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Capturing amazing images of animals in their natural habitat is a lot easier said than done. Wild animals have an instinctive, and justified, fear of mankind, and so creeping up on them with your camera phone probably isn’t going to get you the results you want and would take incredible patience.

That’s where a wildlife camera comes in. 
Wildlife cameras, also called trail cameras, are a type of remote camera specially designed to capture animals in their natural habitats. They are usually very durable and hardy and also weatherproof, and take photos automatically when their built in sensors are triggered.

For truly spectacular wildlife photos you need the best wildlife camera, one that allows you to set it up and leave it to automatically capture the images you desire.
And it just so happens that this page is full of reviews for just such products. Featuring the latest in technological features such as high quality sensors, IR cameras, and super high resolution and clarity.

They are ideal for people who really want to catch animals in the wild, for surveying game by hunters, and for other uses such as monitoring wildlife in national parks and monitoring whether a runaway pet is coming back to feed at night.

Comparison table: Best wildlife cameras rated on price and picture quality for Summer 2021

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

Victure Wildlife Trap Camera 20MP

  • UPGRADED WATERPROOF DESIGN - Upgraded waterproof opened-cover structure helps say no to misted lens...
  • BETTER RESOLUTION - HC300 trail camera offers 1080P HD videos with audio and the 20MP resolution and automatic day/night...
  • FASTER CONTINUOUS SHOOTING - The excellent PIR sensor can help catch every wonderful exciting moment swiftly and precisely whenever...
  • OTHER EXCELLENT FEATURES - Capture Series mode takes up to 3 photos after being set...

4.6/5 from 679 reviews

Crenova Trail Camera 12MP

  • 20MP Pictures, 1080P HD Videos: Recording every moment of vivid wildlife & spectacular nature with rich details....
  • Greatest Night Vision Performance: Thanks to superior 36pcs 940nm IR LEDs and automatic IR filter...
  • 120° Wide-Area Detection, 0.2S Lightning Trigger Speed: The scouting camera features 3 innovative sensors...
  • IP66 Waterproof Design & Multifunctional: IP66 waterproof
  • Get tired of horrible amazon return policies

4.4/5 from 843 reviews

APEMAN Wildlife Trail Camera Trap 20MP

  • More Powerful Updated Entry Trail Camera APEMAN H55 game camera has the good construction...
  • Reasonable Trigger Speed and Flash Range The flash range is general 65ft...
  • Enhanced Nighttime Shooting Quality Compared with other high megapixel sensors do really poorly with nighttime images...
  • IP66 Dust Prevention Water Proofing Designs APEMAN improved overall appearance
  • Other Excellent Features and No Worries Customer Service 2 color LCD screen lets you easily setup the camera and...

4.4/5 from 486 reviews

APEMAN H70 Wildlife Camera Photo Trap 30MP 4K with Infrared Night Vision

  • 30MP Clarity and Exceptional 4K Video Resolution The 30MP resolution and automatic day and night sensor ensure crisp...
  • Super Fast Trigger Speeds An impressively faster trigger speed of the central PIR sensor narrows down to 0.2s...
  • 40PCs Low Glow IR LEDs APEMAN trail camera is supported by 40PCS low glow IR LEDs illuminate out to...
  • Upgrade IP66 Waterproof Improved water-resistant structure prevents misted lens and holds up well in bad weather and conditions...
  • Other Excellent Features 2 inch color LCD screen lets you quickly set up the camera and instantly view photos;...

4.4/5 from 823 reviews

The market is positively overflowing with these types of cameras at the moment and there are so many to choose from it can make your head spin. There are various cameras with different megapixels, adjustable features, different weatherproofing, and a whole lot more to wrap your head around.
Below we have chosen the 5 cameras we think are the best out there and reviewed them for you. Enjoy.

With this new Apeman model, it’s a case of ‘anything you can do, I can do better’ as it seems they have tried to outdo all of their closest competitors in every category.
It doesn’t seem that long ago I was so excited to get my hands on a wildlife camera that could take photos at 16MP, but now this Apeman unit is capable of almost double that at 30 megapixels!

These photos are among the clearest I’ve ever seen, in both daytime and IR nighttime modes. The level of detail in the images is just incredible, even when compared to already excellent 20MP photos from other wildlife cameras.

On top of that it can capture videos at 4K quality which look amazing once you’ve transferred them to your computer from the Sd/SDHC card for proper viewing. Able to support up to 32GB storage cards, you should be able to get plenty of footage shot.

Think your wildlife camera is durable? Well, this one comes with a 60mm thick waterproof housing and can be used in both extreme cold (-20C) and on the hottest days (+40C), so you never have to worry about any type of weather affecting your ability to shoot photos and videos.

Again though, this casing has a slight dampening effect on the sound, but it isn’t anything to worry about unless things like hearing the bird’s morning call in as much detail as you can is your main reason for buying.

With a super-fast shutter speed of 0.2 seconds, and excellent sensors, you can be sure that you won’t miss out on any of the action when you’re not around in person. You miss out on nighttime opportunities either. This Apeman wildlife camera has 40 low light infrared LEDs to help get you footage and photos in the dark that are as clear as possible.

Even the night video footage captured from a few metres away is surprisingly smooth and clear, and when compared to models from only a year or two ago it is, pardon the pun. Like night and day.

You don’t have to set the camera up for separate day and night functions either, the H70 will detect the light and adjust itself automatically, and this is just a small example of how easy this wildlife camera is to operate.

There are multiple modes to play around with and get that perfect shot. For example you could set the camera to time lapse where multiple photos are then shown like a video, or continuous shooting mode where three photos are taken at a time.

These modes and other functions can be programmed using the front facing LED display and a few clearly marked buttons on the inside of the protective casing and it is very intuitive.

Priced at just under seventy pounds, I can’t sing this wonderful camera’s praises enough, but just make sure you are stocked up on high quality batteries as this bad boy with burn through cheap ones quite quickly.

If there’s one thing you need your wildlife camera to be, it has to be weather proof. You could have more megapixels than you know what to do with, but it won’t make a difference if the camera shuts down in a spot of rain.

The Victure 20MP wildlife camera’s new clamshell casing design is not only extremely rainproof, but will also allow you to keep the camera set up in snowy weather, so just imagine the kind of photos you could capture.

And capture them you will, with an excellent PIR sensor picking up on the motions of even small animals, the 0.35 second trigger time, and the 20 megapixel camera taking incredibly sharp photos filled with detail.

Of course, you need space to store those images, and to facilitate that the Victure 20MP can be fitted with SD cards up to 32GB. Just be sure to turn off the camera before inserting or removing the SD card.

If video is more you thing, you are sure to be pleased with quality of the recording and playback which is beautifully crisp and smooth 1080P.

There is something I have to mention abut video though, and that is that the sound quality, while still very good, isn’t up to the same standard as the images. This is largely due to the weatherproof casing which affects the range a little, but I suppose it’s the tradeoff for extra durability.

Getting natural images of nocturnal animals can be tricky due to the flash or light of some cameras disturbing the little creatures. With this Victure 20MP wildlife camera, that isn’t the case thanks to the38 850nm low glow infrared LEDs, so your chances of snapping crystal clear pictures of those nighttime lovelies is greatly improved.

There are a ton of features to play with on this wildlife camera, such as capture mode, PIR interval, timer setting, time lapse, PIR sensitivity, and much more. Thankfully the interface is very straightforward and it doesn’t take long to get to grips with operating this excellent product.

You can power the Victure 20MP wildlife camera by using either batteries or an external power supply. If you plan on using batteries, I suggest having a couple of sets of lithium AA batteries and that should see you just fine. They cost more, but they last much longer than alkaline ones.

If you want to use rechargeable batteries, you’ll get a good night’s worth of use out of some energizer rechargeable but you’ll need to recharge them the next day.
You can get this absolutely awesome piece of kit for between seventy and eighty pounds depending on discounts, and that to me is a very reasonable price to pay for such a great wildlife camera.

TOGUARD have brought us an excellent product with this wildlife camera and at a low price 
of just under 50 pounds. 
The combination of the 120 degree wide lens, 22 metre night vision distance, and 14MP camera, delivers incredible photos and videos every time.
With built in, passive infrared sensors picking up all the action, and a 0.3 second trigger speed to rely on, you are certain to capture any wildlife that comes into its vicinity.
42 piece low glow infrared LEDs help you film at night without disturbing the animals in their natural state.
The case is IP56 waterproof and it is also drop and dust proof and will withstand any weather conditions.
You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor to suit your needs and also select from a wide range of resolutions for both photo and video.

  • 14 MP camera for razor sharp images
  • 1080P HD videos
  • 120 degree wide lens
  • 22 metre night vision distance
  • Passive infrared sensors and low glow LEDs
  • Waterproof, dustproof and drop proof
  • Low price
  • Adjustable motion sensor sensitivity

This model from APEMAN sports the highest resolution camera of all our reviewed products.
You can be certain that your images are going to be detailed, clear and vivid if you choose to use the setting to capture photos with the full 20 megapixels. 
Knowing that high definition alone won’t help you capture a great action shot, APEMAN have given this camera a trigger speed of just 0.2 seconds so you won’t be missing anything.
Videos can be recorded up to 1080P HD but you have the option of lowewr quality clips to save memory.
Night time work has been made easier thanks to 40 piece no glow, infrared LEDs with a 65ft range.
You can adjust so many features of this camera- the resolution for images and video, IR brightness, and also PIR intervals and sensitivity.
The new improved cover is now 60mm thick and drop proof. It is also dustproof and IP66 waterproof so you won’t be getting a misted up lens. 
A 2 inch LCD screen lets you view your videos and pictures and also helps you set up your camera angles.
You need 8xAA batteries to run this product but it is good on saving power.

This product is the 2019 upgrade of an already popular camera, and offers its customers some excellent features for a very reasonable price.
With a new 120 degree wide CMOS sensor with a 20 metre range, and a super-fast 0.2 second trigger speed, you can be sure you won’t miss any of the action. 
The 12 megapixel camera takes incredibly clear colour photos during the day, and equally impressive black and white nighttime photos. You can also set the camera to make time-lapse photos without using the sensor, great for capturing flowers opening up to catch the morning sunlight.

This camera is capable of taking videos of 1080P FHD videos at 15 frames per second, but there are other lesser resolutions available if that’s what you desire.
The casing is extremely sturdy and weatherproof, featuring IP66 waterproofing and being able to withstand both extreme heat and cold.
The Crenova trail camera is powered by 8x AA batteries and lasts a surprisingly long time on them. It can also be used with an external 6V power supply.
Images and videos are stored as JPEg and AVI and you can use SD or SDHC memory cards up to 32GB.

  • super-fast 0.2 second trigger speed
  • 120 degree wide CMOS sensor with 20 metre range
  • 12 megapixel camera
  • Crystal clear photos both day and night
  • Record videos up to 1080P FHD quality
  • Sturdy and IP66 waterproof casing
  • Good battery life

Best Wildlife camera Buyer’s guide

If you are looking for the best wildlife camera, you need to know what specifications and other aspects to look for. This short guide should shine a little light on the subject for you, and we hope will leave you feeling better off informed than before you visited our page.

Sensors and detection zone

As the sensors on your wildlife camera will be the first thing to pick up the animals that you want to capture, you want them to be as high quality as possible. You also want them to have a wide arc as well as a long range, and this combined is the detection zone.
If a wildlife camera is fitted with PIR sensors, it is probably going to be fairly sensitive.

Trigger speed

Just as important as the detection zone and sensor sensitivity is the rigger speed of a wildlife camera. This is how long it takes for the camera to take a picture from the moment the sensors detect something. These times are always fractions of a second, with the best being as fast as 0.2 seconds.

Recovery speed

For taking multiple photos and time lapse style images, you need a a wildlife camera with a fast recovery time, as this is what will affect the speed the camera takes a photo, stores it, then is ready to capture the next one.

Nightime filming and photos

For the best chance of getting high quality images without disturbing the nighttime animals, you want to find a model with not only a high resolution camera, but also one that is fitted with a good number of low glow LEDs.

Photo and video quality

Photo quality is measured in the number of megapixels or MP for short. While a 16MP camera can take some nice, clear images, and are available very cheaply these days, more modern versions are usually at 20-30MP.

Video quality is usually shown in resolution, for example 1080P or 4K, and you might also see things like HD in the product descriptions. All of these are good signs that the video quality will be good, and the higher the resolution, the sharper the image.

As you can see there are a lot of excellent products out there with not much to choose between them. Hopefully, we have cast a little light on a few features for you and helped you with your decision.
If you are interested in buying any of these products, would like to read customer reviews or see more images, please click on the links provided.