden strimmer comes with a very easy to use telescopic handle that can be adjusted to the user’s height. The Flymo grass strimmer comes with a 24V Lithium-Ion battery and is said to have a run time of 25 minutes. Unfortunately, we found that the run time fell slightly short of that at around 22 minutes.
The Flymo grass strimmer weighs 4.1 kgs it’s not the lightest garden strimmer but it is by no means the heaviest. However, if you are looking for a lighter model Flymo’s 18V grass trimmer might be a viable option.

One noticeable feature that we liked about the Flymo was the fitted foot pedal. The foot pedal was a really great feature that allows the user to switch to shrubbing mode easily. Shrubbing mode allows the telescopic handle to move downward allowing the head to cut in awkward areas, underneath garden furniture or maybe the kid trampoline for example. This feature is especially good for those who have lots of hard to reach places. Let’s face it, not having to stop cutting to move the garden furniture from one place while you cut and then moving it back after you have finished is a bonus.

The Flymo also comes with a plant guard which protects trees, plants and when trying to reach those awkward parts of the lawn. This feature was particularly helpful when in shrubbing mode and wanted to protect the garden furniture.

The cutting width of the Flymo grass trimmer is slightly less than most. This cordless garden strimmer is lacks only 5 cm and shouldn’t be discounted for that. The cutting width is 25 cm, but it is still possible to use on medium to large gardens.

The Flymo has some great features that shouldn’t be ignored. Although, it does come with in at one of the most expensive garden timmers on the market. The Flymo’s £265 price tag is a little steep if you are only buying it for a small easy to trim garden, but if you are fed up with having to move everything around, missing parts of the lawn and want something easy to use then I guess you get what you pay for.


  • Foot pedal feature that allows easy switch to shrubbing mode.
  • Shrubbing mode which allows to user to cut in hard to reach areas of the garden
  • Plant guard that provides protection to plants, trees and garden furniture


  • Battery run time
  • Heavy
  • Expensive

Both the Bosch and the Flymo are great options for high powered stimming work, and you most certainly get what you pay for with both products. If you are going to be using your strimmer often and for some heavy-duty work, either of these powerhouses are products worth spending the extra cash on. These strimmers are worth considering if you are going to use a strimmer every day, they are more than just high powered. They are sturdy, long lasting and fully equipped to handle even commercial landscaping work.

Cordless grass strimmers under £200

1. Black and Decker 36V Lithium-Ion Battery Strimmer

One of the most reviewed strimmers in the UK, the Black and Decker cordless strimmer is available on Amazon right now. The reviews are positive, and we can see why. The Black and Decker features an E-drive technology which produces a high torque which can power through the toughest overgrown areas quickly without clogging or slowing you down. The Black and Decker’s plastic strimmer blades can reach speeds of 8500 RPM giving the Black and Decker to ability to cut through even the heavy-duty grass cutting projects. The Black and Decker has a 30 cm cutting width which is ideal for the larger gardens. The strimmer is surprisingly versatile and can actually be converted into and edging tool we found this one of the best features of the Black and Decker. You are essentially getting two tools for the price of one!

This cordless grass strimmer is powered by a 36 V 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion battery which boasts up to 3750 linear meters of cutting power in just one charge. So, forget about having to wait around for a battery to be charged. One feature of the cordless rechargeable strimmer is the different power modes. You can choose from ECO mode for the lighter duties or simply switch to turbo mode to tackle the thicker more heavy-duty tasks. we did find that the turbo mode did actually use considerably more battery than ECO mode which was disappointing, but the battery has a quick charge time, so we wasn’t really phased by this.

The lightweight and comfortable design are perfect for either commercial or home use. The cordless grass strimmer weighs only 3.5 kgs, which is pretty good for such a powerful strimmer. The telescopic handle allows the user to adjust the height of the strimmer with ease. The secondary handle allows the weight to be distributed evenly and the primary handle is fitted with a rubber, over-moulded, non-slip grip that gives the user full control and comfort. Overall the Black and Decker is a solid choice for a strimmer it can give the user comfort and speed to do even the tougher jobs. What’s more, it does it super quiet too and even if you don’t use a cordless strimmer on a daily basis this rechargeable cordless strimmer’s battery can hold a charge for up to 18 months whilst idle.

The price tag on the Black and Decker is more than most of its competitors, currently being sold on Amazon at £125.50 it is an absolute barging for a mid-range cordless garden strimmer with so much power and battery life. Also, you are getting more for your money as it can be converted into an edging tool as well. Having two tools for the price of one taking up and only taking up minimal storage space, this product is a great buy. Black and Decker also offer and less powerful 18V garden strimmer that offers less power for a cheaper price.


  • ECO mode for a better run time and turbo mode to cut through the heavy-duty jobs
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Converts to an edging tool
  • 30 cm cutting width


  • Turbo mode uses the battery too quickly

2. Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ Hybrid Grass Trimmer 18 V Lithium-Ion Battery

The entrant by Ryobi is both a cordless and a corded grass strimmer. I have included this hybrid as I believe that sometimes problems occur where batteries haven’t been charged or even in some cases forgotten. This Hybrid allows the user to make a choice of either using the 18 V Lithium-Ion battery or plugging the device in to allow for an unlimited run time.

The Ryobi ONE+ battery system is extremely handy when you already have other Ryobi tools in your arsenal. This technology allows all Ryobi products to be powered by the same battery. The Ryobi ONE + system boasts over 100 tools that the battery can be used with. If you already use Ryobi or you are thinking of investing in some other products, then the ONE+ battery system is certainly something to think about before buying.

The cutting power of the Ryobi Hybrid is excellent, it does a great job cutting through grass, and weeds with ease. We did notice a difference when using the cord however it wasn’t a massive difference and the battery could still handle the heavy-duty, overgrown areas. The vibration of the Ryobi garden strimmer was measurable. Although, nothing to worry about if you aren’t going to use the strimmer for commercial jobs. The easy edge adjustable head allows for speedy transitions between edging and trimming modes. One great feature was the being able to change the cutting width from either 25 cm to 30 cm. We felt that this was great when trying to cut either grass or weeds. It also allows the user to cut more precisely and with extra control. The head is able to be altered into three positions, which gives the user flexibility when cutting different parts of the lawn.

The assembly of this grass strimmer is easy however the adjustments of the support handle are very annoying and require tools to change for better more comfortable support. Not ideal if you are not the only person using the tool.

The Ryobi Hybrid is currently on Amazon for £136.76 and should definitely be considered. Corded strimmers are more often than not annoying when being tangled up in the wires but this little Hybrid may well get you out of trouble one day.


  • This garden strimmer is a both corded and a cordless hybrid
  • ONE+ battery technology
  • Changeable cutting width
  • Adjustable head


  • Adjustment of the support handle requires tools
  • Noticeable vibrations

Black and Decker have always been known for producing decent power tools and Ryobi are also an excellent competitor. Both products are sitting in the mid-range category and have earned it. If you are not looking to use your strimmer for super-sized gardening jobs but you still required a beefy machine that is going to tackle large areas and not break the bank at the same time, then these grass strimmers are really something to think about.

Cordless grass strimmers under £100

This extremely lightweight cordless garden strimmer weighs under 2 kgs. The design is not only light but extremely durable. The aluminium shaft is fully adjustable and is easy to use.

The 20 V Lithium-Ion battery is surprisingly powerful, and I found that it had no problem cutting though tough weeds and brambles. Some cordless strimmers with plastic blades are not always going to cut through the more heavy-duty undergrowth. To my surprise the Garden Gear cutting blades did a great job. The Garden Gear cordless grass trimmer boasts a 26 cm cutting width which is great for a smaller, lighter and less powerful competitor.

I was especially pleased with the fully adjustable head that can be angled a fully 90 degrees, finding this feature helpful when trying to get to the hard to reach areas. This is not quite as good as the switch foot pedal of the Flymo but it’s still a great feature for the Garden Gear strimmer to have.

Unfortunately, there is a down fall to the Garden Gear’s 20 V cordless strimmer, the 20 V Lithium-Ion battery. The cutting time is not great got under 20 minutes of cutting time and had to wait a considerable amount of time to charge again.

This garden strimmer really competes well considering the brands it is up against and I don’t mind saying for the price it’s definitely worth considering. The current price on Amazon is £59.99. If you are looking for the cheapest cordless strimmer, then the Garden Gear cordless strimmer is a viable option. Also, if you aren’t going to be using the strimmer for commercial use and only on small to medium sized areas then this cordless strimmer could be ideal.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Surprisingly powerful and decent cutting blades with 26 cm cutting width
  • Fully adjustable head, up to 90 degrees
  • Cheaper than most cordless garden strimmers


  • Poor battery life
  • Recharging the battery was slow

2. Worx WG157E Cordless Grass Trimmer 18 V / 20 V Max Lithium-ion Battery

The Worx cordless grass trimmer can use interchangeable batteries. This is a bonus if you have already purchased one or more of the many power tools that the Worx brand has to offer. This garden strimmer is able to use either the 18 V Lithium-ion battery or the 20 V Lithium-ion battery. The cutting time is only about 20 mins though and the recharge time is not great either. But this is pretty standard from most budget cordless garden strimmers.

Possibly the best feature on the Worx grass trimmer is the edger tool. This grass trimmer can convert in two an edger tool in seconds and its adjustable head con rotate an impressive 180 degrees allowing for professionally edged and neater gardens.

One noticeable difference with this particular garden strimmer is the use of a single line cutting system. The single line auto feed system makes cutting faster and allows for a longer running cut time. The 3m wire spool will automatically release when the strimmer is started to ensure you have the correct length of wire to cut your lawn. This was great as we often find that banging other strimmers on the ground to thread the wire slightly frustrating and ineffective at feeding the wire. Worx claim that this revolutionary method helps to improve cutting and create more healthier and greener grass. We did not find the lawn to suddenly bust with life, but we did find that the single wire does work quite well and can handle most thicker grass and weed jobs. We found that the wire itself was more durable and lasted a reasonable amount of time too. One downfall is having to buy replacement preloaded spools. This is not that much of a problem but if you have your own wire then it could be a bit annoying.
The Worx strimmer was also very quiet and there are also minimal vibrations from the adjustable and easy to grip auxiliary handle. The Cordless grass trimmer weighs under 3 Kg and has a foldable flower guard to protect lawns. Being foldable actually helped when needing to get closer to walled areas.
This strimmer is also a decent choice for small to medium gardens and also a cheaper option too on sale at the moment on Amazon at £59.40.


  • Interchangeable batteries from other Worx products
  • Convertible trimmer to edger tool in seconds
  • Single wire Automatic spool release system
  • Quiet
  • Cheap
  • Minimal vibrations
  • Quiet


  • Poor cutting time
  • Having to buy preloaded replacement spools is annoying when you have wire already

3. Xceed EX36CGT 36 V Lithium-Ion Battery Cordless Grass Trimmer

The Xceed cordless grass strimmer comes in both 18 V and 36 V models. The 36 V model is a Lithium-Ion Battery and there is a noticeable difference in battery life between the models. This 36 V garden strimmer is capable of trimming, medium to large lawns or even tackling some of the tougher weeds and overgrown parts of the garden. The cutting width of the Xceed product is an impressive 30 cm. This 36 V cordless grass strimmer also uses a single line auto feed system, much like the technology used in the 18/20 V strimmer from Worx. The new technology is said to work better and conserver energy. However, I feel that it works the same as any decent duel line strimmer. The wire spools are preloaded but there is storage for an extra wire spool on the rear of the fully adjustable telescopic handle. The grip of the second handle is also fully adjustable to provide extra comfort in different trimming positions. The handle is soft and easy to hold. However, the strimmer doesn’t feel all that durable the product only weighs 1 kg and yes that could be noted as a positive however it just feels flimsy and breakable. Obviously, we were unable to really put it through its paces by complacently throwing it around, nor transporting it unfastened in the back of a work van.

The cordless garden strimmer comes with an adjustable head which can be angled up to 90 degrees. This is particularly convenient when tackling those hard to reach areas of the garden. This feature also allows you to convert the grass trimmer into an edging tool. The tool comes with duel edging wheels which create better stability and control for the user. For protection of your garden furniture, plants and flowers a built-in flower guard is present.

Cordless garden strimmer for sale in the UK are often still very expensive for the average home user. The cost of the Xceed cordless grass strimmer will surprise you as it is extremely cost effective for £65.60 on sale through Amazon.


  • Decent battery life
  • Duel edging wheels for extra control and stability
  • Cheaper than most 36 V grass strimmers
  • Wire spool storage


  • Doesn’t feel durable, the telescopic handles are frail and could possibly break when used in more demanding conditions.

4. Makita DUR181Z 18 V (Body Only) Cordless Line Strimmer

Makita is a well-known for being decent brand within the world of power tools. You are probably wondering why it’s in the budget section of the best cordless strimmers reviewed, well I can tell you it’s not because it is cheap. The product doesn’t come with a battery. The cordless grass strimmer can be found on Amazon for £81.40. Unfortunately getting a battery for the Makita is going to set you back anything from £50 to £100 pounds. Pushing this strimmer up into midrange section. That being said if you are lucky enough to already own Makita power tools and spare batteries then this Strimmer could be for you. The garden strimmer is compatible with 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion batteries. Therefore, this budget or midrange strimmer depending on your luck, can deliver cutting speeds up to 7,800 RPM, which is pretty impressive considering the price. Regardless, whether the Makita is sold with a battery or not it still should be taken seriously as a viable option for a cordless grass strimmer.

The spool works on a bump and feed system and it is also a single cord cutting system, the cutting width is 26 cm. The Makita is capable of cutting through tough grass and weeds with ease. The strimmer did struggle slightly with thick bramble as most strimmers do, but this was to be expected. The spool end is reinforced with a metal cap to reduce the wear and tear from the bump system. The plastic strimmer blade is feed out reasonably well and worked most of the time, sometimes we needed to find a bit of pathway or harder surface to tap out the line. This was a little frustrating at times but nothing to really worry about.

The Makita grass strimmer comes with and easily adjustable telescopic shaft. The secondary handle is also adjustable to assist with comfort. The battery placement under the handle creates a well-balanced product making it easier to hold and therefore finding yourself less fatigued on the larger garden works. This cordless strimmer weighs 3.1 kgs with the battery.

The head of the Makita is pivoting and can be transitioned in to 5 different positions making it easier to cut those awkward, tight and often annoying areas of the garden lawn. Another great feature of this garden strimmer is being able to convert the strimmer into an edger, simply rotate the head 180 degrees and you have a second tool to create professionally cut edges.


  • A decent power tool for under £100 (if you already have a Makita battery)
  • Cutting speeds of 7,800 RPM
  • Reinforced spool cover for heavy duty wear and tear
  • The head can be put into 5 different positions
  • 2 in 1 trimmer and edger


  • No battery included, so this budget strimmer could turn into a midrange stimmer, that being said it’s still a worthy mid-range competitor. Certainly, don’t dismiss it because of this.
The VonHaus Grass strimmer is a 20 V maximum Lithium-Ion powered cordless power tool that is capable of cutting at speeds of up to 8,500 RPM. We found this very impressive considering this strimmer is in the budget section. The batteries are compatible with all other VonHaus products. The charge time of the battery was about 1 hour. This is extremely good, and the rapid charge does not go unnoticed.

The grass strimmer has a cutting width of 25 cm and can but through both grass and weeds with no trouble at all. The VonHaus strimmer is not equipped with the commonly used strimmer line but a revolutionary blade system. The product comes with ten replaceable blades. We found that the blades do last, but we didn’t think that the cut any better or worse than the strimmers that use nylon wire. However, they did break quite easily if they mistakenly came into contact with a hard edge of brick work. Although this didn’t happen often. The strimmer comes with what VonHaus call a safety guard however this was extremely annoying and repeatedly came off.
The strimmer comes with a telescopic handle and is easy to use and adjust making it more comfortable when cutting. The head can convert into an edging tool. Rotate the head and away you go, the head even has an edging wheel to help maintain control. Both handles are soft grip and the cordless strimmer was lightweight and is very mobile and comfortable to use. Even during prolonged use, we found the VonHaus cordless grass strimmer to be low on vibrations and quite quiet.


  • Impressive 8,500 RPM cutting speed for a budget strimmer
  • Rapid charge time of only 1 hour and battery compatibility across all VonHaus products
  • Edging wheel provided decent control when undertaking edging work on flower beds


  • Replaceable blade system broke when hitting hard surfaces
  • Safety guard continually came off

There are a lot of budget cordless garden strimmers to buy in the UK right now. The power of the strimmers may vary so you need to think about what type of work you are going to be using the strimmer for. These strimmers are ideal for maintaining a beautiful and tidy garden. They can manage small to medium sized areas and have some great features that help shape your garden neatly with ease. If you are going to be using your strimmer often you might want to look at a mid-range option.
Our final thoughts

So, there you have it, the run down of the best cordless strimmers reviewed. We can safely say that we enjoyed using all the cordless strimmers and we would urge you to check out our other reviews on both corded and petrol strimmers if you are still not convinced about the benefits of using rechargeable cordless strimmers.